If it is true that you create your own reality (which I believe it is), how is it possible for the concept of a "healer" to exist?

If you are responsible for your own reality, aren't you doing the healing yourself and just projecting the illusion of someone else (a healer) doing it?

If that is the case, why does this illusion perpetuate? Do people feel so unworthy within themselves that they refuse to take the credit for their own health "successes"?

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Hi @Stingray, This is a very old thread. I'd be quite interested to know what your current thoughts on this topic are. Thanks.

(15 Nov '14, 17:34) cod2
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Interesting question. Who's to say you can't heal anyone else?

Then again, who's to say you can? Virtually all of healing has to do with belief. And not just stated belief because that's on the surface. I mean real, deep, core level belief.

So if you truly believe you are improving you will and if you don't you wont.

As for anyone else... if they truly believe your healing will have a positive affect then it will and if they don't then it won't.

Remember that Law of Attraction brings to us what is in our DOMINANT vibration. So if we "want' to be healed but inwardly are doubting that it can happen well guess what.... we're going to create a state of wanting without results.

When we KNOW we can be healed just as sure as we KNOW the sun will rise -- that's when the miracles occur!


Maria ~ Manifesting Muse


answered 15 Oct '09, 15:47

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user-157 (yahoo)

I love the beautiful simplicity of your answer, Maria :)

(26 Oct '12, 12:17) Bedazzled

I like the question, Stingray. For starters, I see nothing inconsistent with the concept of reality creation and the concept of a healer. At the most basic level, it is a simple matter of logic. If I create my reality, my reality includes healers. Who's to argue with that? Are you going to say that my reality is wrong? What gives you the authority to do that? I could as easily say that your reality is wrong. So my real world includes healers by my choice.

But lets go deeper. If I am responsible for my own reality, does it follow that I must do everything to accomplish anything in my own reality? Must I build my own house? Repair my own car? Remove my own tonsils? Why would I not want to involve others to do certain things for me? Perhaps I don't feel confident or competent enough to do something myself. Am I required by some universal law to develop the ability to do these things myself? Henry Ford was accused of having limited knowledge. His reply to his detractors was that he surrounded himself with people who could provide him with any answer that he needed. We speak of having mentors and teachers. These are helpers we have chosen to be a part of the reality we are creating. Why should it be any different when it comes to healing? Why should I heal myself when I can enlist someone else to do it who has demonstrated their effectiveness?

Continuing to your next point, if I am harmed by a gunman, am I really harming myself and just projecting the illusion of someone else doing it? No, other people are active participants in our reality creation. Some are through our own choice; others, in spite of our choice. I may choose not to get shot, but get gunned down in a drive-by shooting anyway.

The bottom line is this. The total sum of our reality is not created only by ourselves. Our realities touch and overlap with other people's realities and the realities of all involved are affected by each other. The point of reality creation is not that we are responsible for everything that happens to us, but that we have it within our power to create our own realities to the extent that we choose to do so.

Certainly there are people who feel unworthy in many different ways and for various reasons. If that's their reality, who are you to say they shouldn't feel that way? On the other hand, by your very question (a person interacting with a healer), you suggest that there is far more interaction between our realities than you suggest is appropriate. Perhaps it is best for us, in the very nature of who we are as human beings, to connect and interact with others so that we can lift each other up to a higher state of being-- a more fulfilling and abundant state of being. Our interactions give all of us more opportunities and incentive to be involved in creating. When I show my concern for someone who feels unworthy, it gives me the chance to do some reality creating in that setting and gives the other person an opportunity to do some creating, too, as they respond to and interact with me.


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Wow, amazing answer, John. I really love your views on interaction with each other, while we create in our own realities.

(26 Oct '12, 12:11) Bedazzled

I haven't actually seen a healer perform a healing, but the anecdotal stories I have heard suggest that the healer possesses some sort of healing energy which they can impart to the person being healed, which can be perceived by the healing person.

Healers have long argued that all they really do is unblock the flow of energy in the person being healed. They also say that, in the person whose belief system is compromised, the healing is not permanent (the dis-ease returns).

But successful healers could just be changing a person's beliefs about their illness.

Belief apparently plays such a strong part in the healing process that conventional medicine has a name for it: the Placebo Effect. The Placebo Effect is what happens when a patient believes he is receiving a treatment that has positive benefits (and therefore gets better), but is actually receiving no treatment at all (i.e. a sugar pill).

The Placebo Effect is so pervasive that all medical experiments that test the effectiveness of a medical treatment on a group of people must also include a control group to determine whether any healing can be attributed to the placebo effect, and the whole experiment must be double-blind to eliminate researcher bias.

The Placebo Effect is not without its critics. In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2001, which conducted a systematic review of clinical trials in which patients were randomly assigned to either placebo or no treatment, the study found little evidence in general that placebos had powerful clinical effects, except for moderate gains in pain relief. http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/abstract/344/21/1594


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In our society we have been conditioned to believe that we have to go to others to be healed. Go to the doctor, or hospital, or chiropractor, or whoever is the expert regarded as appropriate. We are not encouraged to believe that we are in control of our health ourselves, partly because medicine is a big industry because, for example, of the pressure of the pharmaceutical companies who make vast sums of money convincing us we are ill if we so much as sneeze!

Healing others is about co-creating. It helps that the healer and the person wanting to be healed have faith in whatever method is chosen to be used. That is the basis of all medicine, whether alternative or mainstream - BELIEF. That is how placebos work, and research shows that people have been cured of cancer by belief - again, in both mainstream and holistic medicine. Of course, by extension, we should be able to heal ourselves and can if we believe we can.

By my belief, I have talked myself into and out of migraines, ME (chronic fatigue syndrome), and colds for example. It took a while to understand what I was doing, but I am getting to the point of being aware that I able to do it consciously.


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Many years ago I experienced episodes of visual distortions that were so startling and scary that I went to a doctor, thinking I had a brain tumor or something similar. When the doctor told me I was getting migraine headaches (vision issues are apparently common with these), I got so mad I decided I would never have another one. And I never have.

(15 Oct '09, 21:27) Vesuvius

Excellent powers of creation and belief!

(16 Oct '09, 17:32) Rebecca

Everything outside, is part of your own reality. even other people. while your conscious mind thinks about them as human beings with free will that should be accepted .. to your subconscious, they are only ''things''. you can do anything you want to them the same way you can do anything to anything else around you. for healing as an example, you have two choices .. follow your conscious mind and try to make them heal themselves ( make their own choices - create their own reality ) .. or you can just act from your side and heal them without them even knowing about it. no illusion in both cases. both would work, if done right. so it's totally up to you. you can respect their choices and free will, or just go on and do it regardless of what they think or choose. just remember the other face of the coin, they can do the same thing to you. at this point, hurting someone would be ok if you have enough reason for it, but .. there is another hidden/higher level of existence, where the all is one.so if you hurt anyone, you would be only hurting yourself. and if you are healing someone, you would be healing yourself. isn't life amazing ?!! :D


answered 16 Oct '09, 00:33

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Human beings are playing out a general theme called limitations.

In the cosmos we have a nickname "masters of limitations" cause we feel so disconnected from the Source that is unseen in any of the cosmos.

That's why we're so special and a center of attention of All big "players" of the cosmos.

So what does a healer do? Healer simply gives us a permission slip to believe that we can be healed from any uotside force, which in fact we do ALL the healing.

A healer is just a conduit. He resonates a certain frequency which the recipient recognizes and matches in order for the healing to take place.

Why people don't understand it? Because we have stripped uurselfs of all the power we have over our reality and got caught playing the limitation game that we simply forgot.

So healing as a process is nothing more than making us re-member that we can do anything we want, including healing our bodies.

Once you recognize that all the healer has done has shown you the power you have, you can use that experience to look for other ways to use your energy and to show others that they to can do what you do.

Yes, because of the extent of the limitations we put on ourselfes, we seldom recognize and feel worthy of the power that the healer has, which is in fact no power at all, simply the matching of the frequency.


answered 17 Oct '09, 13:32

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Yes, you can heal your self through the power of Jesus Christ within you. You can heal your self from thinking postive and believing strong enough to change yourself to the core of your being. For you are an child of God.

There are people who actual have the power to heal themselves and others it is an physic gift. They are born with that gift. Now they can heal others whether they believe or not.

Now dealing with reality and postive thinking you may have an strong control over your mind to do postive thinking of healing yourself but this is not an task easily done. Maybe stopping an minor problem might be easy but hard core cancer type of stuff would be really hard and you would have to be and master postive thinker and master herbalist.

Now, sometimes others don't heal themselves because they don't know how to heal themselves through postive thinking and the law of attraction.

Plus there is no postive guarteed that you can think postive and heal yourself when you know that there is nothing else that is working.You see you can piggy back ride on someone else belief of thinking postive. Like they might say this medicine is suppose to heal you (they don't use the word cure you) of whatever is wrong and than you believe what they say that's piggy back riding on there postive thinking or beliefs.

It is one thing to think that an experiment is working when they tell you it suppose to work and another when they have told you there is nothing else I can do for you. Get ready to meet your maker. That's what they told an friend of mind and she put up and tuff fight about an year and half but in the end she succomb to death for the chemo had defeated her. Than that is the real test of postive thinking and the law of attraction. Now she did not know of the law of attraction or postive thinking but but she thought postive about fighting this cancer.


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I am not sure exactly how spiritual healing works. But if the individual consciousness is a part of the universal consciousness then it stands to reason that an individual would be able to impact on another's reality through the mass consciousness. However this can only occur if the person receiving the healing is receptive of not only being healed but also of the individual being healed. For example if a person was praying or meditating for healing. That individual would draw from the collective consciousness all the persons and things with similar ideas or truths about his or her healing and healing can occur. I think thats how it works.


answered 16 Oct '09, 14:50

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I believe that a healing can be brought about for a person that does not know about it, and further does have to be in a positive place. There are beings the can help do this. They say they can't intefer but i don't believe that. They can if the asked by the healer. How many times I prayed to God and didn't believe or had fears and still the desire came to pass. I also have prayed for other and the change took place. The Universe is a big place with an infinite number of possibilities. Maybe just the healer has to believe. At least believe in the possibility.


answered 01 Nov '10, 13:51

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Lets look at the word heal, and its meaning: to restore to health, or soundness; cure, to set right, repair; healed the rift between us; to restore a person to spiritual wholeness, and to become whole and sound, return to health.

So there are different components to healing, and different types of people will require different kinds of healing. We also know that each of us was born with different Gifts, and Talents, and we have different strengths, and weakness. But together as a whole we can combine our gifts, and talents, and our strengths, and weakness to complement each other. It is the same with one person healing another person. One person may have the spiritual gift to heal, another person my have the spiritual gift of prophesy, one person may be a doctor, one person may be scientist, one person may be the Zoo Keeper, while another a Basketball player etc.

One person has the skills, and the ability to perform a task that is superior to the other person’s skills, and ability. A patient that is injured may need a doctor to treat, cure, and to help him heal. So there are many such examples why we may need someone else to do something for us that we cannot do for our self. This is how the law of nature works we will always need something from someone else, because we cannot do it alone. This site cannot function on its’ own without us participating. You Stingray hold the highest rank on this site for volunteer work, but in the same token you cannot excel without the rest of us to cheer you on. In essence, we need each other energy, love, support, and fellowship. No one man army can win a battle single handed! A doctor cannot treat himself; he has to go to anther doctor for treatment.

Therefore it is quite normal, and natural to allow someone else to administered healing to you, if you require it. There is nothing unworthy about this process, since we are all apart of the same spiritual energy. In general our body is capable of healing itself, and in extreme cases a doctor, healer, or other sources may be required.

In essence, it is our natural ability to attract what we want into our reality, even it means allowing someone else to heal us!


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Since we create our own realities, when we use any technique to change any person, we really move our awareness into a reality where that person is healthy or otherwise different.


answered 26 Oct '12, 12:16

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Fairy Princess

Unfortunately not everyone knows the law of attraction. And even if you know it, it takes much time to change the reality with your mind. For example I've been dealing with a problem for a long time (a year) and though I know the law of attraction, I haven't been able to heal myself.


answered 15 Oct '09, 15:29

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