I have just finished reading this book Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life which was mentioned by Stingray some time ago here.

To those who have used it (and Stingray too!) how dependable is this system? Also, if I have something scheduled at an "unfavourable" period but cannot change that, then is there a way to counter the undesirable effect?

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Pat W

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I think LeeAnn has answered your question very well here. Thank you, LeeAnn :)

I would just add to that by saying that I used that system myself almost everyday for more than a decade and I only gave up using it after discovering the Abraham processes back in the mid-1990s.

I found the 7-day 7-cycle system quite reliable and helpful. During those days I worked as a news reporter and used to time interviews (or ask for interviews) with "difficult" people during F and A periods (or at least avoiding E periods) and I can't remember a time when I didn't get a good result. I remember building up a bit of a reputation around the office as the guy who always managed to nail the tricky stories, which didn't do my career any harm :)

And my insights with studying why that system of cycles worked gave me some further insights into cyclic effects as mentioned in Why is Christmas so popular?

However, even though I think these cyclic background effects are probably there, I much prefer the Abraham techniques/processes that give control of your life back to you rather than an external system.

To explain what I mean, consider the world of diets and dieting.

A typical diet is effectively an external system that says that if you behave in a certain way (you eat certain foods at certain times) you will get certain results (you will lose weight).

So there are some people who manage to stick to these diets and manage to achieve the results.

But the problem is now that, in order to continue achieving those results, they either need to periodically return to that diet or else make that eating pattern a permanent part of their lives. And that's all well and good if you are prepared to do that.

But to someone like me, that's just too much effort and too much of an imposition on my personal freedom. I like to do (or eat) what I want whenever I want :)

So I find it's easier to just once change the vibrational pattern behind those things so that there is no longer a link between my behavior (whether eating, or following the cycles) and me getting what I want. It leaves me free to do whatever I want (from a place of inspiration) and still have my life unfold in directions I like.

So what I'm saying is that it is a personal choice ultimately. If you follow the cycles, they will probably work reasonably well but now you are limited in your life to always following (or consulting) the cycles.

And if you can live with that - and many do - that's fine.


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Thanks Stingray. Great to hear it was effective when you used it. It does look like it takes a bit of effort to put it to work, so maybe I will stick to your Focus spreadsheets. I got curious about this book's system because it is very similar to the almanac that Chinese people consult, where periods of the day / year are good for certain activities (and they are specific e.g. haircut, harvesting, visiting a friend, etc).

(19 May '11, 13:32) Pat W

Knowing these cycles just makes it easier for you to plan smooth sailing, and to avoid storms sometimes. I will continue with the sailing analogy and also say that if you can't help sailing into a storm, that's OK; if you take care, you can still come out of it all right, it just might be a little more difficult than fair weather would have been.

As Stingray wrote in that post, "But honestly it is much easier to just feel good and allow good things to flow regardless of the various cycles...your intuition takes care of stepping between the various natural cycles and providing optimum times to do things.".

I would use this cycle information for guidance in the timing of some things but not let it rule my decisions or plans; I would keep the information in perspective.


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LeeAnn 1

Thanks LeeAnn. :) Perspective.. that's right!

(19 May '11, 13:29) Pat W

The application for this book "Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life" by Dr. Harvey Spencer Lewis is available on the Apple App Store. This is the link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/self-mastery-fate-cycles-life/id569700446?mt=8


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Nekelle Latoya Celestine

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