Does God or Source have an ultimate goal in mind? and if so what is it? If it is enlightenment for humanity as a whole and we eventually evolve and ascend to that state, what then? Everyone lives happy ever after?

asked 21 Jan '10, 21:10

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The Universe has the goal of becoming self-aware.

"We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves"

Bill Hicks, Comedian (1961-1994)

Youtube link


answered 21 Jan '10, 21:54

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So what happens if or when it reaches that goal? Thanks for the link:-)

(21 Jan '10, 23:22) Michaela

Happens implies cause and effect i.e. there must be a cause that causes an effect to happen. Since cause and effect only exists where linear time exists (i.e. on the physical plane) then you could argue that it has already happened from a Universal perspective. :) But that concept is difficult, if not impossible, to conceive of from a three-dimensional-based perspective. So I guess I'm saying in a long-winded way...that I have no idea :)

(22 Jan '10, 00:15) Stingray

Thanks for your response. A little too difficult for me to grasp too. I don't have a clue either :-)

(22 Jan '10, 01:54) Michaela

@Stingray, so the universe is complete in itself and is not expanding? It is just discovering more of itself?

(31 Mar '10, 11:16) Pink Diamond

@Rani - tough question to answer and really deserves a question to itself. Because what does something that encompasses all physicality expand into? If there is somewhere for it to expand, it can't encompass all physicality, can it? The universe's self-awareness is certainly expanding. Would have to think a bit about the physical aspect of this

(01 Apr '10, 07:28) Stingray
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I think God keeps evolving, growing in experiences and understanding through us and the "reports we send back home". There will be no end, just as there was no beginning. We are as drops of water in an ocean, with our own identity but part of God, and God is in us. There is no goal but to keep moving forward.


answered 26 Jan '10, 03:25

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LeeAnn 1

Nice answer LeeAnn. I like the "reports we send back home" bit :-)

(26 Jan '10, 12:31) Michaela

God has no goals.He is in itself the goal of us humans is to merge, become one with Him


answered 31 Mar '10, 02:04

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Enlightened isn't a final state, nor a final purpose. It is a consciousness conjuncture for a "long-distance race's runner". Comparatively, for a sportsman, the phisical training is essential, being a long and perseverente process of creating the features for sportive activity, for achieve the performance; this is a trained sportsman. But the final purpose is to gain the competition.

For the inner universe, enlightening is also a process, but for developing those spiritual features which take the human into indispensable conditionment to co-create spiritualy. What is then the final purpose? I think it is to expanse the co-creation to the horizon. But being aware: as we go toward, the skyline shift also to the... infinite

So, the purpose of life, created by God and invested us with it, is to co-create anything, anywhere and anytime, by our freewill, into wanderful, infinite Universe.


answered 26 Jan '10, 01:45

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Beautiful answer.

(27 Jul '10, 18:29) Asklepios

Thank you the appreciation, Asklepios.

(27 Jul '10, 22:00) Gleam

I really don't know if you could call self contemplation of Spirit a goal. It Just Is :)


answered 02 Apr '10, 03:41

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These are some words from a song that was in the making, unfortunately, the person passed on, before they were able to release the song. “Life is such a mystery, if you only know your destiny, you would find a better way to live your life!” That is so true for many of us, life is a mystery, and the truth is none of us know what the truth is.

We can speculate we can brainstorm, but the fact of the matter is: everyone would end up with a different opinion on this subject manner. But, which one is the truth: so it will remain a guessing game, because no one has the right answer.

Based upon the Bible it was God plan for Adam, and Eve to live in the Garden of Eden forever with him. But that changed, when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and listened to Satan. So, God had to send another man into the world Jesus Christ to save us from sin, and Hell, and to point the way to salvation, and the Kingdom of God.

Adam and Eve missed out on the opportunity of eternal life in the Garden of Eden with God, so with the coming of Jesus Christ we do have a second chance to eternal life in the Garden of Eden with God. What will happen, after we enter into the Garden of Eden with God, will remain a mystery to us until the day that we enter in.

But for now we can look upon this life as a gift from God, as an expression of his love for us. We should live our life for the betterment of mankind, sharing, helping, giving, supporting, loving, and fostering peace and harmony to our fellow men. One people, one nation, and one destiny. The future will be revealed, so it shall be. God is everywhere, and he is the breath that we breathe in, and out every day of our life!


answered 22 Jan '10, 06:10

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Inactive User ♦♦

If all it happens in the Universe is before-planified by God, what wanted the God letting free access to the Tree of Knowledge? What knowledge offered these Tree, other than the calvary of the Eartly life? Investing Adam and Eve with the freewill, don't supposed the God the possibility, or else the probability, to sin? Wanted the God "to test" them? Wy let the God the free access of Evil in the Garden of Eden? The danderous Tree of Knowledge & the cunning Evil face a face with the simplicity and innocence of the first humans? This story seems sooner to be added by some Religion.

(24 Jan '10, 21:14) Gleam

Hello LeeAnn, Here is my two cents worth.It sounds as though we are kindred spirits.Many years ago my wife at that time gave me what came to be a most treasured plack that is still on my wall today,and serves as a constant reminder of who and what I believe myself to be.It reads as follows. Just as the sea is all of the wave and the wave is a part of the sea so I am a part of god and god is all of me. This resonates with me. Don P S I was just diagnosed with bone cancer and some of my family members can't seem to understand why I am not devastated or terrified.I simply tell them that I will be just fine regardless of the outcome.I will be eighty years old tomorrow and have no fear of the transition,so if I depart I consider my work as haveing been accomplished,and if I live I look forward to further opportunity In the meantime I look forward to reading more of your thoughts as well as that of the many others who add to my understanding of the real meaning of life and our purpose for being here.Best wishes. Don


answered 26 Jul '10, 22:14

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Don V

edited 26 Jul '10, 22:42

Very inspiring words Don. Thank you for sharing :)

(27 Jul '10, 00:47) Michaela


and part of it is for each of us to find it.


answered 27 Jul '10, 01:36

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I think the universal consciousness is a continuous explosion of discovering what is possible.


answered 02 Aug '10, 15:45

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The Traveller

The purpose is self-awareness and expansion and evolvement. Self-awareness is enlightenment, for when you're self-aware you are in the NOW--the present moment--and that's when we're closest to God or Universal Source and it's where your POWER lies. The Presence of God is within you at all times, and all the answers to ever need are within present moment acknowledgement. You only have to acknowledge it and wonders begin to manifest in your life...

Be encouraged. All the best!!

In Love & Light, figure8shape


answered 02 Aug '10, 16:51

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