Equi sync offer tapes which are supposed to give deep meditation instantly. Has anyone purchased these? If so, are they a good investment?

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Equi-Sync, Hemi-Sync and similar products are based on a phenomenon called Brainwave Entrainment. The term just means utilizing some technique for producing alpha, theta and delta brainwaves.

Equi-Sync has some demonstration recordings on their website. If you listen to them, you will see that, unlike the Hemi-Sync recordings, the beat frequencies in Equi-Sync are barely audible. It's hard to imagine producing any kind of entrainment effect that way.

Subjectively, binaural beats have probably more or less the same effectiveness in producing a trance-like state as are other rhythmic activities such as drumming, dancing or perhaps even EMDR.

If the goal is a trance-like state, Equi-Sync tapes certainly have this capability, because they contain tranquil sounds like white noise, light music and rain. But since these kinds of sounds are readily available elsewhere, the Equi-Sync tapes are not especially remarkable or interesting in that regard.


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I have tried some of the trials for these brainwave type of CDs but didnt really found them of much use... maybe I have too much resistance to them. I find that it is a lot simpler for me to hit a trance like state by just listening to my favorite songs (happy and uplifting ones of course ,not the emo papa kind ones ) !

(19 Nov '11, 01:02) kakaboo

Absolutely. I started my deep meditations with hemi-sync gateway experience. That is what broke me in very strongly to the deeper meditations. After I learned the techniques from the hemi-sync, i started with equisync and it worked just as well. I Do think technique is important, But i also know this in itself is a belief system. I would highly suggest these 2 styles of meditations. Look more at this to see my last question and info within it if u wish to see a lil deeper.

Love n light



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