My boyfriend has had a very rough life, born into a cult where he was not only abused spiritually, but sexually also. The after effects of spiritual and sexual abuse has taken a dramatic toll on his life, understandingly so.

The programming the cult has done, has deeply confused, pained and made him feel nothing but guilt, shame, fear, confusion and pulled in painful directions. His family and father, who died a year ago, are all part of the cult.

To make matters worse, the cult covered up sexual abuse and put him in blame and are now totally manipulating the situation by his vulnerability and are hooking him in with his father's death, stating he will never see his father again until he joins them once again.

There is overwhelming evidence of the lies of this cult, yet their followers are manipulated into any further research outside of the cult's publications, being installed with fear and being told if they research such things, they are turning their backs on God, joining in with Satan, and will be forever destroyed with no chance of resurrection.

My boyfriend is no longer allowed to speak with me even through email. If I attempt to show him all the lies they are hiding from their followers, then I am considered a "tool of Satan's" by this cult and they have been programmed to shun such individuals.

This is all beyond insane and dangerous to me. I am deeply pained and afraid for him and his well being.

Here is where the conflict arises: He was brainwashed and programmed with all of this since he was born. Although he left for a long time, the programming is still within his mind.

I am not a Christian or part of any religious organization. Although, I do appreciate Christs' teachings, however I have different view points of what he really meant.

Am I allowed to pray or manifest using the laws of attraction to get him out of this whole mess?

Some may argue that it is ultimately up to his free will that is pulling him towards the direction of the cult, yet is it really?

I mean, when you have been born into a cult that has brainwashed you and caused serious mental, emotional, spritual, sexual and physical anguish and danger, then how has it ever been your free will when it is the programming pulling you there and not your own clear thoughts.

If I can pray or manifest the outcome for his wellbeing of getting the heck out of the cult, how do I do this?

Thank you in advance!

asked 01 Oct '10, 05:42

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Hi Mina When you pray & manifest a desired outcome, it does not mean that you do so as a replacement to your prior efforts.

In other words, suppose that you have tried all methods available to you to help your boyfriend and after giving up on these efforts you have chosen to use the prayer and attraction approach as a last resort; well guess what, prayer and attraction exercises will only clarify your preference within the unlimited and unmanifest potential within reality

It won't suddenly snap your boyfriend out of his beliefs without your continued intention and actions (physical actions) that send a clear message to the universe and the creator that you intend to do work towards accomplishing your desired goal.

You still have to do what you have always done, but in your mind you have to shift from a position of ambiguity to a position of clear vision and intention. With this shift, your own consciousness, now because you have given it a clear guidance of vision, will guide you towards what actions you must take that will get you towards your intended goal of vision in your mind.

If you act with the vision "I hope I can convince my boyfriend to leave this cult" you have already allowed a wide choice of outcomes that may not represent your preference.

You have to continue what you do with the vision "God I thank you for guiding me and my actions towards rescuing my boyfriend" making sure that the accompanying vision is where what you want has already happened. Furthermore, since you have mentioned that you are not necessarily practicing a particular religion you can envision the guidance in any manner you want, always making sure that the intention is and action of love and caring on your part.

The important part is that you are always seeing the success of your actions in your mind, for that is your intended outcome and the very reason to take action in the first place. With this clarity of intention within you, you will find that you may change your approach and strategy of action.

After all this what you want may still not come about, if your boyfriend has chosen to exercise his free will to stay.

Remember that we are all brainwashed with the ideas that we live by. We are brainwashed into believing that our point of view is what's best for society, and the cult that your boyfriend is in, definitely is giving him his opinions as well, giving him the illusion that he is free to choose his bondage to the ideas that reign over his free will.

There is no difference between the power of the ideas that control your boyfriend or the power of the ideas that control you. Ultimately they are ideas that have materialized into actualized reality, within which we cast our free will as dice in a theater of life.

In this theater of life, being the hero that rides in on the white horse is obviously more rewarding and enjoyable that playing the character that crawls in the darkness in the cellar, but a lesson of contrast and reward is learned only in the existence of both extremes.

What I'm trying to say is that bad things will always be a choice available to us human beings in this reality of choice and free will.

You character is the loving fair maiden that is trying to rescue her lost prince, who is hopelessly lost in an evil forest. Your princes future in the play is defined by the power of the love of his beautiful future bride shining a light of hope through the trees of this dark forest, always believing that this light of love will guide this lost prince back to safety and happiness. But the choice is his to make. If the light of love stops shining, the choice is already made for the prince, for there is nothing to guide him out, and there is no reward. So the young maiden has to keep shining the light and not lose hope.

But then she logs on to Inward Quest and decides to use the law of attraction and prayer to give her an added advantage. Will it work? well that's the ultimate test of the power of choice isn't it? Can she influence her prince's power to choose?

Here's what I know. Ultimately Love wins over any other power out there. Cults are not very good at providing love, the kind of love where you feel like you are loved and accepted for who you are. The first thing that a cult does is to take that love away from you. But love that you have for him can reach beyond the distance of space. It can reach into the heart very quietly even if there is a distance in-between. If you are sincere in your desire to help him and you do it with love, and with the vision that you are being assisted by the universe, it can definitely creep into his consciousness, especially if there is an absence of this kind of caring within the cult.

Along with this constant vision, you must also act in every way possible, that the universe may suggest to you in the form of thoughts, ideas, conversations, and just plain frustration(at times).

Do everything you can, and you will have no regret Either way you will feel good about your self, and will be in control.

Good Luck!

(of-course, I could have condensed my answer to your question to just one word... "Yes")


answered 02 Oct '10, 01:28

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The Traveller

'Shining' advice Traveller - I love your answer :)

(02 Oct '10, 01:43) Michaela

Nice play on words! Thanks Michaela.

(02 Oct '10, 01:53) The Traveller

You're welcome - sorry, I meant to vote your answer up :)

(02 Oct '10, 01:56) Michaela

Hi Traveller... Thank you very much for your wonderful description and much needed advise!!! "Along with this constant vision, you must also act in every way possible, that the universe may suggest to you in the form of thoughts, ideas, conversations, and just plain frustration(at times)" - Can you please ellaborate!?

(02 Oct '10, 07:11) Mina

Also, it's easy to envision things such as sending him white light/love/holding him etc, although a bit challanging clearly envisioning someone (him) coming out of a cult. Any suggestions? Thank you!!

(02 Oct '10, 07:14) Mina

Every time you do something there is a picture in your mind (well not exactly, it's really an intent with or without a picture to go with it). There is always a reason for you to do something. When you do anything, a idea, a desire, a vision, an instruction, a frustration, or even a sudden movement within you with no explanation to go along with it is causing you to move your body and carry out a task. However, it is your mind that caused your body to move and perform a task. Now when you do that something, what ever that something maybe, you create an expectation for that something.

(02 Oct '10, 17:44) The Traveller

This expectation could be "I'm going to succeed at this something" or "This is not going to work out the way I want it" or it could be just "Oh well, what ever may happen, here I go!". The idea that originally cause you to do something is part of your current attraction. What you do with it in your mind is your current preference, or choice. By your imagination you imprint the potential outcome of that event. So while you physically carry out the task you are also choosing the potential outcome with your focus of consciousness every time you give that task your attention.

(02 Oct '10, 17:51) The Traveller

You can attract the circumstances you want and then sabotage the outcome while carrying it out by believing that it's not going to work, or you can completely believe in the success of an outcome, and instead of waiting for opportunities to act, go out there and move the mountain yourself one shovel of earth at a time, until a better idea pops into your head. Ultimately, where you head's at is where reality is at, and within that reality, if it's meant to be, it will be, if it wasn't meant to be, you gave it all you've got and shouldn't have any regrets over it.

(02 Oct '10, 19:06) The Traveller

My understanding of prayer and manifestation which to me is the same thing, is that I am suppose to firmly carry out a knowing along with vision and more importantly feeling, with out any doubt at all, that he has been rescued in the invisible world and it'll eventually manifest in it's time in the physical world. Doesn't 'within that reality, if it's meant to be, it will be, if it wasn't meant to be, you gave it all you've got and shouldn't have any regrets over it' defeat the whole purpose?

(03 Oct '10, 05:24) Mina

Mina, Your suggestion of the power of prayer having absolute power over events doesn't allow for your boyfriend's free will. What if the all the members of this cult, who I'm assuming are God's children (play on words to hint at the possible cult), all get down on their knees and pray with all sincerity to the one and almighty God that YOU join their cult as well? Shouldn't that prayer also be granted? But it won't work because you have free will, just like your boyfriend has free will to allow himself to be manipulated.

(03 Oct '10, 23:46) The Traveller

Mina, on a positive note, maybe you are the hope that he manifested in his mind before you met him, so don't give up. When you have a vision, the universe will start giving you endless ideas on how to carry it out, but you have to carry them out. Ultimately you are living an idea that is reflected in the physical. If you have an idea that you want to spin the earth in the other direction and you pray on it, you will find yourself buying a model globe that can be spun in both directions. AN IDEA REFLECTED IN THE PHYSICAL.

(03 Oct '10, 23:59) The Traveller

You will always get what you pray for. But it has to be within what's possible & allow for others free will. But even within those confines you will always get what you pray for. when you get it, it will be and experience that will be reflected in the physical. Understand that in your prayer, if you are willing to do anything to be with him, you maybe invited by the cult to join them. Like I said you will always get what you pray for.

(04 Oct '10, 00:08) The Traveller

I see, thank you Traveller!! There have been many "coincidences" from our meeting and through out knowing one another, which leads me to believe that he and I did manifest this. Him, greatly for this purpose, and me, for other personal reasons.

(04 Oct '10, 00:11) Mina

I was invited by the cult to be with him and will joining that cult or any other cult will never be an option no matter what. Of course, I want to be with him, but at this point, whats more important is that he is out, even if he is out for good and without me. He has been torn all of his life, and in search for truth and peace and desired release from bondage.

(04 Oct '10, 00:15) Mina

And in his vulnerablity, they have managed to hook him with manipulation and lies and honey with poison in it. There is undenialbe evidence that collapses the whole cult and the spell they are under and almost all the members have doubts which they are not allowed to question. But many who have been brave enough, have gained access of the evidence and have left.

(04 Oct '10, 00:20) Mina

Now, I understand what you mean by prayer and the cult possibly praying for me to join, but, if God represents good/purity/truthfullness, wouldn't God lean towards having him out of the cult versus me joining?

(04 Oct '10, 00:25) Mina

I prefer the other description for God, "All that Is"

(04 Oct '10, 03:25) The Traveller

Interesting, thank you!

(04 Oct '10, 21:21) Mina
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Beloved, first you must understand that it is your boyfriend's grief over his father's passing that pushed him back into that familiar environment. In your place I would be the same loving person I always am, let him know of my love, support, and how I'll be there for him if and whenever he needs me. I wouldn't get into any conflict with his group or try to prove them wrong, but rather ask them kindly to take care of him. Realize that although this group is driven by fear, they mean well and they're mainly good people.

Once you've done this, relax, try to imagine your boyfriend and pray "please God guide (here imagine a white light shining from within his head) protect (here imagine a white light forming a shield all around him) and heal (here imagine a white light coming from heaven, entering through the top of his head and filling him all up) him according to his will." Tell the image of your boyfriend "I love you" and imagine kissing him on the forehead, then say "thank you."

This is a very powerful prayer, repeat it as needed. In the unseen, where God works, we're all connected, so your boyfriend will be made aware of your message of love and healing. The rest is up to him and his free will which we're not allowed to meddle with (those who do end up paying a heavy price for it whether they're aware of it or not.)

Best of all,keep on imagining him coming happily back to you and how wonderful it feels the two of you together. Stay positive and optimistic, and know all is well and will be well.

thank you, I love you


answered 01 Oct '10, 08:16

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There are good and bad people every where, in every religion, and every cult. I am sure the people of Jones town 'meant well' according to their standards also. The very foundation of this cult is built on deceiving its followers, heavy mind control and intentionally enabling child molesters

(01 Oct '10, 18:38) Mina

On the surface, they represent a sense of "meaning well" yet the core of it would be far from taking care of him. My intentions aren't to 'prove them wrong' with simple things I don't disagree with. When thousands of people are dying, children aren't being protected by the sexual abusers amongst them, and almost most of them are filled with emotional and mental anguish, then it is our responsibility in good conscience to reveal the undeniable evidence to a loved one that they are being mislead, abused spiritually and were never at fault for the sexual abuse that they went through.

(01 Oct '10, 18:38) Mina

Also, is it fair to say that we are also getting in the way of say a drug addicts path or a person who has thoughts of harming themselves, by manifesting and praying a better outcome for them? Would this not apply to a person who's fears and indoctrination has pushed them towards the direction of a destructive cult?

(01 Oct '10, 18:39) Mina

How would I be meddling with his free will if it isn't his free will that is taking him there. It's what has been planted into his mind, in specific ways. Wouldn't the example of the you have given me (which I very much like, thank you) be a form of manifestation/prayer/laws of attraction? Thank you in advance Daniele!!!

(01 Oct '10, 18:39) Mina

Beloved Mina, I understand what you're saying and feel how passionate you are about this. The prayer I have given is meant to help your boyfriend find the strength from within himself to break free from his bondage. Your visualization of the two of you happily together and your being positive of this outcome is a form of the law of attraction.

(02 Oct '10, 11:49) daniele

I had been doing something similar(!?!) by visiualizing the dark fog around him (cult) and having white golden light poured from God, into me, shielding all around me and through me and being sent to him. As it is sent to him, the white light shatters the dark clouds as it enters through his entire body and casts a protective sheild around him.

(03 Oct '10, 15:21) Mina

I then visualize holding him. Am I sabotaging anything by also including the clouds in this vision (even though they are being swallowed by golden white light?) or do I just picture the end result of him being rescued, happy and safe? I very much like the prayer you guided me to. Thank you very much Daniele, I will be using that also.

(03 Oct '10, 15:23) Mina

Mina, that's a nice visualization you got there! I would just add "according to his will" while doing it! And keep on imagining whatever feels right and resonates within you. Best of luck

(04 Oct '10, 07:27) daniele

Thank you very much for the support and advise given!

(04 Oct '10, 21:20) Mina
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I love how my daily qoute always fit in.

Nonphysical is not asking you to ascribe to some specific label or stand in specific corners or in specific synagogues or churches with specific words. You are beings who are blessed and who are deserving of Well-being, and you will find your Well-being in many different ways -- and the labels simply do not matter.

--- Abraham

The idea of the crushed cult came to mind as I read the answers and comments. Manifest this cult crushed ,exposed the members brought out of the dark and in to the light and the "leaders" exposed as the true"satans tool" There must be a former members that will join or have this cause.

YOU can move mountains!


answered 04 Oct '10, 06:23

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Thank you Ursixx!! There are actually about a million people who left and many many causes are out their to expose them. The cult has a very tight grip on its followers. Tons of brainwashing, fear and guilt methods used to keep them in line. The ones who do leave, lose all of their life time friends and family and are shunned! Information control is massive in the cult and most are born into it and are programmed to blieve that any other information besides theres, is a tool of Satans.

(04 Oct '10, 21:25) Mina

Im pretty down in spirit right now. Will my energy effect the visualization process? Do I wait to pray and manifest until I am feeling better? Or do I keep praying and visualizing until my faith is firmly established?

(04 Oct '10, 21:27) Mina

In swedish people say "Jag orkar inte":I cant do it I have no strength/energy. Think if you didn't know what that sentience meant that it did not exist in your vocabulary. Just doit was/is a popular phase

(05 Oct '10, 19:21) ursixx I wonder if this might help?

(18 Oct '10, 07:45) ursixx
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