My Dad died suddenly in 2006; we were very close. I still miss him, especially at Christmas. Do you think he hears me when I pray to him? Can people communicate with those who have passed on?


asked 20 Dec '09, 05:44

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You may not like this answer.

The more you miss someone, the harder it is for you and that someone to make a connection across the divide of the physical and non physical reality.

This is because the "Missing experience" or the "You are not her" or the "I am lonely" experience is more meaningful for the individual experiencing the loss than the "I know that you are Here in spirit" experience.

When you feel a loss continuously you are also requesting or praying for that "loss" to be continuously manifested as an experience in reality.

Therefore, the person on the other side cannot make a connection with you, because if they did, it will interfere with your preference to experience the missing of them.

And furthermore, if a connection between you and your dad is to be made it is also up to him as well.

If you read books on "near death experiences" many who nearly died & came back, perhaps because their time was not up, describe meeting their loved ones on the other side, almost like a welcoming party, waiting to greet them and ease the transition into the new reality.

So you will definitely see your dad again. Imagine that he has gone on a vacation to a far away land, a land to which you will eventually travel when you complete the lessons that you are here to learn.


answered 20 Dec '09, 06:02

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The Traveller

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Why wouldn't I like your answer? I am seeking the truth...and truth is soothing! Not a**-kissing! As a matter of fact, you really helped me! Now, I have a whole new way to look at it. And that helps- a lot! I am now picturing my Dad sitting in a room in heaven, discussing WWII with the vets who were there...A pleasing idea! And then, I'll have a whole bunch of new questions! LOL! I like the truth. Thanks. Hugs, Jai

(20 Dec '09, 07:00) Jaianniah

I loved your answer, Traveller. I miss my parents as well, and knowing they will welcome me someday to the other side is such a comfort.

(20 Dec '09, 14:38) LeeAnn 1

@The Traveller - I love this answer. I have been missing someone badly for the past few weeks. This wonderful old answer gives me a new perspective and good incentive to change the way I think about it. It makes perfect sense and more than that, it just feels right. Thank you. And speaking of missing people, I miss you around here Wise One. :)

(3 days ago) Grace
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