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It is Christmas Night, and Wade has left for work, doing Security at the carpet factory. I am sitting here, pondering the past crazy week, and wondering what all of you have been doing.

We did not do a lot. I spent the 19th through the 23rd mostly sleeping, trying to shake the MRSA bug under my arm. As a result, the last ornament did not go onto the Christmas Tree until this morning, and all I baked was a cherry pie. Thank goodness we were not hosting anything, or I would have been sunk.

Christmas Eve Night Wade and I had various unmentionable digestive disturbances which kept us both up most of the night...Santa must have sensed this, for he did not show up at all...LOL!

But I saw Christmas in the Love in Wade's eyes when he looked at me. I saw Christmas in the delicious food his Mom prepared for us at his 93-year-old Grandpop's house. I saw Christmas in the dusting of snow that fell the night before Christmas Eve. I saw Christmas in the shoppers around us at the department store we went to at the last minute. I felt Christmas especially in my heart, which was full of gratitude just to be alive and mending.

I love Christmas because my Dad taught me to love Christmas. When I was growing up, he kept our Norwegian heritage alive with our Christmas Eve Smorgasbord....krumkaker cookies, lingonberry sauce, lots of glug, and many delicious meats and breads from the deli...He always sat up late Christmas Eve Night, after everyone went home, and just looked at the Christmas tree. I think he was remembering his Grandma, who raised him, and his Granddad, who was blind, but full of life and funny stories...Dad lost both of them, plus his Dad and uncle within a space of just two years when he was a teen, and I do not think he really ever got over it. I believe that he tried very hard to make Christmas Eve special for his children because of his own family, and he succeeded. I lost Dad in 2006, and when I am done writing this up, I am going to go downstairs and sit by the tree for just a wee bit, and remember him- the twinkle in his eyes, his humor and generosity, his love of fun, and his passion for history, especially WWII.

So...what did you do for Christmas? Did you go somewhere special, or just stay home? Whom did you see? What did you cook?

If you are not Christian, I apologize...perhaps you might share what you have done these past few days...Did you celebrate Hanukkah? Or is New Year's your best holiday?

All in all, it's been a good year. Wade and I have been very blessed. I hope you have been, too!

With much love,

Jaianniah ♥♥♥

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Happy Holidays Jai and Wade. Wishing you lots and lots of blessings for the year ahead x

(27 Dec '13, 09:52) Yes

"If you are not Christian, I apologize.." lol It's NOT just Christians who celebrate x-mas @Jai. X-mas doesn't have much to do with religion any longer . In the USA, 8 out of 10 non-Christians celebrate. Seems like x-mas is pretty popular in Iran where only 1% of the population is Christian. Here are a couple links.

(27 Dec '13, 15:29) ele

@Jaianniah, while we appreciate you are wishing others a Merry Christmas, the question itself is not spirituality-related. You've previously made a formal complaint about non-spiritual questions not being closed Why are questions which have absolutely nothing to do with the Inward Quest...i.e., spirituality, not being closed?. This "question" is being closed for being off-topic. Use the chatbox for social interactions please.

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in the spirit of Christmas.

the time is now.

use the time imparted to you wisely.

Merry Christmas to all.

a Christmas tree for you.

Let there be light, Be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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Probably the most important thing i did during the holidays was to remind myself that everyday is like a holiday, everyday we should be happy and celebrating, that every moment is a "now" moment ...

and as a reminder to stay awake and not be lost in thoughts of the past or future i assembled a picture that i pinned on the wall "the time is now"

alt text

have a great time :)


answered 28 Dec '13, 03:59

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