Is patience the one who has no feelings of impatience, or the one who feels impatient but remains calm?

Is self-control the one who has no impulses unintentional, or the one who has impulses but chooses when to act?

Is courage the one who has no fear, or the the judgement that something else is more important than fear?

Exercising my linguistic skills. Hey, how else am I going to keep myself entertained. ^_^y Question is legitimate though, and I could write it in boring talk if you like. =P When broken down this question can be viewed as a inquiry about approaches to life; the full glass or the empty glass; killing, ignoring, or mastering your ego; or a few other interpretations. Take it as you like. =)

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Now, why does your question (which is a really good one, and IMHO, a Winner) remind me of Helen Keller?

It must have taken her a LOT of all three qualities for her to not only master Life, but Herself, too; and she had a fourth quality- Humility.

When Helen was about eighteen months old, she came down with Scarlet fever, and the fever rendered her both blind and deaf. She was locked into a sightless, soundless prison until Teacher came: Annie Sullivan, who managed to make contact with Helen, and to teach her how to communicate with the manual alphabet. Helen then went on to live a most amazing life. Google her, and read about her. She did it all....

alt text

I am extremely near-sighted, and, being a Drama Queen, I took Helen Keller as my hero because I was sure I was going to end up like her...:)

But I read all about her, and her book, and I was awed.

I guess I could only dream of mastering myself as beautifully as she did!




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