Dear all,

I've been on this journey now for three and a half years and I've noticed an interesting phenomen in myself: Every time I work hard on changing my deepest core beliefs, there's a phase of 3-7 days afterwards where I feel extremly ill, constantly exhausted and extremely tired, no matter how much I rest and sleep.

When this phenomen first occured, I thought I had developed some kind of desease and went to the doctor. He didn't find anything, I was healthy. After some time, I noticed the pattern of this phases and could recognize them. When each one of them ends, I go back to my old self, which is highly energetic and active.

During these stages, I can hardly get out of bed in the morning, I need about twelve hours sleep (normally I need about six to seven hours), and every little activity exhausts me so much that I need to rest after ten minutes. I have no energy left and feel like a hundred-year-old woman (altough I bet, hundred-year-olds are more energetic than I am in these stages). Walking up to my apartment in the third floor is so hard that I need a rest immediately, it is ridiculous.

These phases had happened 6-7 times in total and they only happen when I change beliefs that felt impossible to change for the last years.

Right now I am in such a phase but it is the most extreme one yet. I has lasted for two weeks by now and there's no end in sight. Beforte it started, I finally let go of a belief that I couldn't change, no matter what, in the last three years. The belief was so strong that, even though knowing about all the wonderful processes on IQ, I couldn't shift it. It was one of the deepest belief about life that I had (it's a belief about money and living my dreams). The other belief I had also changed in the last weeks was about my body and the ability to heal itself, also a very deep seated belief I had all my life.

So it makes sense, that this phase is lasting two weeks now, giving the strongness of beliefs that I have changed. However, I would really like to know what the cause of this extreme exhaustion is?

I've read an answer from Stingray here: Everytime I replace doubts with positive feelings I start getting a dull headache - why?, although Stingray mentions a nap, where I feel I need a month of sleep before I can function normally again :)

Thank you very much.

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Congratulations! You are really reaching your core beliefs and clearing them. It's really working- this is cause to use that last hour you can stay awake for celebration!

This is because you cleared beliefs are allowing drastically more energy to flow than you used to┬╣. Once you get used to it, this same energy will feel very uplifting and you will essentially ride it, leaving you satisfied and enjoying the experience.

The first questioner in a Bashar's Spectrum of Fear asked the very same thing- it's synchronous!


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perhaps, the further away
your perceived reality
had been from that true
required much attunement


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