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What causes Deja-Vu?

For the past couple of months I am continuously experiencing Dejavu feelings and I know for a fact that these scenes and places have never been repeated in my life before so its defiantly DeJavu.

I am a Libra is it anything astrological going on in my sign ?

What is DeJa-Vu ? Why does it happen ?

asked 24 Jun '11, 23:59

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Arti Joshi 1

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Barry Allen ♦♦

it is a sign that you are where you should be at that time. nothing to be afraid of. it is like looking at 2 screen and on each screen there is a time delay and you see the future on 1 screen before it happens on the second screen that is the normal screen that you see life through.

(15 Mar '12, 14:25) white tiger

artie, a part of you reviewed who you were to be just prior to your spirits seeding into another human living form. from where does your defiance stem, that no part of you was ever here before

(02 Jul '12, 15:44) fred
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Past, present and future are illusions of the physical plane we project our broader consciousnesses into.

So past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously and they are all happening Now.

All our simultaneous lives (past, present, future) are sharing information with each other at the same time (because there is no time!). And experiences that all these lives are living are passed this way too between all and for the benefit of all - we're just not normally aware of them.

I would suggest that true Déjà Vu, rather than just a forgotten memory or reactivated anchor (from NLP), is an experience from another You of which you have become consciously aware for some reason.

If you want to discover what is lying behind these feelings and why they are being presented to you at this time, get yourself into a state where you have a smile on your face for some reason - "heart-centered" is the technical term :) - and then simply and clearly ask yourself what it is about.

Then just let it all go, and go about your life as normal without any "need" to know the answer.

The natural synchronicities in your life will then, sooner or later, present the answer to you in a way that you can understand it.


answered 25 Jun '11, 09:20

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Ok Stingray this makes a lot of sence but is truly weired...

I met a person who was experiencing the dejavu at the same time as me... so whilst I was going through it he is also saying he's getting strange sensations almost a re-assurance that all will be well for him if he sticks with me.

This is a total stranger... everything he was saying in a normal conversation was actually a repeat movie re-run but one thing he said was specific that he will take me to dine at Princess Diana's favorite restaurant now that I know for a fact NO ONE has ever said to me before that event yet ...

(26 Jun '11, 16:21) Arti Joshi 1

@Stingray-I seem to be experiencing a lot of deja-vu regularly lately.Or the onset of it at least.The thing is,it's not my surroundings that seem to be triggering it, just random thoughts or sudden emotions.Its like I get a emotion or feeling inside and it makes me want to pause for a bit while i try to work out what it is.Then it's gone, I can never seem to pinpoint what it's about.Very annoying but nothing to worry about, you think?:)

(01 Jul '12, 12:55) Satori

@Satori - I tend to think that if something doesn't make sense but it is something I need to know, then let it go until the Universe finds another clearer way to get the message across:) A lot of unusual incidents are just not things the thinking mind can handle because the mind was designed to filter everything out except the illusion of a 3D physical reality. So it has be a heart-centered realization in any case if you want to understand it: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/4235#45036

(02 Jul '12, 06:54) Stingray

@Satori ...so I wouldn't worry about it but if it is genuinely related to other realities, you're probably not going to be able to "think" your way to an answer (because it is beyond the mind's 3D limits). Instead, you'll have to "feel" your way there and just "know" the answer when it comes. Not sure if I've expressed this clearly :)

(02 Jul '12, 06:58) Stingray

I noticed there's a specific "setup" of my way of living when I get to experience dejavus. It is usually when I feel enormous passion towards something or someone and everything's intensified. But when I'm going through my life all dull and passionless, they never appear. And whenever they do appear, I know everything is all right. That I'm on my way to greatness and beyond. ;)

(02 Jul '12, 07:12) CalonLan

@Stingray-Appreciate your reply.Thats very clear thanks.I just seen references to it maybe being something like a physical condition.Just a very strange frustrating situation when im "remembering" and dont know what im remembering.I will take your advice and let go and maybe something clearer will manifest.Thanks for the diagnosis.You would make a fortune as an online Meta-physical doctor:)

(02 Jul '12, 11:43) Satori

@CalonLan-Thanks for you perspective.Yes very true,this could be a good thing.Maybe this will become clearer now that im feeling better about this,thanks:)

(02 Jul '12, 11:48) Satori
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You should go to a doctor, I used to get DeJa-Vu all the time and found out it is connected to seizures in the brain. It seems almost like a broken record somehow skipping back.

This advice I am giving you may save your life, please have this checked into. It can lead to more serious seizures even while driving, if you get that while driving you could get into a serious accident.


answered 25 Jun '11, 01:24

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Wade Casaldi

Thank you Wade I truly appreciate your advise and should this persist into next week I will see my doctor also... but really the events I am seeing are not re-occurances they truly are happening for the first time and a man I recently met has also felt the same way although he doesnt use the word DeJaVu... simply that he feels a strange sensation that is telling him to be around me and all will be well... could this be Guardian Angel stuff ?

(26 Jun '11, 16:24) Arti Joshi 1

No I mean that the events did not happen before but seem to have happened before like it is a memory of the present experience, this is DeJa-Vu and a medical problem is possibly the cause. This could be premonition dreams you once had and forgot but it should be checked into to be sure you are not having seizures.

(26 Jun '11, 22:23) Wade Casaldi

wade why this fear? i do not think that is true. if so i would be dead a long time ago. the brain the pc. never saw those new things. so it is not a brain problem that show you old memory has new ones. i think wade that what you refer to is theory made by men to try to find a cause to deja vue. but the way i see it is that you see what is going to happen like someone looking at a map to see if he is at the right spot and he see he is by seing all this happen like it should.

(15 Mar '12, 14:46) white tiger
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