anyone who has never heard of the manifesting box method would probably think of it as being pure fantasy. those of us who have used and tried it know that in practice it understanding and believing radionics is probably a question of experience.what is your view?

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In my view, any tool that you feel attracted to will work for you, as long as you believe it will. This viewpoint is based on the idea that we create/choose to experience 100% of the reality we prefer. Thus, the reason that any tool that you attract to yourself will work for you is because you believe in it and you say it will work for you, that's why you attracted it to you.

While I know nothing of radionics, aside from Wikipedia's description, I would never discourage anyone who's attracted to it from believing in it and using it.

If you really go into it you will discover that the only true reality is that there's no reality other than the reality we define and then believe to be reality. So in that sense, all definitions and all beliefs are equal and all are valid; our experience really just depends on what we prefer.

Ultimately, no tools are necessary other than being clear and defining and believing in any reality that we now wish to experience. However, tools can help us to define and believe that the reality we prefer is possible and that it will manifest as our experience.

You talk about science, fantasy and the inconceivable, but really, every reality was first a thought and then an idea in someone's imagination, was it not? So in that sense everything and every reality is imaginal or illusional and thus fictional in nature, including science :)


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@eddie-i must admit i prefer exploring things rather than explaining.your explanation suites me fine, thanks.

(26 Jul '11, 04:15) blubird two

@blubird, thanks. Yes, exploring is definitely the way to go. I only explore things I'm attracted to and knowing those things will work for me is self-empowering :)

(26 Jul '11, 04:41) Eddie

Just a few short years ago Scientists would cringe at the thought of Radionics being considered a science. At best they would think of it as Hocus Pocus.

Today however Science is changing and with the discovery of all being interconnected they would probably still think of it as Hocus Pocus but wouldn't admit it for after all everyone wants to look as if they know what is truly going on. It makes no differance what Science or anyone else thinks for that matter as long as you are happy it works for you it's OK.


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@paulina giao-thanks for your encouragement

(25 Jul '11, 07:34) blubird two

Here is an article giving a few definitions and explaining a bit about radionics ;

have a great day


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blubird two

The essence of radionics is the activation of subtle energies to manifest your desires into reality and it's done through conscious application of mind power.

In practice a two or three dimensional physical support is used that acts as a kind of relay, it continues to work long after you no longer consciously think of it.

A perfect example of a three dimensional radionic device is the manifestation box, a two dimensional manifestation device in graphic form looks like this

alt text

here's another graph that i love to use, it put's you on the track to deeper insight

alt text

and this heightens and strengthens your sensibility to ambient influences

alt text

Experience has taught me that the closer to one dimensional you get the quicker the manifestation, one dimensional is of course pure spirit, that is, pure mind energy without any material support e.g. projected subtle energy onto a person, object ... There're numerous other specialized graphs that you can use for health, wealth and happiness ... I love what Eddie says

"every reality was first a thought and then an idea in someone's imagination ..."


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