I can't do my homework without getting frustrated and stressed out. I'm looking for a deeper explanation. Is my brain programmed for laziness.

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You are not and you never were lazy!

Tell me what's laziness in your opinion? In my "book" I call it something you do that doesn't resonate with you, that is not who you really are.

Do you have times when you're doing something the time just seems to "fly by"? When you get into something so much, with such an intense feeling of joy and excitement, that you can't sleep at night thinking about what next you might take or how to improve the thing you have already created?

And that feeling, that excitement that in fact is every cell of your body, is who you really are, your natural Self, your Higher Self.

What's wrong with the educational system these days is that it wants to treat everyone like they were the same. They divide "knowledge" into chunks of information, expecting everyone to understand and integrate those pieces equally.

You know what happens if they don't "co-operate". They either will get thrown out or will be made to learn the same stuff over and over again.

So that's how it is today. Why do I think it is bad? It is bad because the whole premise that it is set upon is wrong, which means "everyone's the same".

Everyone's NOT the same. We are completely different beings in every aspect of our personalities. We may have similar traits, sure, like dancing, lecturing, imagination and so on, but the fact still remains that there is NOONE who can live your live the way you will live it. Their is NOONE that can give the gifts you're giving to this world.

So the whole notion of doing homework, hmm, what can I tell you about it? If in your core being your expression of your true natural Self would be through music and you would only think about doing that, meaning playing guitar all the time and treating doing homework like a necessity between those moments of excitement and bliss, then yes, doing homework will be boring.

It will be boring because it is not who you really are! On the other hand, if you're into studying other cultures and how their life's had changed through millenias, reading history books would be the most exciting thing for you.

But it doesn't mean that you have to love math also. Why would you love it? If it's there it's there for a reason and I'm sure that there are some beings out there who just can't wait to get into calculus and drown into that world completely.

My advice to anybody, no matter how old or how young they are, how "spiritually" e-volved they think they might be is:


Why you should that? Because it's a lot of fun; because you will NEVER be bored a day again in your life if you do that. And you won't have to do a days work either, because when you do what you love doing the most, you will be supported and you will be payed for doing things you would do for free.

So one story about how you can do it is this.

There was a woman whose soul passion was to tell stories. At night, before her kids went to bed, she would tell them the most imaginative and creative stories you could think of. The kids loved them so much that they soon told all their friends at school about it, and those kids started coming to listen to her stories. They loved them so much that they told their parents about it, and soon after that the parents started coming and listen to the stories. Right now this woman makes a living from doing what she loves to do the most in life - telling stories.

And you have what it takes to do the same, everyone has. We have incarnated at this day and age because of that, because we knew it would be the most exciting time in human history and that's why their are so many people living today right now.

They would choose even the "lowest" possible incarnation they can just to be a part of that great awakening.

So to awaken is to start asking questions first "What are the things that are being shown to me? Do they resonate with me? Are they who I truly am?" And from that start choosing and making changes you would feel would be right for You.

Don't expect for ANYONE to agree with you, nor that they will slap your back telling you "Good job, son". Plan for the worse but expect the best. Expect that people will look at you like crazy and that they won't understand you.

Remember that we are living in a society that favors the approach "Fit in", be the same as everyone else. So we make sacrifices of our own lives and create hell on Earth for ourselves in order to play this game by those rules.

But the rules are changing and it's time to start choosing, consciously, what do you want your life to be? Why did you come here? What gifts have you come to give to humanity, gifts no one else beside you could give?

Start asking those things and eventually you will find Your way. There is no "one-way-one-method" to do anything; if there was only one way there would only be one person.

Well look around you. How many people you see? Observe them, watch them, learn from them, take what you want and leave the rest. DON'T be s copy of someone else, because no copy is as good as the original, ever.

I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not. Be bold, be bold and be love.


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When your doing your homework are you focused on the homework or something else? The distractions/pressures of the other things. If you are in the moment and know that the book is to be read.Don't be pressured by the what is to be learned from the book just and take one page at a time.Be on that page.The distraction/pressure of must knowing .Say to yourself before you begin that "this is easy I will have no problem learning this" and in the words of the lion king"Hakunamatada"In the chaos of the modern world, there is a beauty in simply doing. I found this at zenhabits

We’re buffeted wildly by whatever emails, conversations, news, events, demands, that are going on around us. Our minds become a constant deluge of thoughts dwelling in the past, worries of the future, distractions pulling us in every direction.

But all of that melts away when we focus on just doing.

It doesn’t matter what the doing is: sitting, walking, writing, reading, eating, washing, talking, snuggling, playing. By focusing on the doing, we drop our worries and anxieties, jealousies and anger, grieving and distraction.

There is something profound in that simplicity. Something ultimately heart-rendingly breath-takingly gorgeous.

“When walking, walk. When eating, eat.” ~Zen proverb

You are in the middle of your day today, and you’re caught up in the sandstorm of thoughts, feelings, to-dos, meetings, readings, and communications of this day.

Pause. Breathe. Let all of that fade.

Now focus on doing one thing, right now. Just choose one thing, and clear away all other distractions. Seriously, clear it all away. Turn off your Internet. Stop reading this article (OK, read a couple more sentences, then close your browser!).

Let all thoughts about anything other than the doing also fade away. They’ll come up, but gently make note of them, and then let them go. And return to the doing.

If you’re washing a dish, do it slowly, and feel every sensation. If you’re eating a fruit, taste it, feel the textures, be mindful of your hunger or lack of it. If you’re writing something, pour your heart into that writing, become the writing, inhabit the words.

Just do.

The rest of the world becomes meaningless distraction. It’s just you, and your doing.

And you realize: this is all that matters. In this, there is everything.

“Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our

usual everyday routine.” ~Shunryu Suzuki


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