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Are you consciously aware of them? How were you able to determine it?

asked 23 Mar '11, 04:56

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Angelfire 1

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Barry Allen ♦♦

As a child I was taught "do unto others as you would have then do unto you" these words have been with me since then. That follows very well with Latka's answer
To know thyself is my core value.
thyself =you
So with that in mind I try my damnedest to treat all with love and remind myself that we all are love.


answered 23 Mar '11, 09:50

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And that my friend is the epitome of good parenting :)

(24 Mar '11, 08:04) Eddie

We are all connected. Not only Love yourself, but Love your neighbor, and Love your so called enemy. When you Love your enemy you realize you have no enemies. One of my other core values is living in a state of thankfullness.

Love and Light


answered 23 Mar '11, 10:28

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To treat others as they'd like to be treated, this fits with honor and respect. It fits with keeping your word, as a Christian we are not to swear on anything but keep our word strong that when we say something it is right and if we say we will do something it is as good as done.

All of this fits with the first statement I made.


answered 23 Mar '11, 16:57

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Wade Casaldi

LOVE AND LIGHT. these are the only two experiences in every system, density , dimension, ( universe ) . I have learned to make these the core beliefs and my life is much happier. By light it is not JUST physical light but another double meaning word, it is also the meaning; WISDOM!!!! i hope it helps your question, **EDITED 6/24/13** I would say as for core values. There should really be only one Idea we should all live by, and i do it to be greatest ability. do on to others.. ONE and only comandment love n light, rob


answered 24 Mar '11, 21:35

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TReb Bor yit-NE

edited 24 Jun '13, 12:17

To keep my thoughts positive because my thoughts become my words, to keep my words positive because my words become my behaviors, to keep my behaviors positive because my behaviors become my habits, to keep my habits positive because my habits become my values, and to keep my values positive because my values become my destiny!


answered 25 Mar '11, 04:08

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My personal core values in life are the same as TReb's: Love and Light

thank you, namaste


answered 25 Mar '11, 14:49

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