I am at the stage now that I can align really fast with the things that I want and they show up then within days or weeks.

As a sidenote for those working to climb the EGS, I would say, in my experience, there was a slight vibrational jump between love, appreciation and joy AND freedom, empowered. Once I reached the top of the scale, living there on a day to day basis, with very little time spent feeling anything other than joy and love I didn't magically get everything that I had created and had put in my vortex. But, I did get to the stage that I didn't care about any 'stuff'. I could take it or leave it. I was very, very, very happy, sort of bouncing through life like a child. After living in love, joy, appreciation for a while a sort of shift happens (to freedom, empowered) where my thought processes were changed automatically so instead of thinking 'I would like that car' I would think 'That car is mine' there was never any on-going desire. I didn't get stuck in ASKING. It was more along the lines of I would have the thought, 'Oh I'd like that house', I'd have the thought for a second and then instantly shift my thinking to 'I have that house, it's mine' and that's allowing - that we all find so difficult - from then my 'stuff' started showing up faster and faster.

So, now I'm in this new phase of seeing everything as energy. I am energy so I can alter anything on my body, really fast because I'm not solid. I see things as energy, other people as energy, I draw from them the experience I choose and I am beginning to play more and more with moving that energy around. I understand the castle or button statement perfectly because they're both just energy vibrating and under my 'control'.

Is anyone else doing this? I'm starting to play with my whole life as if it's a lucid dream that I direct in every little detail. There is nothing I cannot do, be or have makes total sense to me now.

I'd love to hear your stories as this is a new phase for me and I can't wait to see what energy stories I attract here. :)))

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yes, the use of such control has a responsibility, choose wisely

(16 Jan '14, 05:38) fred

I will Fred. I think when your being is vibrating with LOVE and you KNOW in your (energy) bones that we are all ONE your choices are always wise ones. :)))

(16 Jan '14, 09:25) Yes

interesting Id like to hear more about what you have allowed into your life? how long did it take for ur life to change?

(17 Jan '14, 16:46) hummmm

I have started to allow the 'big' things by seeing them as the same as the 'small' things. I hope that makes sense. It helps that resistance is tied to all the things you are trying to manifest so that when one of those things arrives you instantly let go of a lot of resistance and they come really fast. When you can see the process of how you did it it becomes easier to use the same process again. It's all interconnected. Then you launch more desires from contrast and you have a way to them.

(19 Jan '14, 08:14) Yes

@Yes - Congratulations! Good for you! :) Where you are is where I want to be. It feels like the next logical step for me, and sounds like a ton of fun so I would appreciate any more details or clarification you feel like sharing about how you got yourself to where you are now. Thank you! :)

(20 Jan '14, 04:50) Grace

If this feels like the next logical step for you Grace then it will be. :) You're following your Inner Being and catching up as required. The key thing is to just stay in the now and reach for those good-feeling thoughts, the momentum will take care of the rest for you. Enjoy the journey x

(20 Jan '14, 10:43) Yes
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So, now I'm in this new phase of seeing everything as energy

And from that realization, physical life becomes a game of how you want to play with ("focus") that energy. As you play the game of deciphering the contrast around you, sometimes you will focus that energy in ways that please you and sometimes in ways that don't please you.

But in every case, you'll gain experiences along the way and since you are a part of a Universal Consciousness, your personal sharpened focused experiences add to the experiences of the Whole.

And when those sharpened experiences align with the non-physical essence of who you really are, you experience the greatest feelings it is possible for any being anywhere anytime to ever experience.

You can literally feel the whole of creation flooding through your consciousness. That's as good as it gets in this Universe :)

So it's now all about Living Life Fully In Every Moment in a way that brings you to those peak states on a regular basis.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from a channeled group called The Guys...

Yes, we/you live for experiences like that! Why do you think people climb Mt. Everest and take treks across the South Pole, risking death and misery? To get that feeling of incredible, poignant connection to source energy. That ultimately powerful, contrasting connection is only available (so far) in a physical environment like yours on earth.

Of course the feeling of misery is always a choice. We admit, it is harder to feel joy when your body is hungry and freezing its ass off, but it is just another opportunity to experience the incredible joy of connection to source from such a poignant place of contrast.

We assure you, those who have done these things are valued highly by all of us. There is no more powerful place of experiencing/feeling than the allowance of true connection from such a place.

Imagine yourself in a tent with the wind blowing 90 mph, amongst snow and ice 200 miles from the South Pole with no help available, totally, utterly and completely alone - and allowing your feeling of connection from that place.

South Pole

Waking up the next morning, the temperature outside is 60 below zero, the sky is achingly, icily blue, there is perfect calm, no wind or breeze, the snow and ice seem to be magically throwing off the sunlight in a billion points of light, you made it through the storm, and you stand with frozen extremities in many layers of clothing, gaze up at the sky and feel the most powerful sense of who you are that has ever been experienced in the history of the universe, a powerful, deep, awesome, beautiful feeling of perfection, of excitement, of knowing that you are the one, so blessed, perfectly aware that you, in this moment, are God, with a feeling of connection to the entire universe!!!! Do you feel this from us?????

It is beyond description and utterly impossible in our non-physical environments. Such experiences add so powerfully to the expansion of the entire universe. We cannot express to you in words the power and value of these kinds of experiences, and how they benefit the whole of universal consciousness.

The Guys - (channeled by Ken MacLean) - from Session 23, "Dialogues"


answered 20 Jan '14, 05:37

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I just LOVE that quote!!! This is why we want to come here, to reach for this feeling. The manifesting of the 'stuff' is what we use to open ourselves up to the high that we're really after. You can see it with the movie stars and rock singers. They have all the 'stuff' but it didn't work. They're not content or at peace. They're still missing THIS. :))) Everything you need to evolve and reach this is here on IQ. If you're drawn here then you're in safe hands. :)))

(20 Jan '14, 10:35) Yes

stingray, perhaps it is about other than shear physical exhilaration that we walk the earth now. getting to know where the source of our authentic illumination derives from is key

(20 Jan '14, 15:48) fred

Playing with reality in your "vortex" is called imagination. And pretending that everything is "yours" and everything is under "your control" is just a wish from Control and Greed.

I remember when I used to follow Abraham, at least "Abraham" helped me learn some truth about this "PHYSICAL" world we live in .

It is good that you are seeing this Physical world as energy because that is all it really is, including the higher spiritual realms.

All of this is just creation (light) created by the creator.


answered 18 Jan '14, 17:23

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Control is the wrong word. It's definitely FREEDOM. When 'big' things start turning up in your life one after another when you've 'tried' to manifest them for a long time it does give you a sort of invincible feeling and I have started to play with that a lot. It's fun, it's moving energy around ultimately and taking the randomness out of your life a little bit. :))

(19 Jan '14, 07:38) Yes

@Yes when you stop trying to manifest and just start to expect things and events.I would say say unlimited instead of invincible.IMHO. really like this question!

(20 Jan '14, 04:59) ursixx

Yes, can you really explain what do you mean with the Vortex. I can get into someone's mind and spirit, implant thoughts and images but that is really violating someone. That is really bad mojo. Are you referring to the same?


answered 02 Apr '14, 20:22

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