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I created this tool for starting a new week, but day after day now I'm finding, how good it is to start or finish a day with.

It's like, giving me an opportunity to reset, to state my preferences again, to focus on what's really important.

It aligns me. :)

52. Questions for a new week :: Allowing Life

It is based on two fundamental lines for me:

  1. The importance of feeling good both for the current moment, and for setting up my life flow in a best feeling way.
  2. Statements/questions feeling good as actually working better for my life: I realize, that in those questions I read about, people were determined to improve their life. Only for me it felt, that when I'm making it happen, I'm in a standpoint of not quite being happy with letting it happen. Close to what Bashar says about not having to control life, when taking it for granted, that life is already working out for us.

And what are your best feeling questions?
What are your best feeling ways to start or finish a day?

Wouldn't it be nice to have here many suggestions from many different people, so that we all would be enriched with all these new instruments in bringing the best feeling into our day. :)

with love ♥ :)

asked 21 Jun '14, 11:39

Olga%20Farber's gravatar image

Olga Farber


olga, awakening a few hrs before dawn, often to the sounds made from birds he grinds coffee beans and brews enough for a large cup or two to enjoy sipping outside awaiting day break, then before the hectic pace of the days ensues reads others comments on metaphysics

(26 Jun '14, 20:46) fred

yes, for us nerds it's a nice & romantic way to start the day :)

(27 Jun '14, 00:59) Olga Farber
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Thanks for making this! I try to make a habit of writing gratitude lists but I don't always remember, maybe I should make this the first page when I open my browser :) I love that you can email it to yourself too.

I'll definitely be spending a fair amount of time on your website, from a quick glance it seems you have many good resources there!


answered 22 Jun '14, 12:39

cassiopeia's gravatar image


oh I'm so glad we found each other! :)

with the gratitude lists I have a little trick: from a usual state it's often too far for me to jump, to go for the appreciation, so I add a quick other tool before: I use Pride Journal and then Appreciating the Day, as I described here. The simpler the deeds I list, the better it works, and then I see more things to appreciate, gladly :)

(22 Jun '14, 13:01) Olga Farber

Wow, today I am totally amazed by all the contributions on this website (first time here). Yours again is brilliant in it's simplicity. Perfect on a day like this, when I was searching for new input. I will for sure use this! Thank you!


answered 08 Jul '14, 10:17

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