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I got a bit scared right there, I thought for a while I'm looking at a stranger. And it took me a few moments to realize it's just a reflection of me.

I looked myself in the eye and I saw the person I did not recognize. Who I feel I am is apparently not who I saw I am. It's like I was looking right into my soul, but I saw someone's else soul instead. I got almost envious of my own reflection, it appeared so proud, majestic and beautiful to me. That's not what I feel I am at all! I feel so inferior.

It's almost as if my physical body projected an opposite image outward than the images it projects in form of feelings inward.

I really can't seem to emotionally relate to what I see in the mirror. It's some else to me, someone I would love to be. In what ways could I guide my feelings to align themselves with my own greatness?

asked 20 May '12, 11:19

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Love your question CalonLan and you will be suprised to know that the majority project an outer immage that does not corespond with their internal feelings.

(20 May '12, 11:56) Paulina 1
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Hi CalonLan, Im glad that you like the image you see for although your internal self doesn't feel that way yet it soon will be if you hold yourself proud and whole to the outer world your emotions will sooner or later follow so hang in there don't give up.

All of us sometimes feel inferior to our immage and with some it is the other way around, they feel good but they don't see it in themselves. What you can do is practise to Feel as good as you look and for others to have an outer change to look as good as they feel inside. this takes some practise and yes it involves imagination for you will have to visualise yourself the way you want to feel and imagine that you feel as good as you look.

Props are a great way to change ones feelings and music is the quickest way. Put on some happy music and your internal self will change within an instant. Go outside and feel the beauty of the world you live in by apreciating all the beauty you see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Within a short period of time you will start to feel great. Make a decision to do this every day and your life will transform.


answered 20 May '12, 12:08

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Paulina 1

This is one time where as my solution is a recommendation, have a read of The Magic Story.

There are many places on the net you can get this great book and it will give you the answer to your question.


answered 20 May '12, 13:42

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Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi, that's what I needed. Especially bringing behavior of outer mind into light of awareness had a huge impact. Thanks a lot!

(21 May '12, 05:23) CalonLan

You are very welcome CalonLan. I saw what you wrote and immediately it jumped in my mind that "I read about this before!" Then I remembered "The Magic Story!" Wow, that is quite some story and it does match pretty well your experience with the mirror. :-)

(21 May '12, 09:31) Wade Casaldi


alt text **

It's like I was looking right into my soul, but I saw someone's else soul instead.


I have no doubt you were seeing your own reflections in the mirror - but we are all connected - all souls just walking each other "home" ...

alt text


I really can't seem to emotionally relate to what I see in the mirror. It's some else to me, someone I would love to be. In what ways could I guide my feelings to align themselves with my own greatness?


alt text

Your Greatest Teacher Lies Within ....


"Within you find everything you need. The inner part shows who you are like a mirror if you dare to look. The reflection gives answers to question you wonder about. You already know all you need. Everything else is optional =)" ~ CalonLan 8-8-13



answered 09 Aug '13, 00:33

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edited 09 Aug '13, 00:47


I really liked Cals mirror quote too. Found myself reading it over and over. ..

(09 Aug '13, 13:30) ursixx

I don't really quite get the point of this question.

If you afraid of your own reflection in the mirror, it probably just means that you have very low self-confidence or low self-esteem, or there is something about that face which you personally don't like or have not come to terms with. Are you afraid of looking at your own photos too? If that is true too then it is just a matter of low self-esteem.

I'm not crapping because I used to be like that too - I never looked at the mirror even when I was brushing my teeth, because I was scared. It has gotten better over time but still I can't look at my own reflection for a long time or my own photos.


answered 20 May '12, 12:21

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Actually I got it other way around, looking at myself in the mirror is quite pleasing experience and I could almost fall in love with my own reflection. :) But emotionally I don't feel equal to that reflection.

(20 May '12, 13:45) CalonLan

it is you that casts
a shadow on the mirror or
at least your material form
reflected back to your eyes

did you want to find her
the image that you saw
or had you believed that
she was really not you


answered 21 May '12, 19:47

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@fred You say her & she . . . are you saying Cal needs to get in touch with his feminine side?

(12 Aug '13, 03:35) ele

ele, not in an anthropomorphic way but a better understandig of the interactions of mind and matter, or i may have lost track of who asked the question

(12 Aug '13, 05:07) fred

lol! I saw this a few days ago & voted it up. I couldn't resist teasing you; but looking at the date you answered this question I'm not surprised. I think quite a few people were questioning his gender back then. Love you @Cal

(12 Aug '13, 06:21) ele
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I really can't seem to emotionally relate to what I see in the mirror. It's some else to me, someone I would love to be. In what ways could I guide my feelings to align themselves with my own greatness?

I'd start with laughter.

If your feelings are genuinely out of alignment with your own reflection, then it is possible you are over thinking 'who you are.' Therefore, stop being so analytical!

Or better yet, start being whimsical and innocent about the perceived greatness of the form (sense of awe) and just be with this 'other person' in way that makes that other person relatable. Laugh, and I guarantee the reflected self will laugh with you, getting the inside joke that is being told.

Also, consider doing a meditation with this reflected self. One in which both participants are sitting (or standing) face to face, quietly observing, with physical eyes closed. One in which a connection is shared, as if the two are really One. A meditation that contemplates the idea of greatness, and where is it really that this idea is coming from, what it means (for you).


answered 11 Aug '13, 12:21

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