I'm interested to do a detox of my body. I have all sort of health issues and I think that a detox will help me. I have chronic headache, back pain, eyesight troubles, chronic tiredness.

During 8 weeks, I took MSM and Vitamin C as per Bashar instruction (2000mg - 3000mg Vitamin C 3x/Day and 2000mg - 3000mg MSM 3x/Day). My supply is about to end but before I make a new purchase. I have to say that I didn't notice any benefit from it. None of my condition improved. I'm not sure if I should continue to take these things. How long should I take MSM and vitamin C ?

What are supposed to be the benefits?

Perhaps, I should try another detox method?

In the past, I tried 22 days of water fasting but it had absolutely no effect on improving my health.

I consulted a couple of doctors for my health issues but alas they could not help me with anything. I'm a bit worry. I recently started to look at the work of Doctor Gherson and also Markus Rothkranz. I'm not sure if I will be able to save myself but I will give this a fair try.

Thanks for your help,

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Just curious. You actually did a water fast for 22 consecutive days, as in no food at all?

(13 Jan, 04:30) Pink Diamond

Yes, I started slowly with 3 days of only eating soup and drinking teas and then I did 22 of only drinking water. No food at all. I lost 13 Kg (28 pounds) in the process.

(a week ago) SurferJoy
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When you say something doesn't work, you need to clarify first whether it was the right tool for the job- and whether what you are measuring is a good indicator of achieving your goal.

Bashar did not advertise his detox method as a cure for any particular health condition. Bashar doesn't do health conditoins, and for the most part, health conditions are indicative of negative definitions much more than general toxin buildup anyway. So to say it didn't work relative to whatever you randomly happened to expect from it is meaningless. Bashar's detox was advertised as method of generic detoxification, and I would recommend to use your intuition to quantify your general level of toxicity before and after using the detox to evaluate if it worked for you. Ask yourself:

On a level from 1-10, where 1 is a potentially life-threatening buildup, and 10 is as pristine as is currently reasonably possible on earth, what was the level of toxin buildup in my body before I started taking MSM and Vitamin C? What was the level afterwards? Note the difference. That tells you whether the program was effective or not- if the number decreased, decide if you are satisfied with the decrease, and continue if you are not yet. The clarity and comprehensiveness of your question to your intuition will make sure you will get a reliably answer.

Bashar has an engineer-like quality and gives very precise instructions. One of the things you can learn from that is you get what you measure- the way you approached things is like changing your cars tires and then wondering why the oil is still dripping. In any area of your life, when you set a specific goal and use a specific tool to achieve it, find a way to measure that goal, not your general wellbeing.

You could also be more broad and work on your general wellbeing, but then you need to use your intuition to come up with a set of tools to work on that. But your goal, your tools and your measurement of success need to match. Otherwise you're like a carpenter who wants to screw in a lightbulb, but insists on using a screwdriver and then checks if the toilet flushes to see if he was successful.

You can also be really vague and just visualize you want improvement in any way your higher self believes is right for you- but then you have to trust that the improvement is happening in way you most likely would't understand until perhaps much later.

So you get to chose: Either go down the specific route, and then you also have to be consistent and precise and have your desire, your methods and your evaulation line up and work together. Or you chose to be vague- but then you have to trust that everything worked out and you don't get to evaluate at all- then you just decide to trust that things worked, and this is what gives your higher self the room to let things happen.

Those are the two approachs that I have experience in and have used successfully. Most others seem to be confusing more than anything else. But they are still flexible enough to allow you to achieve most circumstances.



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"but then you need to use your intuition to come up with a set of tools to work on that. But your goal, your tools and your measurement of success need to match. "

Can you give me an example of this?

(11 Jan, 19:36) SurferJoy

Sure! I just told myself to come up with three things I could do to increase my general wellbeing. I came up with: Bless everything you can think of several times a day, take an energy shower in the morning, and call your friends more often. I don't need a measurement because it's general.

(11 Jan, 23:03) cmc

I also decided, when I was 22, that I would like to have 10 million bucks. A couple days later I kept getting very excited whenever I read about Serge King's descriptions of the Haipule, a very focused manifestation technique. I only learned it properly and started using it regularly about 18 months ago. Looking into my bank account, because this is a specific goal, I can see I have made very significant progress. But I didn't expect I would also be popular- I have a seperate Haipule for that.

(11 Jan, 23:07) cmc
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hi surferjoy

I also tried the Bashar way to detoxify and it did'nt work for me too.

what did work for me was to remove any dairy product, drink only water, tea and cofee (i cant give up cofee). eat plenty of vegetables. i eat meat but really little, my food is based on vegetables and many greens. i eat all fishes, and chicken breast.i cut sugar and sweets (maybe some times chocolate..) . i dont eat white bread, only rye bread and whole grains. but in the fiers 2 weeks i ate only vegetables and fruits. drink many vegie and fruits shakes. also i do at least 2-3 times a week yoga, which balances all chakras.

also you can start every morning morning with a glass of water and some lemon in it. it really cleanse.

i changed my whole life style in order to cleanse my body but it did worked for me. if it is too extreme for you, maybe seary in the net for other ideas, but i would go for only naturall things. and maybe add some vitamins if necessary. and also take advice from people who already was able to do it. hope thats help.


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Thanks for your reply. I will implement some of that gradually. I will see how it goes.

(11 Jan, 19:34) SurferJoy
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