I have been wanting to ask Abraham about how they view the endless clips on Youtube. I wonder if watching Abraham on Youtube highlights our doubt that if we spend money, money will return.

Here is a clip or two of something I wrote for the Bashar Forum it is hard to recreate the same debate when you have written it before.

"In 'the top ten things dead people want to tell YOU' author Mike Dooley makes the following claim...

Based on our attitude and self-worth (which contains things other than just money) but for argument sake, this is simplified into dollar signs...

If a person has a $300,000 attitude and they lose $100,000 in due to a thief or a bad investment the Universe will naturally flow that $100,000 back to them. If they win a million dollars, and their attitude doesn't change, they will make mistakes until they are back to $300,000.

Now I am going to exert my own views into if this statement is true.

If this is true, the first step to increasing your bank account is to invest in yourself. Take the time to put value in your own stock."

If this is true than the following might apply.

"You spend money on the channeling and the money returns to you naturally afterward. However, if you pirate something, the Law of Universal Balancing still works. Where less money will flow to you in the amount of the cost of the pirating.

When we get upset over the cost of a channeling to the point that we are willing to steal it, stealing is poverty mentality to the MAX. It is letting your belief in LACK influence you to do something against your moral code. Debate with me if you will about whether pirating is stealing, that is not the point. Darryl Anka can put any price he wants on his channeling. It is his. Even you feel you have a right to this Universal Knowledge and are willing to offer nothing energetically in return that means you do not value the information.

Everything Balances out. Pirating is like energetically putting yourself into Debt. I know you want the information now at any cost and you might not have the money to listen to all of Bashar. Yet, put faith in All That Is, the Universe, Source, God or whatever name you want to use. All the information you need will be given to you. You might learn it from your own deep inner knowing. You will be given the chance to learn as much from Bashar as is right for you. If you need the message the money will be given to buy the channeling.

Oh great... now I am debating with myself if I should be listening to the free Abraham-Hicks on Youtube. What is Abraham-Hicks view on all these Youtube videos? Just like with Bashar, the money spent on Abraham would flow back to you in return. If Abraham is fine with me listening on Youtube that is another matter altogether. The problem with Abraham is that I have no idea how to know what is on a CD before I buy it. She also doesn't even list her most recent work on her website. Let me check her website again."

Sorry for my use of words like 'we' and 'you.' I do not really mean you personally, but that invisible person I envisioned reading this. If you want that to be you, that is fine. So nothing personal. Focus on the concepts not the wording.

I did end up buying two Abraham Hicks videos. Yet, proceeded to watch on Youtube because the messages are better organized by topic there. So I have one very long Abraham DVD that I still have not watched more than 10 mintutes of and a finished one.

I have been wondering what Abraham itself would say about all the videos on Youtube and my watching of them. Do you have any idea?

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I have been wondering what Abraham itself would say about all the videos on Youtube and my watching of them. Do you have any idea?

Abraham's Perspective

In a number of workshop recordings I've listened to over the years, Abraham have effectively stated they don't care about copyright. In fact, they consider it lack-based thinking.

The only thing they've really suggested is that people who share their material also share where it comes from, so that others can get more information if they wish.

Esther Hicks' Perspective

After her husband's death, Esther Hicks did for a time, it seems, employ a company that pursued copyright violators on YouTube. But that appears to have stopped now, as far as I can tell.

The official Abraham-Hicks policy on posting to YouTube is the following (copied from their YouTube channel)...

Esther and Jerry have generously allowed fans of the Teachings of Abraham to copy and post short audio excerpts from their copyrighted Abraham material here on YouTube, and a search of YouTube will reveal thousands of recordings on countless topics which may be accessed for free. Jerry and Esther only require that others follow these USE OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL GUIDELINES: Please don't post any workshop video footage - with the sole exception of those who copy the videos here on this channel, and then translate them into other languages either via added subtitles or dubbing. Also, postings of audio material is limited to clips of 15-minutes or less, and multiple-part postings are not permitted.

This basically means that as long as you post audios (not video segments of workshops) of at most 15 minutes - and not multiple-part postings - and you obviously credit Abraham as the source for the material, anyone can post Abraham audios to YouTube.

So, to answer your question, Abraham don't care what you watch or how much you watch, and Esther just asks that any YouTube postings be non-multipart, audio-only and less than (or equal to) 15 minutes long.

I'm a bit of an Abraham junkie myself - I listen to anything and everything I can get my hands on - usually while trying to find contradictions in anything that is said :) - and, like yourself, I actually find that YouTube makes it easier to find relevant recordings than in the paid subscriptions/recordings.

To summarize, carry on YouTube-ing :)


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@Stingray- Amen!!!

(15 Aug '17, 04:27) Jaianniah

...if you pirate something, the Law of Universal Balancing still works. Where less money will flow to you in the amount of the cost of the pirating.

In the past, I got quite a few "How to make money online" type of courses from friends and pirating platforms without paying for them. And I made quite some money using this information over time.

So if it were true for everyone that pirating balances itself out in the way you suggested it, I would have lost all the money I generated from using these courses.

Therefore this must either imply that I am gifted with very special abilities that don't allow the Universe to punish me for "stealing" :) or it means that some other factor needs to be considered here that is valid for anyone.

As Abraham says again and again, it is not the action itself that matters but how you feel about it.

If you are like me and you watched a few dozen pirated Abraham videos on Youtube, then you probably did realize that Abraham emphasizes this whenever they can.

In these (pirated) videos people ask Abraham which action is right or wrong regarding diets, relationships, businesses etc. And they all want to convince Abraham that some actions must be universally wrong and others should be universally right. But they always get the frustrating answer that there is no right or wrong action. It is how you align your energy with your action that counts.

So while I'm typing this with my left hand and my right hook hand while also wearing an eye patch, the parrot that is sitting on my left shoulder right now suggests that this rule must also apply to "pirating".

alt text

You can align with pirating or not but it's not that pirating in itself will lead to unwanted results. It's how you feel about it when doing it.

I can only tell you my view and what I believe about these things. But if anyone wants to believe that they should be punished for getting things without paying, then they are free to do so of course. I shared some of this before in the Bashar Copyright Claim thread.

I never felt guilt when getting these courses and seminars for free. It was quite the opposite feeling. I felt blessed and joyful. Here I was, a guy sitting in a small town in Germany with very basic English skills exploring the world of possibilities and opportunities within hours in the comfort of my home. A few decades ago I would have never had the chance to even realize that these courses and opportunities existed in English speaking countries. But now, I can have all of these for free because of all the human greatness that is available today.

Also, I felt enormous joy for the teachers of these courses knowing that they could spread their ideas without losing anything. I would imagine how good life must be for getting money from paying customers and also gaining reputation from those who would share their stuff for free all over the world. And good reputation and reach only helps you to sell more and more of the stuff you don't even have to pay for (because it's digital, nothing you need to pay for when you want to duplicate it)

Today, I have my own digital content that gets shared and I don't feel bad whatsoever. In fact, I would love to see more people sharing it for free (even though some of it is paid content). It would only imply to me that I must be doing things right. Because I know that the more value people get from it, the more it will come back to me in many different forms.

No matter if it's giving or receiving. Make sure to always do it in a way that feels good to you. Otherwise, the action won't do any good anyway.

I also think that the act of receiving simultaneously is an act of giving when done right and vice versa. You just have to feel genuine appreciation when doing either of these.

You also don't have to pay people back in form of physical stuff (money, goods) or services (action and time). That's a false belief that stems from believing in guilt-colored and punishment-driven concepts. The Universe really is generous and loving no matter what you do or don't do.


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@releaser99 Thank you for wisdom. Frankly part of me is afraid if I pirate I will get caught. I printed out some of my digital artwork and put a good price on it (because I can always print again.) I am being shown at a coffee shop in the area. No sales because people don't want to invest in digital (because it can be printed again.) I've been trying to make money selling artwork/blogging since 2012. My dream job is to be an artist/writer. I am talented in both -Just inspired my next question.

(14 Aug '17, 20:00) Igot7

@releaser99 I was just thinking. What if you were going to get the information/money even if you didn't pirate it. What if the Universe designed many doors for the information to come to you. If you hadn't pirated the 'How to make money online' perhaps the money to buy the series would have fallen into your lap? Or endless other possibilities Would you still get information the way you did if you knew it was impossible for it to not reach you in some way?

(14 Aug '17, 21:59) Igot7

@Igot7 - "What if..." - If you believe that something is possible then it will be. However, the Universe will always lead you to your personal path of least resistance. One can easily spot the path of least resistance. It feels effortless, realistic, obvious and logical. So if something feels that way, it's easier to choose it rather than insisting that your manifestation must come in a way that doesn't feel possible to you at the moment. It's much harder to force another path.

(15 Aug '17, 02:49) releaser99
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Personally, I think Abraham would say:

"The More, the merrier!"

The more exposure to this good, the more the world will improve.

Generosity comes back to "you", and stinginess will, too.


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