Sometimes it seems one can have a single thought and quite quickly there's a manifestation to match , whether pleasant or not :-) Yet other times it seems we can repeatedly think a thought and nothing eventuates , or at least on the surface it seems that way . I think I recently heard Bashar say a Thought is followed by a Belief/Judgement or perhaps it was a thought IS a Belief/Judgement.... then feeling ensues.

I am currently reading Dr Joe Dispenza's book "Breaking the Habit of Being yourself " and in it he says , that if your thought ( brain ) and feelings ( body ) don't match , (coherence) then this is why there is no manifestation . What I am having trouble understanding is, don't one's thoughts automatically fire off a feeling ? I appreciate your indulgence on this :-) please forgive if I come across scattered , I know my mind can run in crazy zigzags when trying to figure this stuff out .

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Starlight, good question. I also have this curiosity to know if each and every thought manifests into feeling? I am looking forward to answers here.

(16 Feb '13, 21:39) dreamersmiles
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Hello Starlight, your core beliefs are the cause of your thoughts, feelings and action.

Think about it: if you were at a party wearing what you believed to be a beautiful dress and someone came along and said 'that dress doesn't suit you!' Due to your belief, you may think: 'how rude!' And then perhaps you'd feel self-conscious. If you listened to your mind enough you might even leave the party early.

However, if you were at a party wearing jeans and a pullover and someone said: 'that dress doesn't suit you!' You might just look at them and say 'what's your problem?' Or perhaps you'd simply laugh and move away from them. The point is that their words haven't had any affect upon your belief, so your thoughts, feelings and action are neutral...


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Lol, Eddie , you know me better than I do :-) You always make things so simple to understand and that's all I really wanted in this asking this question. Yes , I see now , where I can observe things and literally brush it off , no feeling one way or t'other , no emotion EM'powering anything , Thank you once again you are a Gem !

(17 Feb '13, 21:37) Starlight

@Starlight - you're welcome. Of course if you hold an overriding belief such as 'it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or says... then your other beliefs + thoughts, feelings and action will be unaffected as well :)

(18 Feb '13, 00:53) Eddie

Yes, I guess that's where the "What another person thinks of me , is none of my business " quote kicks in and so something to definately cultivate ;-)

(18 Feb '13, 07:28) Starlight
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thoughts comes from all of our
perceptions, some other than
just feelings, however
feelings reinforce thought


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Thank you Fred ♥♥♥

(16 Feb '13, 21:33) Starlight

by reading what you have ask i would say that it means that if you are stuck in the habit of false belief that are based on judgement,blame,proscratination etc.. that becomes bad habit. You have to break that habit of not being your self.And for the coherence part it is simple if you are trap in not being your self making division in your self of course you cannot manifeste being your self.As for thought and feeling you can release one or the other or both at the same time.Like you can receive in the same way also. quick example: you can say yes no or or let it be according to context.or be told yes no or let it be according to context. that can be though only or with feeling or both,you could say yes to someone you love with feeling of joy,or you could say yes to someone just on a logical question that you do not have anny feeling about.or you could say yes to someone for a logical question that brings a feeling in you.

He should have named the book:breaking the habit of not being your self.Since habit are developped as a need over time since your birth to your death in this world, since if you need to make a change in you it is because you are not your self and it is not working.but if he would have wrote it like that probably that people that think they are them self when they are not would not have accepted the book.

Not exalting the gifted prevents quarreling. Not collecting treasures prevents stealing. Not seeing desirable things prevents confusion of the heart.

The wise therefore rule by emptying hearts and stuffing bellies, by weakening ambitions and strengthening bones. If men lack knowledge and desire, then clever people will not try to interfere. If nothing is done, then all will be well.


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white tiger

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Thanks for your thoughts @white tiger

(17 Feb '13, 15:41) Starlight

A feeling is a taste/touch/smell sensation of a physiological state. Example: you feel anger when your body is in a particular kind of stress state; you feel fear when it is in another type of stress state. Your body does not shift into that state because you got angry, you got angry because your body shifted into that state. Feelings are not generated, they are perceived in the same automatic way that hearing is perceived or sight is perceived.

Why does your body shift into a state? On a first level, your "thoughts" act as a trigger; you see an image that you identify as a possibly being a tiger and your mind reacts by immediately shifting you into a heightened state of focused awareness which we call "fear". This happens because your body has adjusted to the urgency of having to identify the image and react quickly even before you could formulate a verbal thought; it did this through the structure you built by previous thinking ("I am a fragile human being";"Tigers like to eat people";"Being eaten hurts and it will destroy me"). The same happens with everything else. All emotions are triggered based on the context your mind perceives yourself to be in and therefore the most adequate physiological state for your body, be it sexual arousal, shame, anger, relaxation or love. That context is determined by your thoughts.

Thoughts are merely a narrative we use to place our present existence in context; linking our past, present and future into a coherent whole. If you change that narrative, you trigger a matching physiological change. In that sense yes, every thought has a feeling attached to it but not in isolation from your other thoughts. The thing Joe seems to emphasize is that those physiological states are "sticky", we adapt to being in them by becoming better at being in them, which reminds us of the thoughts that placed us in the state and as we think those thoughts over and over, they become easier to think. If you then need to shift that state into something you are not used to, it is very much like learning a new skill or trying to gain strength, your body needs to adapt. You could say the body does not yet "trust" the new narrative and is resisting the change. Or you could simply say that the new narrative is still grouped within a meta-narrative which denies it so the body doesn't quite buy it; example being you think abundant thoughts but remember that you are thinking abundant thoughts because you are poor.

This is why Neville emphasized the importance of completely yielding to the experience of having your wish fulfilled, focusing "to the point of vision" and actually forgetting that you are just pretending and falling asleep as if it were true and then while the bridge of incident is unfolding, accepting that the experience wasn't an illusion, it was real in a dimensionally larger level (the meta-narrative).


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but perceptive feelings as well as the intellectual sorting, categorizing and prioritizing are but tools, not the master of the househould

(18 Feb '13, 17:48) fred

I disagree with your statement "Example: you feel anger when your body is in a particular kind of stress state; you feel fear when it is in another type of stress state. Your body does not shift into that state because you got angry, you got angry because your body shifted into that state. Feelings are not generated, they are perceived in the same automatic way that hearing is perceived or sight is perceived."

Thoughts are vibration and preceed any emotions/feelings .....

(19 Feb '13, 19:28) Starlight

I spent a fair amount of time yesterday reveiwing many of Abraham Hicks videos and it confirmed that the first manifestation we have after a thought is a feeling . Thought is "incipient matter" ( too fine for us to see with our eyes ) and the more one focus's on that thought the bigger it grows until it becomes so dense it manifests .

You can also read "Thought Vibration"by William Walker Atkinson @ the sister site of IQ

(19 Feb '13, 19:36) Starlight

I think when you refer to taste/touch/ smell , you mean the tactile aspect not the emotion of "feeling".

Our Bodies are triggered into a feeling place by a thought which actually releases chemicals into our system , these feeling then confirm with our brain we got the message and it is a loop system, ergo another thought pops up/LOA in action and can turm into a huge cascade effect :-)

(19 Feb '13, 19:40) Starlight

Right, the first manifestation is a change in our physiological state which we perceive as a feeling. Feeling IS a "tactile aspect", you could call it tasting hormones. There is a reason we associate the heart with emotions. There might be a "third eye" equivalent, meaning just as you can imagine a sound or image entirely within your brain, you might be able to imagine feelings entirely within your brain. But seeing as we wake up from nightmares with a racing heart, maybe not.

(19 Feb '13, 20:20) flowsurfer

@Starlight Thought does not preceed emotions and feelings. They do however shape them, and vice-versa. An example would be someone taking a drug (say, ecstasy), which alters their body/brain chemistry in such a way to result in a vastly different feeling state without any previous change in thoughts. This is equivalent to watching TV in order to change what you perceive with your eyes, or listening to the radio to change what you perceive with your ears.

(19 Feb '13, 20:32) flowsurfer

For the record, what I am saying is not in any way shape or form a denial of anything regarding the law of attraction, or abraham-hicks, or anything else. I think all those things are true, on this level. They are also entirely compatible with the idea that "the mind" creates "reality".

(19 Feb '13, 20:35) flowsurfer

May I gently suggest you re-read this part of your orginal answer

"Why does your body shift into a state? On a first level, your "thoughts" act as a trigger; you see an image that you identify as a possibly being a tiger and your mind reacts by immediately shifting you into a heightened state of focused awareness which we call "fear".

Is this not what I said . "thoughts preceed emotions/feelings" ?

(19 Feb '13, 21:41) Starlight

@Starlight Trying to answer you has lead me into a question... what exactly is a thought? What distinguishes an experience as being a thought, as opposed to some other kind of experience? And even more specifically, what distinguishes a thought from a feeling?

(19 Feb '13, 22:26) flowsurfer

Perhaps ;-) you can post this as a new question , though it still comes full circle , a thought is a vibration

Also read Eddie's answer above :-)

(19 Feb '13, 22:43) Starlight
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