I have just had a lot of wonderful stuff manifest...and now, it all has just "stopped"...I know I am getting frustrated with the delay of the rest of the things I want to manifest. How can I just sit back and let it all go?

Blessings and Love, Jaianniah

asked 25 Jun '11, 15:55

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Appreciate what you HAVE manifested, live in that appreciation and watch the new stuff come.

Saying you need to get things moving again implies stoppage. It never stops...adjust perspective.

Much Love Michael


answered 25 Jun '11, 19:38

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Loved your answer Michael and I agree.

(25 Jun '11, 21:38) LeeAnn 1

Thank you LeeAnn :)

(25 Jun '11, 21:58) you

Maybe contemplating this idea will help you to find relief:

Think of it like a wave or a cycle that comes and goes, around and around it eternally goes. By staying focused in the present moment while being happy and feeling good, you’ll always be vibrating in the place where you’ll catch the wave which contains all things that you consider good. Then you’ll naturally tune in to those things and they’ll become manifest (visible) in your experience.

When we focus on the lack of things wanted with the emotion of frustration, we activate that vibration within us and the Universe has no choice other than to bring the lack of those things to us. Thus our feelings of frustration will be perpetuated as we focus on the lack, it’s another cycle. Remember that paying attention to whatever is saying ‘YES’ give me more of that.

As Michael says, appreciating all good currently in your life right now is one way of maintaining your good feelings. Doing so holds your vibration in a place that’s near in vibrational frequency to all, in your terms, good things and so only good can come to you. Then in seeing the evidence of what’s wanted, you’ll perpetuate your good feelings and happiness and that cycle just gets better and better with no end in sight :)


answered 26 Jun '11, 06:06

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In my experience, when I have NOT manifested what I desire, it is because I hold beliefs that resist my manifestation. Erroneous beliefs that do not serve me, that I've absorbed from others. These beliefs of mine are unconscious. I have to do a lot of digging to even know what they are.


answered 16 Sep '11, 01:00

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Urban Goddess

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