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I would like to start a thread where we can all share our observations on changes that are going on in the world today.

I know more and more people that have been on their spiritual paths for quite some time now are getting more and more aggrevated or frustrated that the changes that we are all hearing and wanting to see in our physical world aren't manifesting at all or not quick enough.

I would like this thread to be a place where we can put links to articles, movies, world or local news that are indicating that this world is changing in a very rapid pace.

I would also like that we can keep it tight only to the information that is practical to use in our day-to-day lifes and not so much to the theoretical information about the Law of Attraction, channeling, creating our reality through our minds and so forth unless it is being backed up by some scientific evidence and investigation.

That way I believe we can start going out of "our own heads" and into the "real world" to see and investigate how all these theories are coming together and are we all just "going crazy" or is the world following suit.

It would be also nice if we could put our own comments and thoughts under the information that is being presented in a way to connect the "tangible ideas" into theories that we were exposed to during our own spiritual paths.

Thank you all for participation.

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just like living in the LOA is a reality for us, the fact is that there are billions of other little realities other people live in that may be completely opposite to ours.....the world does not revolve around us.

(12 Aug '11, 00:03) Back2Basics
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"Us Now" -->

A film project about the power of mass collaboration, government and the Internet. In his student flat in Colchester, Jack Howe is staring intently into his computer screen. He is picking the team for Ebbsfleet United’s FA Trophy Semi-Final match against Aldershot. Around the world 35,000 other fans are doing the same thing, because together, they own and manage the football club. If distributed networks of people can run complex organisations such as football clubs, what else can they do? Us Now takes a look at how this type of participation could transform the way that countries are governed. It tells the stories of the online networks whose radical self-organising structures threaten to change the fabric of government forever. Us Now follows the fate of Ebbsfleet United, a football club owned and run by its fans; Zopa, a bank in which everyone is the manager; and Couch Surfing, a vast online network whose members share their homes with strangers. The founding principles of these projects — transparency, self-selection, open participation — are coming closer and closer to the mainstream of our social and political lives. Us Now describes this transition and confronts politicians George Osborne and Ed Milliband with the possibilities for participative government as described by Don Tapscott and Clay Shirky amongst others.

The things that this movie is talking about corrolate deeply with what Bashar is saying "You are Your Government"

Bashar You Are Your Government

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"Invisible Worlds" -->

Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds is a BBC television documentary programme presented by Richard Hammond that features state-of-the-art camera technology used to focus on what humans cannot see with the naked eye. It is one series long consisting of three episodes. 1. Speed Limits – Richard Hammond explores the extraordinary wonders of the world of detail hidden in the blink of an eye. The human eye takes about fifty milliseconds to blink. But it takes our brain around a hundred and fifty milliseconds to process what we see. We’re not aware of this time lag going on, but in those few milliseconds, there are extraordinary things happening that completely pass us by. But what if we could break through this speed limit? Bend and stretch time in ways never thought possible. What new marvels would we see? Now, using the latest high-speed cameras, Richard takes us on a journey beyond our eye’s limits, letting us see secrets hidden in every element of our planet. A world where thin air can shatter rock. And water can tear through metal. A world where the fastest thing on earth lies right beneath our feet. And where a spectacular celestial display is finally captured, even though many have claimed it doesn’t even exist. 2. Out of Sight – The human eye is a remarkable piece of precision engineering, but it is also extremely limited. Beyond the narrow range of light that makes up the familiar colours of the rainbow is a vast spectrum of light, entirely unseen. But what if we could see beyond the narrow boundaries of our eyes and peer into this invisible realm? Richard Hammond does just that, using groundbreaking new imaging technologies to take the viewer on a breathtaking journey of discovery beyond the visible spectrum, seeing the world, quite literally, in a whole new light. From death-defying aerial repairmen in the United States using ultraviolet cameras to seek out an invisible force that lurks unseen on power lines, to German scientists unlocking the secrets of animal locomotion with the world’s most powerful moving x-ray camera, to infrared cameras that can finally reveal the secrets within a humble beehive, he shows how new technologies are letting us see our world anew. 3. Off the Scale – The human eye can see extraordinary detail, but the eye of a needle held at arm’s length is pretty much at the limit of our vision. Anything smaller is simply invisible, at least to the naked eye.?But what if we could see this hidden world all around us in greater detail and magnification than ever before? How different would our familiar surroundings then seem? Richard Hammond explores the astonishing miniature universe all around us, revealing that small is not only beautiful, it can also be very, very powerful? From seeing the microscopic changes to ice crystals that can trigger an avalanche to watching in horror the invisible aftermath of a sneeze on a commuter train and learning how the surface of an ordinary-looking plant hides an astounding secret that will make walking on the moon safer, Richard harnesses cutting-edge technologies to transport the viewer into a spectacular micro realm.

The insight that I got from this was something I have read in one the Carlos Castaneda books about "stopping the world".

The connection is -- if we can suspend our judgments of the world and stop interpreting it for a while through our learned cognitive system we can than see more, or maybe see less of what we already know and more of what is in those 150 miliseconds that we miss with our concious minds. Who knows what we can find there if we do?

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"Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive" -->

Stephen Fry presents this documentary exploring the disease of manic depression; a little understood but potentially devastating condition affecting an estimated two percent of the population. Stephen embarks on an emotional journey to meet fellow sufferers, and discuss the literal highs and lows of being bi-polar. Celebrities such as Carrie Fisher and Richard Dreyfuss invite the comedian into their home to relate their stories. Plus Stephen looks into the lives of ordinary people trying to deal with the illness at work and home, and of course to the people studying manic depression in an effort to better control it. A fascinating, moving and ultimately very entertaining Emmy Award-winning programme.

If you're on this site reading this it means you have been on your spiritual journey for quite some time now. So what are your observations on who you have become since you're awakening?

For me self-improvement started about 4 years ago and I have had many unbelivable experiences like lucid dreaming, multiple orgasms, out-of-body experiences and much more. Yet still, as thrilling and exciting as it was it was never enough. I got to a point that I believed all my experiences, feelings and emotions to be real and valid as reality creation tools.

As deep as those experiences were I wanted more so I got to a point where I used marijuana as a conscious tool to unlocking the unseen worlds. The effects were amazing but eventually led me to a mental breakdown.

I was institutalized for two months and am still recovering from these experiences.

Now I'm looking at the spiriual phenomena that is booming right now from a different angle.

What if what's happening to all of us is just a form of a mental breakdown -- a way for people who always felt "out of place" in their lifes to cope with reality. That's why we create in our minds these insane notions of metaphysical knowledge to keep our minds occupied and have a sense of purpose and fulfillment while feeling out of place in our day-to-day reality.

I'm not saying this is so but that these notions can no longer be unexamined, at least for me. I know that most people, as would I some time ago, will not even consider such notions possible, but I think that looking soberly on what we are doing, what we are believing and hoping to happen might just be a subconcious need to escape the world of everyday life and live in a fantasy world which will never be anything more than just that -- fantasy.

So people in this film suffer from bi-polar disorder, meaning that they have great rushes of energy, creativity and joy, followed by deep depressions and emotional dramas.

Sounds familiar? I know it is what was happening to me for the past 4 years. I was able to handle them because of the information of spiritual or metaphysical nature, but it might just be that I was just rationalizing and coping with what I always was -- being a victim of bi-polarity.

The definite answer is still unknown to me, but the experiences I've had for the last past months made me question and scrutenize the reality of what I was believing for the past 4 years to be true. Now I'm not that certain about what it all means but I can't ignore the facts that what I really am is not a "spiritual master in training" but a man with a mental illness.

I feel that aproach is giving me an advantage of not believing everything I hear to be true but rather to look back on the emotions that are coming up and ask the most important question "Why?" and wait for the answers to unfold. It is definatly The Most challenging time for me personally, both physically, psychologically and emotionally. I feel like a child that has been thrown out of a bath of water.

I don't know where that leaves you but you might find some corrolation to what you and other people are experiencing right now in terms of very high and low states of emotions that I'm sure many of you are experiencing right now.

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very honest and very true....mental illness is real and people need to be aware of it. Glad you can see and don't live in a world of delusion.

(11 Aug '11, 23:59) Back2Basics

well i do not try to escape this world. and i experience the world as it is. sometime nice sometime not so nice. but if we can find harmony and make this world nicer. we will have better experience. so experience and enjoy.

(12 Aug '11, 02:26) white tiger

"Famous in 31 Days" -->

Feeling unhappy at work and experiencing a midlife crisis, the film’s subject quits his job and tries to become nationally recognizable in a month’s time. John Gerard, abandons his job, cashes in everything he has, hops into his car (decorated with enormous lettering that advertises his goal-and the film’s title) and goes on a 31-day, cross-country trip, hoping to create so much publicity along the way that he’ll end up a guest of Jay Leno and become an instant celebrity. Does Gerard achieve his dream? Well, it’s so fascinating to watch him try in this professionally made and occasionally poignant film that the end result hardly matters.

This shows what a person will experience while challenging everything he has ever believed is true about himself and the world. Fear, anxiety, agrevation and feelings of stimulus and happiness along the way -- world of daily life for a Lightworker :)

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"An Evening with Kevin Smith" -->

To know the origin of Snoochie-Boochies, you must spend An Evening with Kevin Smith. The Jersey-bred auteur of low-budget comedy proves equally adept as an uncensored raconteur, regaling five college audiences – his most devoted demographic – in this two-disc compilation of lively QandA. Sporting his trademark slacker garb, Smith occasionally bites the loyal, sometimes moronic hands that feed him (as a result, audience participation is drop-dead hilarious), but he’s arguably the most publicly and personally honest filmmaker to survive the insanity of Hollywood. His best stories lift the veil of show-biz decorum, describing absurd meetings with studio executives over his ill-fated screenplay Superman Lives; razzing the artsy pretensions of director Tim Burton; or exposing Prince (who hired him to direct a never-completed documentary) as a self-absorbed Jesus freak. These attacks aren’t baseless; Smith’s too smartly good-natured to provoke without purpose, and with an onstage visit by Jason Mewes (“Jay” to Smith’s “Silent Bob”), this ribald, sharply assembled Evening compares favorably to Richard Pryor with its outrageous blend of comedy and candor.

I'm a movie a buff and movies like "Mallrats", "Dogma", "Chasing Amy", "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" and "Cop Out" are one of those movies that I can watch time and time again and laugh my ass off.

This is the guy behind those productions, writer and director of those movies, which is a really outstanding guy. Maybe it's not appropriate for this thread but I wanted to share this with you for enjoyment and uplifment of your day :)

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