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once i did a dream and something happen to fast so i have rewind it and pass in slow motion to know what add happen! did anny one try this in a dream?

asked 03 May '11, 23:34

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I've heard of many experiences like yours in the context of lucid dream practices (causing transformations such as multiplying the number of something, shrinking it or growing it, flying, and more. "The Tibetan Yogas of Sleep and Dreaming" by Tenzen Wangyal Rinpoche has a very fun chapter full of suggestions).

One reasoning behind trying these things in dreams is that that doing/experiencing "impossible" things allows the mind to dissolve ideas about what is possible and impossible in any situation. The revelations that come from these types of experiences may also grant greater personal flexibility when confronted by any obstacle or power that conflicts with our current beliefs about what is possible and real in the world.

“All experience and phenomena are understood to be a dream, this should not be just an intellectual understanding, but a vivid and lucid experience... Genuine integration of this point produces a profound change in the individual’s response to the world. Grasping and aversion is greatly diminished, and the emotional tangles that once seemed so compelling are experienced as the tug of dream stories, and no more.”

~Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche


answered 04 May '11, 04:49

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Hu Re

yes i have read that also but i prefer that people that add experiance share it!

(04 May '11, 07:31) white tiger

wow umm... im 15 years old a girl. recently i've been having these dreams of something bad happening like it was me and this boy it was as if we were hoodlums or something running in the neighborhood. it was night time and all of a sudden the boy ran up in this apartment and im guessing there was a gang up there lyk drug dealers and all of sudden i hear a gun shot and his body appeared at the door step. then i said in a calmy voice, "rewind" or "reverse" and i mean the dream rewind in perfect detail from what was happening. after i did that, i told him not to go in that building and i basically saved his life. but, the weird thing about this is that i've had this dream before. but yeah i understand exactly what kind of dream you had. i been searching for people who've had this type of dream and seeing if its only me or not. thank all of you for posting ur dreams on this wesite. :)


answered 13 Dec '11, 09:39

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Hi Angelshar - i often have dreams that bring solutions to my questions ... here is an article that you may find interesting ... have a great day

(13 Dec '11, 16:36) blubird two

well angelshar32 you see you are not alone. now you know. experience and enjoy.

(14 Dec '11, 01:26) white tiger

Thank you very much, I sure will! :)

(14 Dec '11, 22:26) Angelshar32
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This is a question I have to answer in two parts. Yes, I have rewound a dream, no, I did not view it in slow motion.

I will tell you what had happened in my dream: I was fighting very many people all trying to kill me. I was winning against everyone like a big gauntlet of attackers, but, at the end of a line a guy popped out of a big basket and surprised me and cut my throat from ear to ear. I fell to the ground and died, at this point I said "That Sucks!" while I was watching myself hit the ground dead! I was mad and said "STOP, Rewind, Play!" This time I won and killed the guy popping out of the basket that tried to kill me, I had won I beat everyone I was the survivor and victor alive, all the attackers were dead.

Another time I was dreaming I had to be in two places at once, to save two people or events, I could not so the one I had to save died, I rewound the dream and while the other me was at the other place I saved the one that died the first time.


answered 04 May '11, 14:15

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Wade Casaldi

very nice wade thank you for sharing!

(04 May '11, 14:31) white tiger

well me in my dream i have pass with other people in a dark room and when i exit the room i was alone! so i have rewind and pass in slow motion! and there was something dark killing all the other people there! then i exit again and shape shift in a raven! and fly tower a destroy building with a golden cobra on the side of the building with the sunset in the back ground! then i re shit to normal and ccontinue on the side of the building! then on my right there was a statue with a blanket i looked at it! the head turn! and it asked me what i was doing here so i told it that i was observing and

(04 May '11, 14:37) white tiger

travelling! so it said to me you may pass!then i have continue and open a door and i have arrive in a barrack where i was at the time i was dreaming! and at the far end someone was screaming he was in a sleep walk state and the more i was coming near he was saying he is coming! and people where going to him and trying to reassure him! then i left!

(04 May '11, 14:42) white tiger
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I have always been able to continue dreams if I wake up in my sleep, go to the bathroom, and go back to sleep. Last night, I had an unusual experience. My alarm went off as usual, and I hit the snooze button just as I was in the middle of the dream. When I put my head back on the pillow, the dream rewound in a frame structure, frame by frame and fast enough so I could not see the picture in the frame, but I could sit it flip by. Any thoughts about this?


answered 21 Oct '11, 15:42

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Jo Ann

yes jo Ann you can sometime do that when you go back in the dream sometime you continue it some other time you restart it and can change what will happen. if you make prophetic dream it is a good way to change what will happen. experience and enjoy.

(21 Oct '11, 16:58) white tiger
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