I have only just discovered the word, let alone the concept, so my question may be a bit dim, if so I apologise.

An Internet search is turning up an awful lot of sites wanting to sell me things, and even the definition of the word seems to be open to interpretation. Why?

Also, it seems that Merkaba is often linked to angels, but why?

There is a terrific thread here about this subject, but it doesn't answer my question.

Is there a connection or experience I can summon? I would love to know.

I found the question in searching out information about angels. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Thank you so much.

I want to talk to angels.

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@Grace The merkaba is the energy field around a human being which when activated enables the body to ascend into a light body - I think that's right. It is two rotating pyramids, the top one upside down. I have no idea how that relates to angels though. I read The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life volume 1 (Drunvalo Marchiazedek) - talks about sacred geometry. Volume 2 gives a Merkaba activation meditation. Hopefully someone else here will be more of an expert!

(15 Sep '12, 11:58) Catherine

@Catherine - At least now you've given me an idea of what I'm asking about! I'm totally ignorant on the subject, thanks for your help. :)

(15 Sep '12, 12:30) Grace

@Grace I know isn't it amazing how you can be on a spiritual quest for years and not really ever come across something and then once you do it is everywhere! The only other thing to say is that I think you do have to be careful about the rotation of these pyramids (assuming the activation meditation involves imagining rotating pyramids) - make sure you check out several sources and get a consensus. I believe it can be not great if you imagine the pyramids going in the wrong direction.

(15 Sep '12, 12:40) Catherine

@Grace As I said I'm no expert but I do remember in volume one he talked about rotating the pyramid in the wrong way wasn't a good idea. Some light body meditations don't involve the pyramid idea though - I've no idea why ... I'll check it out and see what I can find out.

(15 Sep '12, 12:42) Catherine

@Grace I hadn't forgotten about my promise to answer this question - I think given your interest in angels, Diana Cooper might be someone who could give you more insights. She is UK based I think but writes widely about angels and ascension and merkabas. Check out her books on Amazon. I've read one on 2012 which was highly interesting. She has specialised in all things angelic for some time so I'm sure one of her books would answer your questions.

(11 Oct '12, 12:25) Catherine

Thanks, @Catherine. :) I think I have heard the name before, I will check it out. I'm not really sure what I think an angel may be, but I feel like I need to reach for something beyond what I'm seeing in front of me, if that makes any sense. I appreciate you!

(11 Oct '12, 12:57) Grace
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Sounds like it has to do with that choice each human being makes each day: ascend or descend? Get in touch with your inner angel, be the light! Apologies if this answer sounds glib, but you see my own name means Angel in Swahili, so I think about how I can live up to the name and make the world a better place.


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Malaika Butoyi


Thank you, @Malaika Butoyi. That is a noble goal indeed!

(03 Oct '12, 13:56) Grace

a song for you experience and enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OFZqQgIIT8

(03 Oct '12, 19:39) white tiger

@white tiger - enjoyed the song. Looks like some of the audience got their kundalini up so high they passed out from sheer joy.

(31 May '13, 08:20) Dollar Bill
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The Merkaba is our light body and it's our vehicle for astral travel. Angels also fly with the use of their merkaba. Orbs are beings in their merkaba's. Peace


answered 04 Oct '12, 05:18

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Thank you, @Brian. What exactly is a light body?

(04 Oct '12, 17:28) Grace

Angels are light beings and synonymous to humans which are also light beings, they are one and the same thing. When we speak of angels we're speaking of humans of a higher than most vibrational frequency.

How do I know all this? Back in feb 2012 I answered the question (as blubird two at the time) "Is it possible to experience or activate a merkaba involuntarily?" and I said something along these lines; merkaba, shri yantra, torus, vortex, aura including human aura are all one and the same thing expressed in a different fashion, there're all bioelectromagnetic fields. It's a state of complete harmony with the energy bodies washed clear.

alt text

The first time I reached this kind of real enlightenment was in 1997 and it was entirely spontaneous and now that I have experienced it, it's easy for me to imagine my way into that same vibration again. It's really very easy I place the center of my energy just above the crown of my head and hold it there. Whilst on the journey and for some time afterwards I experienced many strange phenomena, in my experience they were projections of energies that were not yet integrated into my individuality.

Personally I prefer the vortex representation because it can be easily represented in graphic form and be used for practical exercises

alt text

and also looking at it profile as a human's vortex

alt text

it's easy to see that humans live in the center of their vortex whether conscious of it or not. Moreover it shows also that the center of gravity of humans is the spot of complete emptiness itself coincides with the center of the vortex.

So what is this "void" spot? It corresponds to pure awareness the wu chi in chinese, here's a text from this article


explaining a bit about it;

"From recent advances in biology we know that the basis of evolution is self organization. There is no outside force orchestrating evolution. There is no master plan. We do it ourselves. Conversely, evolution does not happen by random chance, by stupid mutations. God is not playing dice with the Universe, but we do make a good deal of it up as we go along. We do it. It does not happen to us. Self organization develops without predetermination. There is free will.

Still, there are constraints. The self organization is structured and shaped by basic laws. As shown in the prior chapters it is shaped by the four dimensions and other numerical building blocks of nature. From this perspective self organization can be understood as the capacity to create information based on the Mandelbrot vector 0 -> : z -> z² + c considered as a continuous creative process. As we have seen the key to this process is spontaneous improvisation in the moment. This means returning to Zero, to pure awareness, and acting from there.

This whole field of spontaneous creativity and returning to zero was thoroughly explored for millennia by Chinese thinkers. In Chinese, pure awareness is called Wu Chi. It is the infinite, formless place just before all meaning and form. The place from which all creativity springs. When you are connected with Wu Chi you are in the Tao. When you are in the Tao creativity naturally happens. WU CHI, emptiness, is symbolized by the empty circle, and TAI CHI, plenitude, is symbolized by the ancient Chinese yin/yang fractal:"

alt text


answered 13 Jul '15, 14:33

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@jaz you like the zero and say that it is void or empty is that so? if you look at something that use gravity to find the balance or your center is it empty is it void? take a level for example the space in the center is it made of something? the bubble that give you the measure to see if you are on the flat or on a slope. is 0 only 0 or is 0 the center that gives meaning to all for you see many are like this () and need to find their center to become like this (>0<). until they do this they-

(14 Jul '15, 14:55) white tiger

are divided with them self and other. they make division for them self and other. they cannot accept them self and other. they seek only their own desire to the detriment of them self and other making poor and rich making war and many other thing in this world that are out of balance. be merciful with them the children are still growing.

(14 Jul '15, 14:59) white tiger

@white tiger the black disk the simplest magic mirror, symbol of the invisible and of the profound life that animates it. Regular magnetization of it is all that's required to get to know it's meaning :)

(15 Jul '15, 01:19) jaz
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angel are messenger of god. merkaba is Jewish mysticism it is a practice to try to get vision of God. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merkabah_mysticism they made a doctrine according to their understanding. like many in this world have done are doing and will do.

many speak about what they do not know. Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. according to each understanding it is limited by thy self so do not be surprise that it will change over time. This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away. many are still in darkness but when you go in the desert for 40 days solve your duality(where the mind and the heart is trouble and seeking answer) and get lead by the spirit(the image) When you are in the light, what will you do? On the day that you were one, you made two.(self and the image) And when you are two, what will you do? will the two become one again?(the image in the place of the image or should I say:a likeness in place of a likeness) http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/gthlamb.html So you can go up above? and will you come down again and testify in truth that this statement is true. blessed are the pure of heart they shall see God.

you see even Nicodemus was told about it.


Did this day come to you as a thief in the night?

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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