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There is a large diversity of information on Astral travel available on the Internet...some overlapping, much of it conflicting. Astral travel seems to have been practiced by a wide range of cultures throughout history, from the Taoists to the ancient Indians, from Eskimos to the Japanese. Even the early Christians seem to have been into it, as Paul's Second Epistle to the Corinthians discusses journeys to the Astral plane.

I am curious about the knowledge and experience of people on Inward Quest relating to this topic.

First of all, what is the point? Does one typically do it just for fun, for the sheer wonder of seeing far-off places, planets, non-physical dimensions, etc.? Or is the purpose to meet and communicate with beings from beyond our world?

Is it done during a meditative state, or during an unconscious/sleeping state? Or both?

Also, has anyone here practiced this safely? I believe this topic has been mentioned before in channeled teachings, and I am very curious what people here know about that.

Many thanks to all!

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I'm glad you asked this. I read so much about it in the past and I still can't figure out what it's really about. As usual in spiritual communities there is so much abstract, "mysterious" and obscure info about it. I would love to read an answer that's clear, understandable and to the point.

(07 May '13, 16:25) releaser99

yes even for me its been pretty mysterious topic.. as to its purpose. Seth had some exercises which is similar to this i would think, which is called Psi time where you just close your eyes for 10-15 mins whatever time you wanted and just follow any images etc you get.

(07 May '13, 16:32) abrahamloa

i did those exercises briefly and it was lot of breathtaking experiences i had. I am a very logical guy and my creative side was not that developed but with these exercises i got insights of how an artist could get inspirations from images .. and i explored lot of larger than life beautiful gardens, planets etc..

(07 May '13, 16:34) abrahamloa

it was wonderful experience and it opened and expanded my consciousness. since its also sort of takes you out of official line of consciousness - its same as meditaion or you immerse in music or dance etc.. it has same affect i would think. So you get in touch with Source energy if you will.

(07 May '13, 16:34) abrahamloa

@releaser99 - " I read so much about it in the past and I still can't figure out what it's really about. As usual in spiritual communities there is so much abstract, "mysterious" and obscure info about it." - My feelings exactly. This is also how I felt about the subject of manifestation before I finally found Inward Quest. Most instruction came in half-obscure hints and riddles, because it was considered "too dangerous" for all but the highest of adepts...

(07 May '13, 20:18) lozenge123

...or those who had demonstrated/proven their "moral worth." The thing I love about IQ is that it is totally discussed in the open, people trade experiences, techniques, approaches, etc.. I'd love to see Astral travel discussed or examined in that same light.

(07 May '13, 20:19) lozenge123

@abrahamloa - Thanks for the info...I have looked at some of the Seth material but hadn't heard of Psi time...will give it a look!

(07 May '13, 20:22) lozenge123

@lozenge123 Yes, I agree, same reasons here for being on IQ. If I would have to come up with a slogan for IQ I would say "IQ - Just spirituality and metaphysics, no bullshit!" :).

"because it was considered 'too dangerous' for all but the highest of adepts" Most amusing part ever :), which basically means: "dude, I have no clue what it's about and to be honest it scares me to death. But I act mysterious so at least I can say that I have a cool hobby." :)

(07 May '13, 20:53) releaser99

there is a search of who you are and it leads to perceptions away from the beta world. as you learn of yoursef, material, astral, spiritual, there are different modes of ventures to experience, outside of your body you can perceive an astral world, with again choices

(08 May '13, 06:32) fred

@lozenge123- People should pay to read your posts. I love your questions that act as pre-cursors to wild thinking.

(08 May '13, 09:30) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Thanks for the kind comment...I hope I can continue to inspire more of this "wild thinking." Payment is not necessary, however. :)

(08 May '13, 13:28) lozenge123
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Wow , the timing of you posting this is just so perfect its funny. These past few weeks I have been focusing heavily on Astral projecting myself and learning more about the other realms and entities that exist there.

I have been trying this a lot and am now getting to the point where I make 3 times a day where I attempt it. Whats been even cooler though is that I was able to talk our local meditation group to join in on me with this one and we have been experimenting with this a lot and have been getting some very interesting results.

I am really really really curious to see the responses from other people you get here as well, because I want to learn about this as much as I can. From a lot of the people I have been talking to that have said they have done it as well as from everybody's experiences in our group experiment with, I am learning that a lot of people tend to confuse astral body projection with an out of body experience or maybe a Remote Viewing experience. Sometimes people even lump lucid dreams as the same thing as Astral Projection experience, but I honestly feel these are still two seperate things. So I completely understand about the contrary explanations you are getting out there on the internet because I am getting them too, but also from people in person too lol, and its very confusing .

So I am still learning, but heres what I have come across so far in experimenting with this and the results from the others in our group:

-1. As you are entering this state, you will feel your body start to vibrate, or almost have this see-saw sensation. Someone else in the group described it as the intense pulsing sensations you get when you are on Psychedelics or Ecstasy. For me, I don't really do drugs, but I have had done Ecstacy a long long time ago in the past and i guess you could say that this sensation was somewhat very similar to that as you are initially entering into this state, but it is far far more intense and it is still nothing quite like Ecstasy in my honest opinion.

-2. Once you enter this state, you know you are in this state. It is unmistakable. You somehow become fully aware that you are no longer in the physical. This is far different from casual Out of body experiences and Remote viewing in my opinion because even though you are technically leaving your body in these types of experiences, you are now able to see and interact with a part of the physical world that has always been invisible to you before. ( I am talking people that have died, entities that are lingering around in the room that you are in that you had no idea were originally in the room with you when you were in a normal state of consciousness)

-3. That vibrating sensation I was just speaking of earlier is cranked up to x100 once you are fully in. Also, everything you see and feel is far more intense than what you would feel in your normal physical body.

-4. If someone talks to your physical body or touches you, you will most likely disconnect. What happens when you start to enter this state is that you go from 100% physical conciousness and then start to transfer that percentage more and more into Astral Consciousness. So lets say you start to feel youself slipping into your astral self, we could say that you are now 60% phsycally conscious, 40% Astral conciousness....then when you feel you are fully in, you are then 10% phsyically conscious and 90% Astral concioussness.

You are always physically conciouss to some degree, even if it feels like you maybe have fallen 100% into astral concioussness, this isn't so. You always have some percentage of yourself still aware of you physical body at all times. What I am basically trying to explain here to you is that your focus transitions completely off of your physical body and into you astral self, but if something causes you to bring your attention back to your physical body, this will greatly detract you from you holding your astral state.

-5. You can disconnect at anyime. Do not worry on the mechanics on how you do it. You just kinda become aware of how to do that naturually when you are there so do not worry about getting trapped there or anything like that. In fact, you even thinking about those things while you are in that state will most likely instantly disconnect you and bring you fully back to physical ironically. You will actually see at first that it is extremely hard to maintain this state and you probably will struggle with trying to NOT disconnect so quickly after just entering.

-6. There are different realms you can astrally project to. I think Rob or someone else on here would probably know this one way better than I. I know for sure that there is a realm that is basically like the ghost side of this physical world we are in. I have been only into two realms so far. This ghost like side of where we are now and then the dream realm where your consciousness goes to during sleep. I am actually hoping someone can post on here and maybe help explain more about these realms to us and enlighten us even more.

-7. When you come back, your body feels very, very, very, heavy. It is not like coming out of a simple meditation where you get that disorienting feeling of, "where am I? Oh man I haven't moved my legs in so long, I better stretch." No, forget that, this feel like you are now wearing a medevil Knight's heavy iron armor and it takes like 15 - 30 minutes to feel fully back to normal again. (For me at least, maybe im just a wuss)

Also, I want to add that based from our group experience, I have learned that there is no one size fits all way for entering into this state. For me I visualize myself going down a blue and white tunnel and it takes me there pretty quick, but for others they either visualize someone taking them out of their body for them or visualize themselves leaving their body to fly with birds that they are imagining are just passing them by through the window. We all used some form of bineural beats, and it definitely is a very helpful tool for this. I am sure you can find something specially tailored to astral projection out their on the internet.

Here is something very similar to what I visualize when I am going into this state, give this one a try and maybe it will work really well for you too :)

EDIT 5/16/2013 detailed reply to Lozenge123's question

For most of the people in our group, they have never done it before, so it is more out of wanting to just experiencing it for the very first time for them. Because everyone is in the same room together, it seems to help a lot with the fear part. Otherwise I feel like this would probably go no where for people doing it for the very first time.

The goal for this entire experiment is to see if we can all project ourselves astrally first, then see how the mechanics of meeting up each other would work. Wether it would be that everyone would by default astrally project themselves into the same room that their physical body was in and therefore make meeting up with each other far more easier. Or would it be that some people end up in other rooms or other locations in the building or maybe even places farther away?

Depending on what would happen I wanted to see that if the second scenario happened, just how difficult and what the process would be like of having that other individual come find us or vice versa in this astral state of consciousness. I was also curious to see how we would visibly appear to each other and also whether some of us would only be able to perceive just a select few of people and not everyone and then try to learn why that was.

Also I wanted to see what would happen if lets say someone ended up projecting themselves into a different realm like the dream realm while everybody else was in the Physical Astral realm. Would they both be able to see each other? Or just one realm ony being able to percieve the other while appearing completely invisible to the people that are astrally projected in the other? Would you be able to at least have ghost like sensations such as feeling you are being watched or that there is another person in the same room you are, even though you cannot see them?

The second part of the experiment was to see how perceivable manifestation would work if we were to all make it into this realm together. Lets say someone decides to grow wings on their back, would everybody see it? Or maybe just a few people? What would be the reasoning to why only a few and not everyone in the scenario where only a few could see it and not everyone?

Next would then be, what if someone were to try to manfiest changes onto someone else? Like lets say for example, I try to manifest someone else's skin to turn purple, or grow wings as well? Would that person see themseves with the changes? Would everybody else be able to see the changes I made onto that specific individual? Or would it just be me who would see just that different version of the person while everybody else only sees the person as they normally were as if my manifestations onto them never happened.

I am so, so, so fascinated with learning about these things. The book that Satori posted on here on Astral Dynamics is a great book and surprisingly actually covers a lot on a few of these questions, but I still want to see how these things work for myself first hand. We are doing another meet up with this group on this experiment next week and I am very excited to see what comes out of it because we got some interesting results from some of the first timers from the past get together.


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What helpful and interesting information, thankyou for the share.

(08 May '13, 09:36) Nikulas

@ikaruss21 - Thanks for the highly informative post...and thanks for sharing your experience, which I am only just beginning to digest. Regarding Remote Viewing...I did have an interest in this a while back, and read a book by Joseph McMoneagle, who was part of the CIA's remote viewing program. But I was put off by the discussion of the many "dangers" involved, including attacks by "negative entities" within the ghost world. So my interest ended there. I'm glad to hear it's not the same as...

(08 May '13, 13:51) lozenge123

...the Astral travel that you do. Very intrigued to learn more...

(08 May '13, 13:51) lozenge123

@ikaruss21 Thank you for sharing your experience. That was interesting.

(09 May '13, 14:31) releaser99

@ikaruss21 - One more question...what are the goals or objectives of the people in your group when they astral travel? Or are there any? Is it done simply for the experience, or is there a desire to go to a specific place or communicate with an entity or entities? Thanks again.

(15 May '13, 23:51) lozenge123

For most of the people in our group, they have never done it before, so it is more out of wanting to just experiencing it for the very first time for them. Because everyone is in the same room together, it seems to help a lot with the fear part. Otherwise I feel like this would probably go no where.

The goal for this entire experiment is to see if we could all project ourselves astrally first, then see how the mechanics of meeting up each other would work. Wether it would be that (..cont.)

(16 May '13, 15:42) ikaruss21

everyone would by default astrally project themselves into the same room their physical body was in and therefore make meeting up with each other far more easier. Or would it be that some people end up in other rooms or other locations in the building or maybe even places farther away?

Depending on what would happen I wanted to see that if the second scenario happened, just how difficult and what the process would be like of having that other individual come find us or vice versa in (..cont.)

(16 May '13, 16:04) ikaruss21

@lozenge123 Since my response is so long, I am just gonna add another post on here so I don't murder everybody's email on here with constant comment notifactions. The character limit on these comments is totally killing me lol.

(16 May '13, 17:25) ikaruss21
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Nice question Lozenge. If your interested in out of body experiences I strongly recommend the book Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. Here is a PDF copy of the book.

I experimented with Astral Projection for about 6 months 4 or 5 years ago. This was shortly after my father died suddenly. Reading the book above, I suppose I took comfort from the fact that my father might still exist in some form or that maybe I could even communicate with him again. Looking back now I suppose it was just a way of coping with the loss and it my initial reason for using these methods.

I learned some the techniques in the book "Astral Dynamics." Among some of them there is relaxation techniques to relax the body along with some innovative methods to strengthen and raise awareness of the energy body.

I also learned how to enter the Trance state. It's basically your mind being fully awake while the body is asleep. It's a pretty unique experience when you achieve a deep trance. Your body falls into a state of paralysis and you can feel your energy / subtle body expanding, almost like its a balloon being pumped up with air :) I guess this is what happens when you fall asleep only your usually not conscious of it.

There are many projection techniques to achieve Astral Projection. You use these once you enter the Trance state. The easiest one seems to be The Rope Technique. You just sit comfortably, close your eyes and imagine a rope in front of you. Then you start to visualise yourself climbing the rope with your awareness. Try it now. If you do it properly you can actually feel a pull in the Solar plexus area.

I can't say I was ever successful in projecting out of the body. Not intentionally anyway. Fear always crept in when my body started shuddering along with other weird sensations felt from the mind / body split experience. I also experienced hearing cars horns going off or someone I knew shouting my name loudly at the point of projection :) I think these were just manifestations of the fear I felt at that moment. I guess if I had kept at it I would have eventually overcome this fear.

The only out of body experience I ever had was when I wasn't even trying to project. This was using one of the energy raising techniques. I was lying down, raising energy and suddenly I found myself out of my body looking down at my feet:) I haven't had an experience like that since.

Robert Bruce gives many very detailed personal examples and artists pictures of what he seen and experienced in his out of body experiences. He also says how you feel in the moment has an effect on where you project to. The higher your vibration the more you tend to project to higher Angelic-like realms.


answered 08 May '13, 09:16

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@Satori- I probably shouldnt say this, as it puts attention on it and adds energy- but I too have this weird fear that prevents me from experiencing OBE consciously. Yes, and those things like car horns going off is in similar note of me- I'll literally hear something very loud, for me, a gush of wind or glass shattering, and prevents me from going futher.

Annoying isn't it?

(08 May '13, 09:33) Nikulas

@Nikulas-It was a bit frustrating at the time Nikulas. I have to say that I have lost interest in experiencing Astral Projection now. Ultimately transformation has to happen through the body and not out of it. :)

(08 May '13, 11:18) Satori

Thank you so much Satori, I definitely am going to read this book from begging to the very end when I get done with work. Now I can't wait for work to be over just so I can read it lol.

I know what you mean about how hard it is to not be afraid when you are in this state. I am still having a lot of trouble not psyching myself out from stupid little fears when I am in this state. Its funny because you don't realize how many little fears you actually have until you get into this state and

(08 May '13, 16:17) ikaruss21

they immediately surface.

(08 May '13, 16:17) ikaruss21

@Satori - This is great info, thanks so much. I'd like to post more comments here after I've had a chance to glance at the book. Thanks again. :)

(08 May '13, 19:07) lozenge123

@Ikaruss21- Thank you, your welcome and have fun:) @Lozenge123- Thank you. Your welcome:)

(09 May '13, 06:09) Satori

@Satori Now I have a clearer picture of Astral Travel. Thanks.

(09 May '13, 14:32) releaser99
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I have traveled many times in the astral. Most were just for fun, some had purpose. Some were used to initiate me to higher levels, like test. Other times I learned from my travel.

So the purpose would have to be all of these. Even when I remember flying over a field with my arms and legs stretched out like a star standing upright I felt I learned something. I think one of the things that I had learned was attention is how you fly. What we pay attention to we are attracted to. If I look far in the distance I travel far on the distance. The farther away I focus the farther away I travel also the faster I move.


answered 09 May '13, 16:18

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Wade Casaldi

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The object of astral travel is to discover the flip side to our physical body and to thus realize by experience that we are much more than just physical beings ... and at the same time we come to realize that it's yet another aspect of the law of attraction in action ... yin/yang, negative/positive, physical/non physical and sometimes we may not accept what our non physical body looks like

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answered 10 May '13, 01:27

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ru bis

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