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So I've been on this whole LOA lifestyle for about a year and have given pretty much all day every day in my devotion to figuring out how to make it work. I truly believe that we are god. We are down here to create and expand, as that is the only absolute fact that science and spirituality can agree on. Nature, the universe, whatever you call it... is expansion.

Now, to keep it concise, I never really got in to the whole "vibrational work" or "meditation" or "releasing", because I just always felt those shouldn't be necessary to create and enjoy the experiences of what we want. I mean, as I see it, whether history or not, God didn't struggle or use effort to create the heavens and the earth, and if he resides within/ as us, why should we have to..?

So, after months of going in circles I feel I finally have it nailed to a tee...

The key of life, attraction, happiness and abundance.. oddly enough, is


Now it may seem strange and nonsensical at first, but take this into your thoughts for a second....

Why do babies and young children always seem to be happy, have loads of energy, and get everything they want, yet, all they do is what makes them happy/entertains them..

They're so focused on the fun and joy of doing and experiencing, that they don't even have time for ego, or it's counterproductive nature.

When's the last time you saw a depressed toddler? I never have.

Because they don't get caught up in the lies, evil, and negativity that is the world. They just don't care. If it's not fun, or funny, they don't even give it any attention..

Argue away, I don't care, but I just feel this will help some people who are fed up with all the boring work that goes into all this. After all, if "deliberate creation" is this hard/confusing, I would have rather taken the blue pill/ not known about it in the first place. I was much happier and abundant then. It's only when I started trying to apply all this **** that life got difficult, and tricky.

But, I digress, I now have found the magic sauce that is self-amusement. Try it, see for yourselves, watch as life starts to just float you through, you'll see what I mean.

"How do I do this?" you ask...

Simple, but it only works if you commit..

You must make your very purpose in life, to be like that of a child. Only saying, doing, acting, and participating in things that are fun to you. It will feel extremely selfish, as you have had that ridiculous belief forced down your throats since you were a child... But keep going, keep having fun, disregard everyone else and their opinions, before long, you will have the proof you need to convince yourself anyways.

I can elaborate more for anyone willing to try/ that is interested. I assure, you will not be sorry, but there's just too much to put in one question, and I am no teacher. I merely share what has worked for me and continues about 99% of the time.

Enjoy, have fun, be selfish....


"Unless ye are like children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of god"... ;)

asked 20 Jul '17, 18:29

jakethetailor's gravatar image


Hi Jake. This seems interesting. I love anything fun and funny. Would love to know the whole process you use, please. Eva

(21 Jul '17, 01:11) Mariposa

It's simple, but it's not easy... Stop caring. Give Up. Let go. Whatever. It doesnt matter what you call it. But, if you want to truly experience all life can give you, and get everything you want. Die to anything in your experience that is not self-amusement. However, I know I like it simple, and laid out straight to the point so ill give this a shot.

  1. Fun, is your only objective.

  2. Give up on trying to fit in, making it happen, or figuring things out.

(21 Jul '17, 02:02) jakethetailor

Best way to go about this is to contour it to your life. It really is a simple way to live, but people tend to want to make it complicated. Keep it simple Best guide to check if you're doing life right..Am I acting/being like a child? Feel free to ask away if you need anything else.

(21 Jul '17, 02:12) jakethetailor

I think that everybody is already living like that. I mean, everything you do you do because you think it will make you happy, satisfied, more comfortable in life etc., right? The real "issue" I'd say lies in the second point of your comment above. People should loosen up, be less worried, and let go..but that is somewhat hard to do

(21 Jul '17, 09:20) Marin

Cracking first post @jakethetailor. Nail on the head.

(21 Jul '17, 14:50) cod2

I love it. It does seem good things happen to me when I don't think about anything in particular and just have a moment of pure happiness. Very nice post. Thank you.

(21 Jul '17, 15:22) Mariposa
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