If it's a part of reality, does that mean we created Infinite Intelligence (presuming that we created reality)? If it's apart from reality, did Infinite Intelligence create us? You may approach this question from the perspective of God being Infinite Intelligence if you prefer. Is God a part of reality or apart/above/beyond it? Is there any way to know for sure?

asked 18 Oct '09, 20:46

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Infinite intelligence, Source, God, is reality. Everything else is part of that Infinite intelligence, conscious awareness. The sea of probabilities, in the form of thoughts/ideas, is contained within It. We were created as individuated conscious points of awareness by the Source/God, from and of that Source, and we are contained within that Source.

The Infinite Conscious Aware Source is the space in which and of which everything else exists.

Source created the rules or laws by which the Universe would unfold and fueled the process with the most powerful form of energy, Love.

Source gave each us, (conscious, aware Beings,) the free will to create and experience and evolve. Our choices, experience, creations, and awareness, are the process by which we can transform our consciousness, expand our perception, and express our true nature.

We are learning to create with more intention, wisdom, and love. As we do, our conscious awareness, our true Being, evolves and expands. Other forms and/or levels of conscious beings are also evolving. And as consciousness evolves, so does the Universe.

Source or God is infinite. The creations and the conscious beings that are within and a part of, possess an infinite ability to create and evolve. The possibilities are limitless, conscious evolution/creation endless and each conscious, aware Being is forever.


answered 19 Oct '09, 05:36

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Your second paragraph reminds me of a remark by the apostle Paul to the Athenians at Mars Hill (the Areopagus): "For in [God] we live, and move, and have our being..." (Acts 17:28)

(19 Oct '09, 07:53) John

Very well put. Have an nice day.

(19 Oct '09, 20:40) flowingwater

Thank you. You have a nice day, too.

(20 Oct '09, 05:57) John
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We are part of infinite intelligence's reality as infinite intelligence created us in it's own likeness.


answered 18 Oct '09, 21:13

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One of the curiosities of Christianity is the Holy Trinity, which in human terms we think of as three different things. But the Bible says that God, the Son, and the Spirit are one and the same; there is no difference, no separation. We only see a difference because we have separated ourselves from the whole in order to live an earthly existence.

When Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they separated themselves from God, and lost the innocence that said that we are all one with Him.

Prayer and faith have the same problem; we ask for things to a fatherly God we imagine to be somewhere else, when in reality (S)He is all around us, inside us, not a part of us, but all of us.


answered 18 Oct '09, 22:16

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edited 18 Oct '09, 22:22

So, is that to say God is not a part of reality, nor apart from reality, but God IS reality--the sum of all of us and all that is?

(19 Oct '09, 07:36) John

Essentially. Your question implies a disparity that does not exist.

(19 Oct '09, 18:42) Vesuvius

Point taken. Western thinking does tend to be "either/or" but as you point out, sometimes it's neither or both.

(20 Oct '09, 05:54) John
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Infinite Intelligence exists, therefore it is real, therefore it is a part of reality.


answered 18 Oct '09, 21:23

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Paul I

Infinite Intelligence is both an part of reality because it(is God our creator) created reality (this physical world) and create human beings plus it is an part of us and is within us. Now it is also apart from reality for it is an spirit that is pure energy and all power for it create everything.


answered 19 Oct '09, 00:10

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Infinite Intelligence is APART from reality -- our reality, that is. We did not create "it"....if anything, "it" created us. What is "it"? I am in the very rare and desirable position of being able to answer this WITH CERTAINTITY, as I have personally communicated with / "reached" Infinite Intelligence, which was the vehicle needed to achieve Theta Healing. More on my rare but not unique experience can be found here:



answered 09 May '11, 17:47

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Steve Meyer Stairway to Heaven

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Barry Allen ♦♦

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