I have been creating my world and it is wonderful and full of happiness. I am now thinking of my next creation. Choice is a big factor in the decision. I ask myself, I desire this or I desire that, what should I pursue? And my intentions I want to be pure.

I ask, how are desires related to intuition?

asked 20 Sep '10, 03:27

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The feeling I get from you is that you are supposed to be where you are now, which means you are at a plateau where you need to enjoy and absorb past creation, maybe give it enough appreciation? When the time comes, you'll know where to direct your creative energy and you'd have no doubt or conflict between desires and intuition since you're on the right track already.

Enjoy! thanks and blessings, namaste


answered 20 Sep '10, 06:46

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present yearnings most likely of earth vibrations would be desire, while intuition more of past/ storred wisdoms


answered 20 Sep '10, 23:13

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