so lately i have had a weird new issue, after a very long and successful time of being in the vortex and habitually getting in to it every morning and actually usually just waking up already in the vortex- a time came where i did not pay a lot of attention to my vibration and it started going down and i knew that i had to do something about it- but i kept on stupidly procrastinating and eventually i spent more and more time out of the vortex and finally the day arrived where i was like- hold on this is not how i want to live my life anymore. because all of the stuff i wanted started to manifest and i had to tend to its realization and further growth if you will, i was not doing my vibrational work as vigorously as i had done previously when i had nothing but the desire for those things to manifest- now that i satisfied those 'big' desires and am living them and having fun with them and i got the fact that really everything i want is possible and dare i say- likely to happen. the reason that i am telling this is that i do not want to get into the vortex to make stuff happen- i want my stuff and i have lots of desires but, i just want to get in to the vortex to feel good- the thing is, and here is what is bothering me - i used to only want to feel good because i wanted those things and mostly because i wanted to see if this law of attraction thing actually worked- i WORKED to feel good- and now that i know its true, i kinda stopped doing the vibrational work- which is not logical to me because knowing that feeling good will actually make the manifestation happen in a way more fun and easier way does not make me want to be in the vortex- i do not understand myself at all, i KNOW i want to feel good even regardless of any manifestations, the feeling of in the vortex is beyond anything that i can physically experience and i want that feeling all the time and now i dont want it for the things i want it for the feelings

i started to think about this and i think i found the answer

after doing a lot of vibrational work and eft and clearing vibrations and uncovering limited beliefs, i have risen my vibration to this baseline feeling of general contentness and that along with the knowing now that everything i want will eventually be mine and i fully trust perfect universal timing for every single event in my life, i have gotten used to this baseline vibration and when i do occasionally stumble in to the vortex, the feeling of getting out of the vortex is actually stopping me from really getting in to it

does this make sense to anyone

so because i generally feel quite good as it is, the feeling of getting out of the vortex is so uncomfortable for me, that when i do get that sensation of being near the vortex, and sometimes i fully enter it, i stop it and it tumbles down and that makes me again, extremely uncomfortable, so i just stay in the general content vibration, on the other hand, even those mere minutes of in the vortex feel so good that i actually DO WANT TO BE IN IT

i cant understand myself

if someone ever experienced something like this, or has some information or sudden insights after reading this please offer your advice or even explanation of why you think this is happening because have thought about this a couple of times but i really dont see how to get out of this and its been going on for a few month- again, nothing bad happened and i generally feel just fine and manifestation do happen- and they are perfect and amazing but not so amazing as they could have been if i were to be in the vortex

thanks for your help in advance

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is this better? to be honest i actually dont even know how to correctly state the question, the thoughts in my mind and the words i come up with have yet to reach a satisfying connection

(21 Feb, 08:51) Januaryfeelings

@Januaryfeelings, that is better. Thank you.

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i think what you're saying is : "im afraid im not going to stay forever in the vortex, and getting out of it feels not so good,and i dont want to feel bad, so why even get in it?"

well, no one stays forever in the vortex unless they are dead people.

getting in and out the vortex is part of the human experience.

the vortex is changing and infinite as you are. you can be happy in the vortex today, and even happier in it tommorow. there is no limit for happiness. the "getting out of it" is important , because then you expand your self, knowing more what you want, and when after getting into the vortex you get to enjoy even more then before.

so when feeling bad, just swich it to : i know im feeling that now because soon im going to feel amazing for sure.


answered 18 Feb, 01:27

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more like

im afraid of getting kicked out of the vortex which i know will feel not so good, and i dont want to feel not so good, so i just stay in this general mwah-itsokay vibration but that also is not satisfying me because i know what its like in the vortex

its like a saw movie- either you saw your leg off or you die

well maybe thats a bit dramatic

(21 Feb, 08:55) Januaryfeelings

That's kind of normal- I, too, have the propensity to stop doing my shaman work when things are going well. It's what happens when you still aren't perfectly clear that your emotional state represents what is going to happen soon, not what is happening now.

But I'm still a great shaman :), because whenever I stop practice, I realize it, forgive myself, and then I start doing the work again and keep it up a little longer this time.


answered 18 Feb, 17:10

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what kind of shaman work are we talking about here

(21 Feb, 08:53) Januaryfeelings
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