If Christ means 'anointed one' and life has a (divine) purpose then, since we did not create ourselves, are we all 'anointed' by having been given life?

And is it our responsibility to recognise these facts - ie, the Christ is us (our anointed divine Self) - and to discharge our obligations within this spiritual covenant with God?

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What is your question?

(26 Jan '10, 16:26) Vesuvius

I've reworded your question into something that seems to make sense given what you've written. If this was not what you meant by your question, please edit it to make your question clearer

(26 Jan '10, 19:37) Barry Allen ♦♦

I highly recommend you read the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. It goes over the concept of Christ only briefly, but other than that there is much to be learned from it.

Eckhart Tolle says that the word Christ can be substituted for presence.

The only difference between Christ and presence is that Christ refers to your indwelling divinity regardless of wherther you are conscious of it or not, wheras presence means your awakened divinity or God-essence.

Tolle goes on to show how Christ went beyond conscious time and into the timeless.

Did god say, "I have allways been, and I always will be?" Of course not. That would have given reality to past and future. God said: "I AM THAT I AM." No time here, just presence


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Glad to see you added the actual quotes this time, you found them and yes they are worth the wait. :-)

(01 Feb '10, 10:18) Wade Casaldi

Who created Jesus Christ? God created Jesus Christ to save his people from sin, and Hell. Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary. He was anointed by God to save us, so we have to go through him to get to God. But in essence we are one with the same God.

Who created us? God created us. Who created the Universe? God created the Universe. Are we one within the same Universal mind? Yes, we are one with the same Universal mind.

Are we all children of God? Yes, we are all children of God with different talents, and gifts. The Bible teaches: Adam and Eve are our first parents, and because they disobeyed God, we are born with the first sin, original sin; and it is through Baptism that we are cleanse of this original sin and we can receive the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

It is said that God created man out of clay, and breathe the breath of life into man. It is also, said that the Kingdom of God is within. And no one can come to the father, except through the son Jesus Christ.

The Bible also teaches that there is good, and evil, and you can choose who you want to serve God, or Satan. We are one in the same Universe, and our purpose is to do well, and to help each others. The fact we are blessed with the gift of life from God, means that we are all anointed children of God. Our responsibility then: is to use the gifts given to us by God to make wise choices, and to serve humanity.

The end result for all human is the same; since we must pay a price for the gift of life, and the price is dead. So, from the dust we came, and we will return to the dust. We are just visitors passing through the cycle of life, given to us by God. So, it is our responsibility to enjoy the gift of life, while we are here, make the best of it, and remember to love thy neighbors, as thy self. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and for us to receive eternal life. So, we have to make right with him first, before we can get to God


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Yes, we are all born with the "anointed" vibration yet there is a qualification necessary to awaken that rate of vibration within us. Let us look at it this way, we are all born into to this world with the true promise of becoming adult men and women. Yet many will either not make it into adulthood because of the death of their form, while others will not develope mentally, emotionally or physically etc.

The point being made here is that regardless of all the qualities and abilities one is born with, is is not necessarily true that they will awaken that great potential within themselves.

Let us look at this planet at this time. Is it not mankind who is making the greatest impact upon it? Unfortunately it seems that this is a distructive and disharmonious one. Then if mankind were to take responsibilty and change these destructive behaviours would not the entire world benefit?

So to answer your question, yes of course, we are to take responsiblity, awaken and establish the Christ within ourselves and by that uniting alone our vibration assists in raising the rate of vibration on the planet.


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There are many Hindus that think so, that the Christ consciousness and the Krishna Consciousness are the same consciousness. There are some that think not so, but this same thing is in all religions that some believe one thing and others believe something else.

I think we can only speculate at best given the descriptions of each and what they taught and said. Only God would know for sure if they are that same consciousness there by making Christ a universal concept instead of just a Christian concept. The interesting thing is on the second coming I believe it is said all would recognize him, and from a logic point of view that would fit that to each religion he would represent something else.

Only God knows for certain, for me Christ is a personal concept much more close than universal really.


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