How does one escape negativity when one is surrounded by it daily? I realize it is important to have a healthy balance in negative and positive to truly appreciate the positive and promote healthy change. Unfortunately, changing the immediate environment is not a current option, so I seek better ways to counteract the negativity which is rampant.

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I was once in your situation, and this is what I did!

When you are listening to a lot of whining and negative statements, contradict them in your mind, into positive statements. It will be like a sort of game, and I think you will feel better immediately.

As people around you do negative things, bless them inside yourself. You will feel better. It helps you to have a sense of humor about it as well, as they make ridiculous choices and you say to yourself, "Bless you!"

Make decisions, even if they aren't the greatest ones. Tell yourself, "Well, I am being nearly forced to do this or that, but I choose to. This is the decision I make and next time I may choose differently." This will help you feel control, because you are in control!

In a group setting, if you are with negative people, pretend to surround yourself with a bubble, and tell yourself that their negativity can't reach you, and is mirrored back to them instead. You'll feel lighter inside.

By playing these little games with yourself, you will begin to feel better. As you feel better and no longer feed into the negativity, you will find your life slowly changing. I promise.


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LeeAnn, your right, I stayed at a cousin's home for a week and she started arguing with her boyfriend. It was so uncomfortable, I grabbed my stuff and found a hotel room. As I was leaving, she asked me why I was leaving, I told her that "I have a decision to feel uncomfortable or not. I choose not to be. I will get a room somewhere." Sometimes, we have to make hard choices when family is involved with the negativity. I actually divorced because of my passion for harmony and happiness in my environment.

(28 Sep '10, 03:02) RPuls

LeeAnn, excellent advice! namaste

(28 Sep '10, 08:50) daniele

RPuls, I would feel the same way....peace and harmony above all else.

(28 Sep '10, 14:50) LeeAnn 1

Woot! Woot! Great suggestions! Will definitely keep them in mind. Thanks LeeAnn!

(28 Sep '10, 21:18) figure8shape
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It is a matter of perspective. You cannot control the universe but you can control your own thoughts. As you become more focus on the positive you will attract more of same into your life. Try exploring your thoughts to see if there is anyway you could be attracting the present situation in your life. Then make a decision to create a new reality for yourself.


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I'm not sure that we can ever really escape negativity. However, we do have the ability to not allow it to affect us and once we start nurturing this ability it becomes less and less a part of our life experience. We do this as you so rightly pointed out by cultivating all that is positive in our lives and being thankful for the many blessings that we all take for granted.

We can't change anyone else around us but we can change ourselves, and by doing so those we interact with change too and those who are no longer a vibrational match will fall away.

Although we may still run into negative or stressful situations, they will no longer have the same effect on us because we have raised our threshold and our vibration so things that once impacted us negatively no longer do so.

LeeAnn has given you some great suggestions and maybe check out the focus blocks or positive aspects processes.


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I walk away and if I can not, I laugh inside.


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I am slowly learning that changing your mind is the best way around it. Of course leaving it physically will help but other problems may arise.

This site a member linked may be suitable for your situation:


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When you say "negativity" do you mean other people judging things/events they see around negatively, or, other people doing something you think is bad? This is a very important distinction and from your question it seems like you have the second meaning in mind. If something around seems bad to you, that's your own negativity and you fight it by understanding the causes, the deep reasons the things are the way they are. When you understand actual reason that person is a jerk you will see him as a victim not a jerk. Then you can start helping him. Makes sense?


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