As applying law of attraction require packing not little true and positive feelings. This relation between it and Sentiments could lead weak applier into confusing. Recently i underwent through dark depression as a result of packing and demanding a lot of feelings. I am not a new applier of LOA but the accumulation of past personal facts beside my practice of positive feelings sank me in depression and stress. Any suggestion???

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I totally forget that I once answered this, but what happened is five days before I was really depressed, I cried like a little kid, I shivered and I said 'I should not know about law of attraction, I just should not, I will be always amateur in this journey' And I was really depressed, I did not want to discuss it here as I did not like promote my bad feelings not to increase them.

(10 Apr '12, 10:51) r0la

So I said I will seek only silence in order to really tranquil my vibrations, because I only react with universe when I am feeling right, healthy and good. This question was just snooped, and universe answered me without asking, I read you, felt right and I am serious: important evidence shown, something I was just waiting for and I am revived.

(10 Apr '12, 10:52) r0la

When Abraham say it is good to feel good, they just know what they talking about. Now do you really believe me when I said life would be calmer without LOA knowledge, it will be boring disastrous journey. I appreciate when you answer when I do ask and when I ask inwardly, that is inward quest Love you guys, life without you and law of attraction knowing is amateurs lives. BIG THANK FOR YOU ALL.

(10 Apr '12, 10:52) r0la
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I used to suffer from depression for many years. I have been reading the Abraham-Hicks books for a few years and i'm a changed person. I discovered that my thought pattern was so unbelievable negative and i wasn't even aware of it. There is no quick fix. Its a gradual process and takes consistancy to overide those old negative thoughts but i'm living proof that it happens. I'm always happy now and have been for over a year. Hope this has helped a little :)


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Karen 4

Karen, You are one strong, generous soul! namaste

(11 Jan '11, 13:57) daniele

Great answer Karen. Habitual negative thoughts have the power to drag us down into depths of despair and I'm glad you found a solution to yours.

(10 Apr '12, 04:11) Paulina 1

I am not a pessimist character, but when I feel down because things are really bad. The process of our feelings is a challenge thing for me too May happiness effect all members here and all the world

(10 Apr '12, 11:03) r0la
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You decide that you want to be happy and every time you have thoughts or feelings that don't support that, then change them so they do. Smile even if you don't feel like it and eventually you will feel like it.

I did this when I left my abusive ex. At first, I was depressed still from being abused. Then I realized that I should be happy that I was free from the abuse. So I practiced smiling when I didn't feel like it and just deciding to be happy. I faked it at first, and then it became natural.


answered 08 Apr '12, 10:19

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Fairy Princess


I'm glad you found a solution that helped you Fairy Princess. I like the "Smile even if you dont feel like it" theory.

(10 Apr '12, 04:15) Paulina 1

You are right Fairy Princess - One can choose to be happy SIMPLY because it is his or her preferred state of being, no other reason required!

What's my take on depression? We feel depressed only when it seems that things are not as great as we at some point of our life experienced them to be. But the thing is, we can't imagine even greater life than that. But it is out there, and if you were to spend one day like that, you'd never go back.

(10 Apr '12, 04:45) CalonLan

I like this theory too "Smile even if you dont feel like it" Abraham say fake it till you make it. Glad for you too

(10 Apr '12, 10:57) r0la
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If you are overwhelmed and depressed you may need medical help. Welcome to the site, I hope we can help you. Were not doctors though. In the mean time try to do only things that make you feel good. Many Blessings!


answered 09 Jan '11, 14:43

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I agree Tom medical help is important.

(10 Apr '12, 04:12) Paulina 1

You are always helpers you are my doctors :) Thank you

(10 Apr '12, 11:04) r0la

Dear rOla, Sorry to hear that you are suffering from depression. There are a few things one can try to help themselves overcome this but the first is to seek medical help. There is help for depression and you should seek this help for it is the quickest way to feel better. Go and see your doctor or therapist and explain your problem to them. If you are already on medication and are under a doctors supervision that´s good.

Here are a few things to try to help yourself. Eat wholsome good food for many people on depression don't have a good eating regime and are short of certain vitamins and minerals and aminoacids. During depression your body uses more nutrients than it normaly would and therefore it is important to eat properly making sure you have enough protein, fruits and vegetables, certain faty acids and plenty of water.

Take a multivitamin tablet daily especialy stress B complex vitamins. Take Omega 3 faty acid daily (salmon or krill oil is OK and if vegetarian Flax seed oil) Take Magnesium 2xa day it relaxes and helps with depression and anxiety.

As long as you make sure your eating habits are ok and you have adaquate nutrition you will get better much sooner.

As for LOA and positive thoughts it is almost imposible to think positively when suffering from depression. Many people don't know this but brain chemistry has a lot to do with being positive or negative. Do not worry if you find that your thoughts are more nagative for that is normal when you have depression. This will be healed and you will be a lot more positive when your depression lifts.

Of course you can try to visualise yourself healthy and happy even if you dont feel that way yet but if you can't than don't worry you will be able to do it at a later stage. Be patient with yourself and understand that this will pass and you will be happy again.

Another way to help yourself after you have done all the above is to give all your problems over to your God and talk to and tell God I cannot carry this any more and am giving it to you. Refuse to worry anymore for now it is not your problem anymore but Gods. I wish you a speedy recovery.


answered 10 Apr '12, 04:56

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Paulina 1

@Paulina 1, I wouldn't advocate medication - pills and such. They are temporary fix, that often turns into a problem later on! It's same with the alcohol. Here's how it, from my understanding, go - when people are depressed, they pick up medication, alcohol, drugs etc.. because these things help to dissolve one's focus greatly! And the cause for depression is anxious FOCUS and narrowed vision. Pills, alcohol and drugs make it sometimes impossible to focus, you feel being everywhere and can't

(10 Apr '12, 05:12) CalonLan

seem hold a thought. Especially when you over do it. Which is quite pleasing state of being for a depressed person, because those problems just stop to exist since you can't really think about them. From my personal experience, I know alcohol made me even forget who I was I was someone else!

Your point about vitamins and other supplements is right, also go for FITNESS. You WILL feel great after a great workout!

(10 Apr '12, 05:16) CalonLan

And as for the "passing" phase, I would say that the depression shall not pass, but be gone instead. Not over time but instantly. Rather than doctor's supervision, be your own supervisor. Don't seek help outside but within. You also said it in your last paragraph, you don't need to worry about anything, because there's nothing to worry about.

(10 Apr '12, 05:19) CalonLan

My dear Paulina. Thanks to deal with it in that scientific practical way, which could really help when the soul is busy in its pain, so the body can treat itself. I love your notes about food and your suggestions. Thanks for dig to get me informed. Love you.

(10 Apr '12, 11:07) r0la
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This depression has come from a result of "Packing" if this is packing for moving I know it could seem like leaving everything behind, your whole life but try to keep looking toward the future and where you will be heading. If it is packing for cleaning again I know it seems like losing everything but you must think of the future again and the space you will enjoy, maybe this will give room for something else like new furniture or something.

If it is packing (American English slang for carrying a gun) I know the world can seem unsafe but I am not sure you need to carry a gun, however, I don't live in the city, so maybe some places you would need to for your own protection. If this is the case then feel the protection instead of the fear and depression that you have to protect yourself in this world.


answered 10 Apr '12, 11:35

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Wade Casaldi

you might be over doing it. try to relax stay in truth and love. be at peace with your self and other. stand on the middle ground then you will not fall one side or the other of the scale. then you can look all around you and be happy you do not fall. if you try to over do it you work to much get tired and fall in bad vibes. you could also go take a walk and look back i have walk all of that so far nice. and when you look forward just appreciate life and all the good that it brings you. but if you try to run you do not appreciate life. you try to reach the end the goal.and when you get there you say i wanted something better then that and you get bad vibes. and you do not appreciate what you have done so far.

  1. The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us, how will our end come?"

Jesus said, "Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is.

Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the end and will not taste death."

experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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