There are singing birds whom I hear singing during the night which are really connected to me. However, I could not decipher the message or whatever they are trying to convey to me. What does this signify in my life, past or future, and what could I do about it?

asked 21 Feb '10, 07:31

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Pink Diamond

The way the Totem or Power animal comes into our lifes is matched by our progression(so to speak).As with our Spirit Guides, we chose our initial Totem aninmal prior to taking this physical form.

They are devoted protectors and will never leave you. You can however change or have several Totems, depending of course on what your your current Spiritual needs are Now.

And the birds singing at night,I'm not sure,I.m assuming that your sleeping when this is happening.Do you already know your Power animal?


answered 21 Feb '10, 13:29

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