How important is action in a manifestation process? Suppose I want to manifest a part time job. So should I try to search for it myself or just visualize and wait for the universe to bring it to me?

Basically, I am a sort of workaholic and it is quite tough for me to wait for things to happen and not do anything myself.

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Very good question.

(30 Dec '09, 17:19) Pink Diamond

Like Vesuvius has pointed out, action does not help the manifestation process unless it is an inspired action. The greatest work in the manifestation process comes about through our thoughts. But this is the "Lazy" and "Best" way to manifest which most people do not seem to like for some reason.

The manifestation will happen in both cases. If you believe you should work for it and it will then come to you, then the universe will deliver that belief. But it doesn't have to be like that. So, it is entirely up to you which way you want to manifest your job. You could work hard or you could sit back and only take action when you are inspired to do so. Personally, I prefer the latter one.

So, the you could do most of the work towards your manifestation by moulding your thoughts to match your desire. Basically, you should think about how you would feel if you currently had the part-time job and think of all the good things that you will gain from having it. This will raise your vibration to match your desire and according to the Law of Attraction, your desire will have to manifest. So, when you are in that good feeling place, any action you will take will be an inspired action which will bring the manifestation closer to you.


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Pink Diamond

Ah, yes. You have just touched on the eternal debate here at InwardQuest.

I will suggest to you an answer that I believe can be agreed upon by everyone here. If you take inspired action, it will greatly accelerate the process of manifestation. One of the inspired actions you just took was posting this question here.

Inspired action means doing those things that you feel confident will help you find a part-time job. The confidence aspect is important. You must feel confident and inspired before you can impress an employer enough to give you work. For many people (including myself) that means going out and taking some action first. The action brings about the inspiration.

Do not underestimate the power of this. Employers like people who are confident in their abilities, and who are personable (play well with others). Positive character traits go a long way towards overcoming any deficits in experience or education, and most people are not a perfect fit for any job, so there is some give and take there.

Also, employers like people who are action-oriented better than those who wait for their manifestations to appear. :) Think of the visualization and manifestation process as the lubricant by which your ordinary actions become magnified. You simply get more done more effectively when your mind is in the right place.

If you don't own a copy of the book, What Color is Your Parachute, find one and review the section on ways to find a job. I say this because most people, for whatever reason, look for work in the most ineffective ways possible (probably because those ways are how we've always been taught). Sending out resumes is about 8% effective at landing a job. When was the last time you or someone you know got a job solely by sending out resumes? The parachute book will show you the other 92% of ways people find work.

Good luck!


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Here is what I do it can be a formula of sorts.

I set the intent, it is a knowing thing, but this is designed around a creating thing, so I think of what I want, and how I want it to be then I say cool that is what I'll get.

This setting of intent is highly important it gives the confidence to go after the thing with full knowing you will have it.

Example: when I needed a loan for my car, I picked out my car I said this is the car I am buying, I went to the bank and I asked what I need to do to get my money for my car. It was all in high confidence I walked in the bank fully knowing I was there to get my loan for my car! I never once thought I hope I get this loan, or please approve me, I acted like I owned the bank!

When the bank worker said I need to take this back to my boss for approval, I said "oh okay I'll wait for his approval, if he doesn't there are plenty that will, no problem." I was approved easy with no problem, the next day I was driving home in my car.


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Wade Casaldi

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