I have came across the item that the reason Bruce Lee was as the most famous martial artist in the world was due to him using Chaos Majick.

I have also heard that the reasoning for his unique fighting ability and his amalgam of martial arts was also due to Chaos Majick.

I am asking this question of a metaphysical forum because I have already done my research and found little information on this. I have found in my life that some of the best ideas or truths of the world are either quite simple or so far fetched from mainstream thinking that no-body will give those ideas a lot of focus or credit.

It's easy to say, "No the reason he was that skilled was just due to talent, or his determination and training." This would be the mainstream approach.

Apprarently the idea is that using some Majick, his intent was 'to become the world's greatest martial artist.'

The universe responded to this via 2 well known facts: - a Chinese person (foreigner) becoming one of the first Chinese actors in America, and the fact that he died at a conventionally young age. The idea is that this combination assited to grant him his desire of being remembered as the best.

Can anybody confirm if they are aware that Bruce Lee was an active practitioner of Majick, beyond his orthodox fame of being a martial artist?

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Bruce Lee quote "You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend." ... magic

(18 Oct '17, 01:50) jaz

I don't know, but if these notes are genuine, he certainly practiced "Think And Grow Rich" http://i.imgur.com/CvaN5QB.jpg

(18 Oct '17, 04:49) cmc
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Why don't we apply Occam's razor logic to this?

Once again, if our premise is that our beliefs really do create reality(which majority of the participants of this forum approve), then I don't see why he wouldn't create the life he did with his belief and trust in himself and his whole dream. Look at all the famous and successful people in other fields: Trump, Roger Federer, Christiano Ronaldo, Arnold Scwarzenegger, or any of the successful people you are surrounded with... I'd say that they all have in common a firm belief in themselves and great will to follow their dreams.

This also seems more reasonable to me given that people tend to discard, run away from, so to speak, and don't believe in that which is mystical and not mainstream belief.

So, a simpler, more reasonable solution to Bruce Lee's success are just his strong beliefs and acting accordingly to them. And I am aware that Chaos magick uses beliefs as tools(so says Wikipedia) but if we stick to our premise from the beginning, all other parts of Chaos magick seem irrelevant for creating reality.

My view on the matter at hand.


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I am a novice at understanding Magick largely, but from brief research on chaos magick, there appears to be crossover between one of the principals in chaos magick and much of Bashars suggestions of belief work; to act as if and to know that a change has occurred. Also chaos magick appears to amalgamate a variety of magick disciplines and its strongest foundation is to "absorb what is useful (from those systems) and reject what is useless". Hmmm, wonder where Bruce Lee got that from?

(19 Oct '17, 08:02) Nikulas

Chaos magick premises is that all beliefs are valid. That whatever the person chooses to belief, is final and automatic. It validates the idea the all ideas and beliefs are valid, and life is based on preference. So to believe there is a god, or there isn't- both of those beliefs have a reality in themselves according to Chaos, which distinguishes it from the culture of other Magick schools of thought. The reason I ask the Bruce Lee question is out of surprise and consistency knowing that he..

(19 Oct '17, 08:05) Nikulas

...was heavily into the occult.

Overall the chaos magick principals seem to be what is discussed as every day speak on Inward Quest amongst many users. I am just started to see it presented in an older form and that such famous people would take action of those principals.

(19 Oct '17, 08:07) Nikulas
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