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Derren Brown is a very famous British illusionist and has made this video series
The so called Messiah

This is a conversation between Richard Dawkins and Derren Brown. Here they discuss the art of Cold Reading - various techniques used by Mediums -- How one can become a Medium if one wants to. The basic path of how one becomes a psychic.

I just realized what this whole secret and LOA business is about. An Amway Multi Level Marketing guy and his wife who channelizes the spirit of Abraham -- I don't know about you but to me this is a big red flag that says Charlatan. This is a not so rosy eyed view of her.

My Question is this :
I know you guys are good the with the LOA material but are you guys aware that there is another side to this whole thing. An angle that has more to do with using psychology and caveats in human reasoning to lure gullible people and make money off of them?

Another reason why I bring up this question is -
I feel for you guys as fellow human beings and think everyone should know the truth and not be fooled on such a mass scale.

Having said that you are also all adult humans that have the power to reason and responsibility for your action. Peace.

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See this question: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/672/how-do-you-separate-the-enlightened-from-the-charlatans

(10 Jul '10, 20:43) Vesuvius

sorry can't get past Darren Browns NLP tricks

(10 Jul '10, 23:28) ursixx

Yes we are aware of the other side. Almost everything has another side and in this subject matter it is always good to know all sides. However, If one is tormented over what is right and what is wrong, they are actually stuck on one side. it is the logical side. There is another side where you are free from right and wrong. It is the inspirational side. Unfortunately It cannot be discovered by the analytical mind.

(11 Jul '10, 06:09) The Traveller

@The Traveller. Nice one :-)

(11 Jul '10, 07:17) Eddie

Dmin why don't you spend more time following your truth rather than trying to convince us that what we believe is not so. I think your energies could be put to better use. I think Abrahm Hicks is the best thing that ever happened to the Worold.

(12 Jul '10, 17:16) Drham

I love self development -- But The whole LOA thing seems like a big joke at worst and a placebo effect at best. I didn't realize this whole group is just about LOA and a lot of New Age stuff only. I'm more into things that work in real life, evolutionary psychology - study of human behavior - more than fairies, aliens, spirits and other stuff like that. I guess I leave you guys to your fate. enjoy yourselves.

(12 Jul '10, 17:31) xyz
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Actually its not Who is saying these things that is important but if the stuff they talk about makes any sense. I've always been skeptical about a body of entities being channeled through someone and giving us this information. However the information works for me. I've been searching for years and was at an all time low like you wouldnt believe till I landed on this site and the knowledge that people here share so generously helpd me turn things around. So at the end of the day perhaps its nothing but pure psychology being spouted by charlatans, but if its bringing real results in my life I believe it. Most people here have come to their own conclusions based on results they have achieved in their lives, if it didn't bring any results none of us would be wasting our time here.


answered 10 Jul '10, 20:58

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

If it works for you. More power to you. I think the time we leave the spirit of questioning our most basic beliefs that define our existence and analyzing why we are doing what we are doing in the most brutally honest way and then seek to move in the direction we want to move I think we're doing a dis-service to ourselves. Outsourcing the power to change yourself to someone or just one philosophy without questioning it is not a position of strength or in your best personal interest. It's a blind gamble with your life and makes you vulnerable -- What I'm saying is if it works good for you.

(11 Jul '10, 03:17) xyz

But never leave the spirit of questioning beliefs - Questioning authority, authenticity and authenticity of authority. Material gains or any other gains are not worth more than individual freedom and personal power - Never give that up to any 'guru'/school of thought without question -- you are in a way giving away your life to him/her/the idea. So what I'm saying is, brother/sister - keep your eyes open, the world of human relations is no better than a jungle and things are not always what they seem. lots of love, take care.

(11 Jul '10, 03:24) xyz

@DMin - "What I'm saying is if it works good for you"* and "If it works for you. More power to you". Are you really saying this? In this posting ( http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6773/what-is-so-offensive-about-the-god-of-the-bible/6789#6789 ), you said "We do hate religious people and the mis-information that they keep spreading." Interesting contradiction, don't you think? :)

(11 Jul '10, 06:51) Stingray

If it works for you. More power to you. It is in this context for this person. It's not a universal statement for the whole of humanity. Example: Pedophilia works for lot of Cristian priests, Obviously it would not be applicable in that context.

(11 Jul '10, 07:21) xyz

"It is in this context for this person. It's not a universal statement for the whole of humanity." Like I said, DMin. Interesting contradiction :)

(11 Jul '10, 10:06) Stingray
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Yawn...you again?

Only joking, of course - you are more than welcome to waste your time here :)

I guess you are trying to save us all again, DMin. Thanks, but I don't think we need saving.

You know something?

Most of us who are here regularly - if not all of us - have arrived at our views through a number of years of searching intensively for answers. We're generally strong independently-minded people who, despite the significant peer pressure of the materialists around us, have realized that there is more to life than objective reality.

And those searches have probably been far more intense than the casual dismissiveness with which most so-called skeptics treat these subjects.

We've realized that there are truths that are not being generally told...for whatever reason.

To have come this far and awakened to so much hidden knowledge around us is no mean feat in this hugely outwardly-focused reality we currently live in.

Thanks, but we don't need your concern about us being fooled. :)

Again, I'll ask you why you are here on this website if what you read causes such strong reactions in you?

I don't know you physically (obviously) but you certainly give me the strong impression of someone who consciously wants to be a skeptic, yet is battling against something within yourself that is making you feel uncomfortable in that skepticism.

I wonder why?


answered 10 Jul '10, 18:54

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what would ying be with out yang?.What would desire be without resistance? What would Inward Quest be without Dmin? peace

(10 Jul '10, 23:42) ursixx

@Ursixx - true indeed. Attacking the beliefs of those who frequent this website does actually provide an opportunity to clarify those ideas further, and thereby improves the quality of the metaphysical information here. Though I don't think DMin would be too happy to hear that :)

(11 Jul '10, 00:29) Stingray

@ursixx: I try to play the devils advocate and learn something in the process. @Stingray: "Never assume, for it makes an ASS out of U and ME."-Mark Twain

(11 Jul '10, 10:45) xyz

@Dmin - To play the skeptic is an easy role, being willing to at least consider other possibilities takes courage. And I too thank you for the opportunity to look at and question my current beliefs. You probably won't be happy to hear that you haven't changed my mind on anything but we obviously need your presence here or we wouldn't have attracted it - Thanks :-)

(11 Jul '10, 12:38) Michaela

@Michaela - I quite agree with you. The experiences of the group can be likened to the experiences of an individual but on a macro scale. So, much in the same way that a child that has been sheltered by its parents experiences a bit of discomfort on the first day in a school full of strangers, the group is passing through a transitioning phase to a new level of energy. This current disruptive influence is symptomatic of that change

(11 Jul '10, 13:32) Stingray
(11 Jul '10, 19:06) ursixx

Hear, hear Stingray! :D Especially this: "And those searches have probably been far more intense than the casual dismissiveness with which most so-called skeptics treat these subjects."

Also, when it comes to spiritual teachers... I take from their teachings what resonates with me and my life experience, and discard the rest. So it doesn't really matter to me if Esther Hicks is a "fraud" or not. I don't swallow teachings blindly.

(26 Jun '13, 07:51) cassiopeia
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Congratulations. You've successfully (unconsciously) used the law of attraction to prove to yourself the non-validity of it. In addition your suspicions of charlatanism, fueled by one of the world’s top skeptics, has been confirmed :-)

Are you aware of the other sides thoughts on LOA?

Every story has two sides. By focusing on the side that you (suspect) choose to believe is true, you’ve already began the attraction process and will definitely see evidence that meets with your expectation.

This is the earliest evidence of LOA that I have on hand:

'What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind.' Buddha - 563 BCE - 483 BCE

Of course the left brain (washed?) reasoning of Mr. Dawkins and yourself will simply state that Buddha was a charlatan. And so it shall be for you and yours...

Here are a couple of things to consider:

  • If you start your inquiry from a place of already knowing, by the law you must find further evidence to support your case. To fully understand this, you must be in a place where you know without doubt that you create your own reality. What helped me was researching quantum mechanics and vibration.

  • In the meantime, IMHO it’s best to sincerely inquire into any subject with an open mind. I find it interesting that while I’ve been studying Abraham’s work since about 2006, you are the one who informed me about the Amway connection. So I inquired without any pre-conceptions or any negative or distracting beliefs attached to my inquiry.

  • You’ve revealed to me that you don’t wish to cooperate, but rather you seem inclined to antagonize. That’s perfectly perfect as it gives us IQ members a chance to see where we are concerning our knowledge, understanding and egos. Thanks for your input :-)

Insane Irony

Those who don’t know, quite often consider those who know to be a bit odd, slightly mad, neurotic, deluded or maybe even completely insane.

When the truth is that those who know, know that the illusion isn’t real, know it’s just a fantasy and thereby avoid the entire ego-self created pain and suffering.

That reminds me of a line in a song by John Lennon, called Instant Karma:
'How in the world you gonna see, laughing at fools like me...'

Isn’t it insanity to be living in a negative reality, chosen by you and all the while forgetting that you created it? Isn’t it insanity to wage war and kill other people, and all the while not realizing that those other people are yourself?


answered 11 Jul '10, 07:13

Eddie's gravatar image


Buddha never claimed to be god or anything more than he was. What I like about Derren Brown is his ability to portray these characters and convince people - However he does reveal that there is nothing supernatural that he did during the whole time. From an insiders perspective he states that there are 2 kinds of people that actually become mediums. 1) People that are illusionists that may do mental tricks 2) People from an entertainment background - Actors -- What happens is that the gap in pay is substantial if you were to change the context use any mumbo-jumbo(doesn't matter what)

(11 Jul '10, 08:55) xyz

they would make a lot more money. He has at several instances demonstrated channeling the dead to lay persons and convinced them it was real. There is a whole science behind this -- Its called cold reading -- Mediums use a mix of cold and warm reading - they have tools that they can use eg: Barnum Statements, Rainbow Ruse, Sugar Nuggets - Props and location to influence the sitter -- and if they encounter a skeptic or they think they're being questioned they just say its negative energy and they cant work with you.

(11 Jul '10, 09:01) xyz

You should go through Ian Rowland - The Full Facts Book on Cold Reading - before you put too much faith in a medium. I know its a good thing to learn, but, if the most basic thing about the master is deceitful(channeling a spirit) -- I will definitely question integrity of their work the actual purpose of their preaching -- If they fail the integrity test then their teachings are not worth applying to your life -- because it may be just words for them but its actual meaning and decisions in your life. They don't care and you are wasting your life on that.

(11 Jul '10, 09:16) xyz

It seems to me that you assume a lot of things about people. You have labelled Abraham and others as mediums or psychics, etc. And you have presented a case against them, while at the same time you assume that people who appreciate the confirmations from Abraham also buy into the everyday psychic and medium mumbo jumbo. Please, lets compare apples to apples. You should go through Ian Rowland... There is nothing I have to do or should do! I do what feels good to me in the moment. I advised you in another post that I have zero desire to convince you of anything, yet you persist to convince..

(12 Jul '10, 08:17) Eddie

Now, I understand how eager and hungry you are to convince and/or convert others to your way of seeing, but it'll never happen with many people on IQ. Life is a game of remembering that which you already know. It's not that you're wrong, but that others see from a higher perspective and therefore, easily see through the ego-self's tricks. No real teacher teaches anything, they only serve to remind. Once one's ego realizes it's not really in control it will take a back seat and the show can move forward :-)

(12 Jul '10, 08:26) Eddie

Once we see our ego for what it is and how it's been conditioned, it naturally lies dormant until the instant it's needed. For it's a wonderful tool, but it's not really who you are. I watched most of the vids in your links. As I said before, when you inquire from a biased position you'll find supporting evidence. I've never been attracted to fortune tellers or hypnotists and they've never come into my life. Why bother with outside influences when all you need is inside of you? Buddha never claimed to be god... So do you understand what he says in the quote? Look inside brother 8-)

(12 Jul '10, 08:39) Eddie
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Without exception, every good idea comes with it's fair share of skeptics.

Ask anyone who ever started a business with a simple idea and became very successful, and they will tell you that they did so in spite of the many people (especially friends and family) who said that their idea would never work.

You can be quite certain that, if everyone likes your idea and is supportive, it's probably not a good idea.


answered 10 Jul '10, 20:35

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edited 10 Jul '10, 20:41

A lot of good ideas started with a lot of people thinking they were ridiculous. You have to remember ridiculous ideas are not a guarantee that they are going to be workable good ideas -- more often than not - ridiculous ideas are just that - the good ones are an exception to the rule. LOA has been around for at least 70 odd years. I can assure you there is a large number of powerful people and corporations that want - money, power and success much more badly than you. They will go to any lengths to get it -- If they even smelt a hint that this thing actually works.

(11 Jul '10, 04:07) xyz

There would be millions of dollars worth of formal research into this. People are not as closed minded as you think they are. People are objective and efficient. Its been around for a while now, and in my thinking this isn't some idea who's time has not come as yet. I will however not deny the placebo effect. If that's what you're looking for, go for it.

(11 Jul '10, 04:13) xyz

Once one discovers the truth through personal experience with tangible and verifiable results, all arguments to the contrary from external sources become meaningless and pointless distractions. It's best to simply ignore them.

(11 Jul '10, 05:31) The Traveller

Now I am going to disregard own advice of ignoring with the following comment. The Law of Attraction is mentioned in the Vedic texts, which I believe, are over 4 thousand years old. It is explained (not an exact translation) in the following form..."You are constantly defining yourself into existence with every movement of your attention"

(11 Jul '10, 05:44) The Traveller

"You are constantly defining yourself into existence with every movement of your attention" can also mean your attention is what makes your existence seem real to you "Reality is like a dream - albeit a persistent one" --- I was born into a Hindu Brahmin family so I was raised with this stuff -- Veds with their Upnishads are very long and pretty hard to decipher for a lay person without knowing sanskrit. I have never seen any religious scholar promote the ideas of LOA in any vedic context.

(11 Jul '10, 07:33) xyz

DMin...If you want to discover the truth in any of the ideas and, yes even first hand experiences of the participants here, don’t wait until a religious scholar gives you the OK. You are supposed to follow your own instinct without any external evidence. How else do you discover the unknown?

(11 Jul '10, 17:20) The Traveller
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DMin Please give us some credit as intellectual human beings. From some of the responses I can tell that there are some very brilliant people who are regulars on this web site. I dont know about you but I do not buy into anybody's ideas easily. I select what I want to accept as truth. For me the law of attraction is truth. However I am not trying to convince you of this truth but I think you have some "attraction" to what is happening on this web site. i think that if you hang around long enough and ask enough questions you will eventually understand what some of us already know.


answered 12 Jul '10, 17:06

Drham's gravatar image


I love self development -- But The whole LOA thing seems like a big joke at worst and a placebo effect at best. I didn't realize this whole group is just about LOA and a lot of New Age stuff only. I'm more into things that work in real life, evolutionary psychology - study of human behavior - more than fairies, aliens, spirits and other stuff like that. I guess I leave you guys to your fate. enjoy yourselves.

(12 Jul '10, 17:30) xyz

"Argue your limitations and they are yours" Richard Bach

(12 Jul '10, 17:42) Drham

+1 love this quote!

(13 Jul '10, 13:56) BridgetJones09

No one is here by coincidence. We all attracted it, whether you know it or not. If you find what you read in here as educative and beneficial, is your reality and quensequently your destiny. We are all adults with risible faculties and freedom. we choose/sieve the best inputs and utilise them with good result, and free of charge. If you don't find this to be true, then it is also your reality/destiny that your benefit is not here/due.

(15 Jul '10, 09:21) MUHD
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The law of attraction is is not anything new, many authors and sages have long before Jerry and Ester have talked and explained it.Wallace D. Wattles,Napoleon Hill,Charles F. Haanel to name just a few.

And would it be better if Jerry and Ester were a (insert any other job here) before Abraham?


answered 10 Jul '10, 23:29

ursixx's gravatar image


Its common to dislike people from an MLM background. Reason is, the guys that are deep into this - abuse their own social circle, and like to think of it as a disposable commodity - ultimately get shunned by a lot of their friends and grow then social circle in the MLM community. At one point it becomes this cult sort of a thing. People that have experienced MLM(as a consumer) tend to think of these guys as Leeches and Manipulators. The moment someone starts with - Do you want to get rich quick and own that house and car in a very short period of time? I know their pulling a con job.

(11 Jul '10, 03:36) xyz

MLM been there done that ..not very well though seen and heard the pitches.but marketing skills are necessary to spread a message in todays world.

(11 Jul '10, 08:06) ursixx

My answer is going to be very simple as English is only my second language. You guys got a very deep debate here! :)

Type the words Esther Hicks in google.com the suggestions are in this order

We know how to Google, thank you!

are you guys aware that there is another side to this whole thing. An angle that has more to do with using psychology and caveats in human reasoning to lure gullible people and make money off of them?

We are aware, yes. I dare say we all here stumbled upon LOA in a bookshop, magazine or the net, and as far as I am concerned, no one put a gun on my temple to force me to buy these books nor believe in what they say. I did it on my own free will.

I feel for you guys as fellow human beings and think everyone should know the truth and not be fooled on such a mass scale.

Please, don't feel for us! We're all grown ups and we know bad from good.

Having said that you are also all adult humans that have the power to reason and responsibility for your action. Peace.

For sure! If I had found that the LOA info didn't work, I would have put the books on my top shelf not to think more of them ever, but actually, it works!!!

And now I could tell you of all my achievements using the LOA, big and small, in only three months, but it would be a looong list, and..., you know...? I just can't be bothered!




answered 12 Jul '10, 14:43

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haha! I got into the metaphysical materials from firstly self help to NLP to PUA seduction to more self help materials to osho to the power of now to metaphysical. I just dont see these contradicting with one another at all. Though your question is already 2 yrs old, let me chime in with my secondary language and share my 2 cents ;D

Still a big fan of Derren Brown here. I love how he can dissect the human brain behaviors and make efficient use of it for his tv and live shows. NLP, misdirection, and tricks certainly works if you can select your prospects correctly. Till this day I still like to use / play some of those tricks especially on new people I meet. Abraham Hicks materials on the other hand, resonates well with me so theres more of an inner knowing and initial acceptance.

That seems like a hugely irresponsible answer. But let me elaborate a little. (I did go to a Catholic primary school and a Christian high school.. Either resonated with me despite me being in my youth) What sets it apart for me as not some new age hoax. Is simply because of the content. Everything Abraham said include undeniable wisdom. Even if they are a hoax I'd gladly accept them as a guidance. But I'm just saying that because such infinite wisdom couldnt associate with hoax from my understanding.

That. And I also had a possible encounter and UFO sighting. But that is another topic.

Afterall youre welcome to choose any reality you see fit in this physical life time. (Thats the same message I've been getting again and again from different metaphysical sources) So why not lighten up a little because it'll most definitely make things easier and possibly more joyful with your experience here.



answered 26 Jun '13, 12:02

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