I read that Bio-Disc cures alot of diseases including cancer. How far is the claim true?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

hi, What is your educational background ?

Then I will give you answer, How biodisc works.

Because what happens manytimes, If your mind is made up only for kinda-garden level education and If I give you college level education, Its now worth it.

So don't be offended, but try to understand.

Regards Bhavin

(11 Feb '11, 04:21) Bhavin

Knowing the educational level of the person asking the question is immaterial here, as tthere are many people here who will benefit from your answers, if you do it on a general level. - Muhd

(14 Feb '11, 17:37) muhd2

I have a Master's degree. Is that sufficient education?

(17 Feb '11, 03:05) Vesuvius
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Anything that causes you to give yourself permission to be healed will work.

That applies to any object, philosophy/religion, way of life, or even any other person you decide is a healer or guru.

So do any of them really work?

Yes, they all really work if you allow them to work for you. (I mean this at a much deeper level than what is commonly called The Placebo Effect)

The only problem is that if the thing you choose to allow to work for you is inconvenient to use, that in itself is going to cause you problems because you now have the vibrational contradiction of having something that you believe will work for you but you cannot use.

For example, if you believe drinking water from a certain well in a certain far-off country has healing powers, then it will have healing powers. But now, you'll need an ongoing supply of that water (possibly at some extreme cost and inconvenience) to support that belief and the results it brings you.

Personally, I find it's easier to mold my beliefs about works for me towards easier things (using Focus Blocks, for example) and then put my feet up, than take the hard action required to align with an inconvenient belief.

But it's all a matter of personal choice ultimately. Just be aware that building that water pipeline to that far-off country may take a while...and buying all those Bio-Discs may leave a big hole in your pocket :)


answered 17 Aug '10, 08:39

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I like that answer Stingray for the placebo effect is indeed very powerful let alone this and you say this goes must deeper very well put Stingray.

(11 Feb '11, 06:12) flowingwater

Hold on while I put on my tinfoil hat...

The Bio Disc is a natural energy generating device that produces SCALAR energy frequencies that have no negative side effects.

WTF is SCALAR energy? I tried clicking on the link that is supposed to download the PDF that describes SCALAR energy, and I wound up on a smarmy site with a bucketful of popup ads, redirects, and [Things That Want To Install Themselves On My Computer]TM

Uh, no thanks.

The energy created specifically rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids.

So here's the thing: Every water molecule on this planet is absolutely identical to every other water molecule. That's right, there's no difference. What molecular structure is being rejuvenated, exactly? If there's a problem with the molecular structure in a water molecule, then it is no longer a water molecule. It is an oxygen molecule and two hydrogen molecules, or something else.

The molecular structure causes any liquid to become more hydratious, taste better and extend shelf life.

Yeah. Hydratious isn't even a word. If you Google it, you discover this site, which makes the following claim:

Quantum suspension of the TDS and minerals locks in the acidic nature of a liquid into a molecular structure. This again allows the receiving taste buds to reject the over powering acid. The pH remains the same yet it has no effect on the other living tissue. For instance, orange juice with a molecular structure can be rubbed in the eyes and salt water can be used to feed plants, because the living DNA does not recognize the negative in the liquid only the positive.

OMG, where do I start? There's so much bad science in here it would take me a week to describe it all. Yes, I do in fact pour orange juice in my eyes every morning and throw salt on my plants, just because I can.

This website (and the Bio-Disc website) both make mention of the term Nano-medicine, but describes it in a way that has nothing to do with the actual technology. Additional technical terms, such as "Quantum Suspension," "Free Radicals," and "Surface Tension" are used to make their product descriptions sound impressive and give them an air of scientific authority, but it is all made-up jibberish. Here's more:

...create effective and efficient hydration into the cells of the body by changing drinking water into a biocompatible type of water based on the frequency signature of water.

The only "frequency signature of water" you can change is its temperature, and you can do that yourself with ice cubes, or putting the water on a stove.

Save your money, and buy an IPod instead. At least you will be getting some value for your money instead of throwing it away on a worthless disc.


answered 17 Aug '10, 04:17

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I suppose they meant energy as a scalar quantity, which it actually is, since it is the dot product of force and displacement. Maybe it refers to the force with which you throw the disc from your window times the displacement :P

(15 Feb '11, 15:36) Pranay

@Vesuvius- Wade read this to me while I was having a sugar attack, and I never needed a laugh more than then! Great writing, sir! I think you should have gotten best answer! Love you, Jai

(17 Sep '12, 06:14) Jaianniah

@ Vesuvius- I don't know why, but this and Vesuvius' posting reminded me of Johnny Carson's skit about Ginsu knives.....I never laughed so hard! Thanks, Vesuvius! BTW, I think that the Spam thing would not work for me. Perhaps magnets or a copper bracelet???? BTW, I wear an antenna on my head when I write....


(17 Sep '12, 06:21) Jaianniah

How many TV Channels do you receive Jai ;-)

(17 Sep '12, 06:47) Starlight

@Starlight- ALL of them....at once....even NASA LOL! :)

(17 Sep '12, 07:43) Jaianniah
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It is absolutely true! As is rubbing spam on the inside of your elbows as long as YOU believe it.


answered 20 Feb '11, 21:28

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Thank @You , I was looking for a new beauty product :-) my elbows will be ever gratefull

And @Vesuvius of the Master Degree ....I think you may have taken Comedy 101 as I really enjoyed your repartee ,TY .......♥♥♥

PS, I drink my water from a reverse osmosis unit , I believe it works and it does :-) Love , Light and most of all Laughter

(17 Sep '12, 02:24) Starlight
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