I have read about many people dying and coming back to tell about some of it.They are rare but they happen now more in the past when people were not enbalm so much but now they are so fast.

But some have a short time in death and talk about it. Why do you think some people have these near death experiences and others don't?

Is it that they are asking for help in their spirit to change their lives and they are heard and their prayers are answered by giving them another chance or what?

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There has been some speculation about how the chemistry of the brain changes during near-death, which can cause these experiences, but there is no proof of that.

However, there is an almost universal change that takes place among people who experience near-death: they don't fear death anymore. It's hard to imagine how such a common, specific change in attitude could be attributed to random brain chemistry changes.

And if these experiences cannot be attributed to anything physical, then the unavoidable conclusion must be that something metaphysical is happening.


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I agree because I knew about a man that had 7 near death experiences and he even saw his dead sister while he was dead and said it was a gulf between her and him and he could not get to her. He is a preacher now. I kind of think all of that had something to do with it. His experiences he was the one who told me it was 7 heavens. I told him at that time it was only one but years later I have read about those 7 heavens.

(11 Feb '10, 16:12) flowingwater
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