It went a little something like this: Plato, Pink Floyd, Art, Jesus, Yoga, Acim, Loa, and now Zen...

Maybe I just need a mantra?

asked 23 Jan '11, 13:40

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Barry Allen ♦♦

That is awesome! I went Grateful Dead, Floyd, Jesus, Buddha, Some strange dude I met, My mother, Myself, Krishnamurti,Thich Nhat Hanh, Dali lama, random person again, Some child, A flower, The Traveler,LeeAnn, Michaela, Stingray, Tom, Vee, Vesuvious, Neil, Gahndi, James Redfield, Dan Milman, Jerry Seindfeld, George Carlin, Old lady, another child, Danielle, Back2Basics, Wade Casaldi, Barry Allen and ....Darrell :)

In no particular order but you get the idea.It really is just one teacher you learn from that INCLUDES yourself.

Be well.

Oh and did I mention my dog...Yogi? alt text


answered 23 Jan '11, 14:55

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jim 10

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Yogi is sure a nice looking dog, and sure, we do learn a lot from them!

(23 Jan '11, 15:03) LeeAnn 1

Back2Basics, good choice!

(24 Jan '11, 16:51) Back2Basics

Honored you chose me to be included in this list. :-)

(24 Jan '11, 20:06) Wade Casaldi

I too am honored to have been chosen to be included in this list. (love this Yogi) thank you, namaste

(25 Jan '11, 11:59) daniele

Yogi is too cute :)

(25 Jan '11, 14:54) Michaela
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All great pointers or clue givers - however, the only teacher you really need resides within.


answered 23 Jan '11, 14:04

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I have had many teachers from books as well as mystery schools even my Society Of Secrets. From all of these including as you said Zen and the Bible too I have found that what is mainly important is meditation on what you learn. How is this applicable to myself, what does this mean to me personally? How can this be used to further God's kingdom on earth? I have found in all of these many useful things, also many things that seem to be knowledge or facts of someones life that is interesting to know but can not be applied. For example Noah built an ark and the world flooded, it is interesting to know but it is not in anyway applicable to life now, but Noah listened to God and even when it seemed insane to follow what God said "build an ark???" "This is dry land there is not a cloud in the sky!" Bill Cosby did a great example of this much better than I can here. lol

Now that is applicable because if we get a premonition, it may be good to heed that warning and prepare, we must be willing to even look foolish to the world if God wants to use us. Then when we are ready we can be fully used to help humanity maybe even to survive some disaster. On the other hand if we want to ignore that feeling or urge that small loving voice within and say I must be crazy what am I doing thinking of building an ark, I'll go check in a mental hospital or take some pills for this. Well then we may very well have God saying well what I am I going to do I told him but he doesn't want to listen.

So test the knowledge you learn as to if it is useful for you or others, that is the other thing, sometimes it is not useful to you, but another comes along and this is perfect for that person.


answered 24 Jan '11, 20:28

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Wade Casaldi

Read my book. You will find many interesting insights and ways to experience a greater variety of emotions in order to magnify your capability to feel.

Free to download from this site

Cheers, Przemek


answered 23 Jan '11, 13:54

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Ok, fairly tongue in cheek... "the more I learn of the human race, the more I love my dog!" but on a more serious note, I do believe animals and children teach us many things. (Not so sure about Pink Floyd, other than putting another brick in the wall....) Happy Monday everybody :)


answered 24 Jan '11, 09:08

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right on Flame! animals and children (I would also add nature!) Thank you

(25 Jan '11, 12:30) daniele

Do not believe in something simply because you have heard it. Do not believe something simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in traditions simply because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that everything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it, and live up to it. Buddha


answered 24 Jan '11, 09:41

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I bet all of us who have arrived at this site have a good list of previous 'teachers'. It's only by exploring all these different disciplines, ideas and belief systems that we can really work out what resonates for us.

I agree with Michaela about the ultimate teacher being within, but certainly for me at least it has taken a while to get to the point where I recognise and trust that, and I'm still working on it. :)

Someone I know accused me of taking what I want from various different teachings and making a mish mash of it that suits me, but I wonder what's so wrong with that, if it helps? I think it's ok to look in different places; it all helps you realise what's true for you, and how you want to offer the world the best possible version of you.


answered 23 Jan '11, 19:30

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mish mash suits me fine!

(25 Jan '11, 12:32) daniele

No, you are just searching for your Pot-Gold, and when you find it you will stop searching!


answered 24 Jan '11, 06:02

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Inactive User ♦♦

I think I have : kundalini =)

(31 Aug '11, 19:57) all2gethernow
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