I have been avoiding TV a lot lately. Only because I am (yet again) testing how I feel and think without it. Doing sort of a comparison in feeling/thought.

I went years without a TV, and quite honestly, I didn't feel I missed a thing. Since then, I have regained watching TV on occasion (I have a love for cartoons and documentaries). However, I notice when scary/violent/aggressive or beauty commercials appear, I feel a shift of some sort? I am watching and paying attention to my energy. It's almost like my energy is rejecting what is being thrown my way.

Has anyone encountered something similar?

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It is the commercials on TV that I have a problem with...I once did a persuasive speech about commercials on Children's Cartoons- this cereal commercial said the name of the sweet cereal 27 times in 30 Seconds...You better believe that commercials are designed to make you want stuff, need stuff , desire stuff, and actually change your behavior. I resent that a lot, so I never watch TV with commercials. I do not like knowing that the advertiser is trying to get me to change my behavior- controlling my behavior, in plain speaking.

As for movies, the same holds true. I just watched "War Horse", and some of it was disturbing (to me). I guess I cannot disengage my mind enough from what is going on to realize that it is all pretend up there on the screen.

I applaud your decision. It should make a difference in your life!




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Thanks Jai!

(06 Apr '12, 15:09) figure8shape

When we watch TV (or even a movie at a Drive-in), we become entranced by what we see happening. We are drawn into the movie we are watching by what we are seeing; we are also influenced by the music score we are hearing as well. This is on purpose to create a feeling within us that is related to the scene of the film we are watching. If you watch a movie with the sound off you feel disconnected from this entrancement and thus do not experience as strongly any emotion associated with the film.

Our emotions are reflected in how we feel so if I say experience a film where as I may feel horror for two hours and then go walking home not feeling safe on the way home I as well may end up getting sick. This is because my immune system responded to this sustained fear state on being and agreed with me (as your body always will) this it shut down its response to virus or bacteria.

I asked a similar question to this question a while back.



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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks for your reply Wade!

(06 Apr '12, 15:11) figure8shape

@Wade Caseldi "... Sick This is because my immune system responded to this sustained fear state on being and agreed with me (as your body always will) this it shut down its response to virus or bacteria."

Wade something here resonates with me, but I don't quite get it. Would you expand on this? I am curious. Sounds like an interesting topic.

I was thinking that the horror movie could leave an imprint on me that might attract horrible similar things, while walking home.

(08 Apr '12, 06:57) Dollar Bill

Knowing that the subconscious mind is unable to tell the difference between imagined input and 'real world' observations, we began watching documentaries, and self-improvement videos from Netflix, mostly streaming. Easy, cheap and good quality. We don't watch news, nor drama, nor movies like '24' and I find our lives much more peaceful and enjoyable.

We visited friends last night who have a beautiful home by a river. After a meal they put on a movie that they really liked. It was about vampires, but the good guys triumph in the end. Struggle. Problem solving. One of the other guests got up and left when the gore started.

I suggested we watch, on their Netflix, "What the Bleep do we know?" Much more enjoyable and opened them up to discussion regarding the nature of reality. We all had a good evening and a good night's sleep.

Some things leave a bad taste in my mouth, metaphorically speaking. If I chance to see a movie that makes me feel bad, I want to taste something, metaphorically speaking, that I feel good about. I don't know if our friends who walked out on the vampire movie slept well, but we did.

Replacement, not fighting negativity. Fill the bowl of life with light and there can be no negativity.

Drama movies bring unneeded drama into our lives. I no longer make problem solving a major part of our lives. I want tranquility where I can commune with myself. Often we turn off all electrical devices and live by candlelight. We have interesting artifacts from 'primitive' cultures that come alive by candlelight. They were made by fire light and do not respond to harsh electric glare.

And our lives have greatly improved. Health, relationships, and finances are thriving like never before.

Yes, @figure8shape , when you feel your energy shift, I suggest what we do, replace the moment with something you like. You are writing the movie of your life. You are the Director, the Actor, the Writer, the Casting Director (you choose the people around you and how they interact). You are free to tear up the script and write a different movie. AND you are free to get up and walk out if it displeases you.

What please you connects you with your source. What displease you pinches off that connection. That connection is the most important thing in life.


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Dollar Bill

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