Our discussion about the Holocaust led me to think about Heaven, reincarnation- all that great stuff. I love Inward Quest because it puts my mind into the Vortex. Even if I get mad, I love ALL of you, and appreciate that you are here.

Of course, Time must exist in Heaven in some form. How else would people be able to come to Earth (or any other planet or place) to incarnate? But does Time work the same way in Heaven as it does on Earth? We would like to think it does not, because that would allow for moving backwards and forwards in the Time Continuum. Don't we love our Time Travel stories and movies??? Oh, yeah! But when I consider the fact that Time is an essential part of physics, motion, and even the structure of the Universe, then everything gets a bit...goofy. Add in Quantum Mechanics (and the electron that is in two places at once, like Schroedinger's Cat), and now we have a real pile of conundrums. Grasping that an electron can be two places at once is all well and good, but our bodies- even our souls- are more complicated than an electron.

Time must be observed in Heaven, in some fashion or other. How else could people reincarnate? Reincarnation implies a sense of time, of knowing when and where to "jump" into life. (I have written about "jumping "- you can check that out if you want.) I picture the Timeline as a ray, a sort of infinite line, stretching forwards into the future. (I know that geometry likes those lines to go both ways, but I am still not sure that Time observes geometry...) Imagine a sphere next to that line (like Earth). We can wrap that line around the sphere, and then access anything anywhere on the sphere from our line. Perhaps it works that way. In know Einstein used to think on just this sort of stuff. If he could see it in his head, he figured that maybe there would be math to prove it. So let us think on this.

How does Time work on the "spiritual" plane?

asked 13 Nov '17, 11:58

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There is no such thing.

In the physical plain, there is a myriad of reality snapshots, and by agreement, we are moving our consciousness through them, and they are all very similar. We conspired with ourselves to create the illusion of time.

On the spiritual plane, you can move to whatever sets of reality you want to at will. You can also do it while physical, but because of the body focus, your imagination is hazier and fuzzier than your 3D experience. When you are no longer physical, your complete focus is just like your imagination is now, only as detailed and rich as your physical focus is now.

You can use your imagination to move to any time and place you like right now- you could, for example, open up a random historical even on Wikipedia and start asking questions about it.

My best healing success so far was to trace the pain in a friend's back to a sort of Cain-and-Abel situation in the middle ages- sure enough, Wikipedia says there was a war of succession in her hometown in the 1200s. I talked to the two brothers in my mind, and one of them realized he really didn't want the throne and abdicated, and my friend's back got better immediately and still is.


answered 20 Nov '17, 06:06

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One question: How do you know this for sure? (Playing The Advocate here) We can speculate, but how does anyone know for sure? This is my way of provoking discussion...haha...

(25 Nov '17, 09:22) Jaianniah

The way I figure this to myself is: our Inner Being, or Oversoul, lives in a continuum NOW time, just observing, and experiencing, Time-Space Reality in all it's possibilities. It's like our soul is watching some kind of universal television that plays all of our lives at the same time, or, even better, playing many video-games at the same time (NOW), in which the characters are the manifested forms of ourselves (our bodies, in infinite reincarnations) in it's many possible and manifested lives, in physical past, present and future.

I believe that we are the "same" person in parallel universes, and also many "different characters", in the same parallel universes, in the past, present and future of these universes, and that our Soul "profits" from all this activity in Time and Space, which is a way of the Soul to get to know Itself.

I also believe we travel through these universes according to our thoughts and choices, and that our other selves, in their respective lives, interfere somehow in our present, like if there's a connection between all this... And there is, in my opinion, and the connection is made by the perception our Soul has of all our characters and all our lives.

I also believe that our Soul, experiencing all this at the same time, has already lived through all these lives and is now perfect - it's just trying to figure out, experiencing Time-Space Reality, what happened through these journeys and how they got to that perfect state. And, for me, all this is the expression of God, or Source, and All-There-Is, figuring out in Time-Space Reality what It-Him-Her-All is.

Of course, I may be mistaken :)


answered 23 Nov '17, 12:34

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@VitoriaRegia- nice answer. I like how you explained what you believe. I tend to think very much time-connected-linearly, if you will. I am going to ponder this with delight.♡

(25 Nov '17, 09:25) Jaianniah
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