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Hi everybody!

This post sprung from a question I asked in Inward Quest Google Groups, which Simon Templeton politely replied. This is a suggestion made by him:

Here is a list of all the ways we have to communicate with each other.

Inward Quest Site That's here.

Inward Quest in Facebook All the questions appear posted there, and you can leave a message on the Wall - Not Anonymous! You'll appear with your real name!

Inward Quest in Facebook - Discussions Tab. You can introduce yourself there and start a thread of your interest. There's almost no activity there at the moment. Maybe because it's not anonymous? If you don't have a problem showing your real name it'll be a good way to get to know each other...

Inward Quest on Twitter: Inwardquestions If you have an account on Twitter you can follow it.

Inward Quest Discussions - Google Groups. This group is to answer questions about how Inward Quest works, and deal with any issues or problems that arise. Please feel free to post your questions about the site itself. Anonymous. You can keep your username there.

Well, I think this is it. Enjoy! =]


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Thanks for posting this summary, BridgetJones09. I think it will be useful for many people

(17 Oct '10, 07:11) Simon Templeton ♦♦

nice work BJ09!

(17 Oct '10, 15:58) ursixx

@Simon You're welcome! Was you idea besides :) @ursixx Thanks! :)

(18 Oct '10, 13:04) BridgetJones09

Would be good if there was a site where we could chat in real time with members while using our inwardquest ID's

(29 Nov '10, 19:28) I Think Therefore I Am
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