I started a visualization meditation in where I feel myself as looking completely different than I do. Just as if I am in my ideal physical body. Now I am aware that the LOA does not say you can just swap bodies like this (correct me if I am wrong) and I do also spend time makin more peace with my features and body to the best of my ability.

However, when I imagine that I have a completely different body, my ideal facial features and body, I feel so unbounded and free. I do feel relief and lighter. Just the thought changes the climate of my feelings in general and my vibration of thought. My thoughts of experienced reality completely shift.

My question is, is it okay to changing of vibration of thought from what I usually experience, even thought I know I can't just have my ideal features and body as that extent/level in visualization is so drastic? Is it ok and what are the positives and negatives about doing such? Should I expect anything different in my everyday life or be content with just the experience during the interval of visualization. I am still new with visualization so any insight on how it works in my specific situation is appreciated. Thanks.

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Every single time you ask for something it is done right now. It exists right now. This very moment your ideal physical body is a real part of creation that your five physical senses just can't quite decode yet.

The whole key to getting what you want is all about feeling good.

Get into the feeling place and find more and more things to keep you balanced at that level.

You don't have to hammer home a visualization in a exact detailed way day after day. The visualization is simply just a tool to get you into your feeling place. You could get an immense amount of joy from petting your cat, and that sensation of feeling good alone will move you closer and closer to your ideal body image.

Keep playing around with visualizing like you explained here...

when I imagine that I have a completely different body, my ideal facial features and body, I feel so unbounded and free. I do feel relief and lighter. Just the thought changes the climate of my feelings in general and my vibration of thought. My thoughts of experienced reality completely shift.

Keep it simple. The paragraph you wrote above is creating your reality in a nutshell.

Find things to feel good about.

You know what you don't want so immediately allow that to shift your attention to what you do want.

Act as if you are your ideal body image, just as a child would act out a scenerio while playing.

Play, play, play, and have fun.

Should I expect anything different in my everyday life or be content with just the experience during the interval of visualization.

Here is a major key in all LOA manifesting type scenerios...Drop all expectations of how you think things should happen. Having specific expectations just pinches off the other 100 ways it could effortlessly flow into your physical reality.

Just be content with the experience...of feeling good in any way shape or form you can in every given moment.

Vibration or the frequency that you consistantly pulse out is what allows manifestation, not visualization. Visualizing is just a tool (and a very helpful one at that for many people) that makes it easier to get into the feeling place that produces the results that you prefer.

The key is to visualize to feel good, instead of forcing the universe to get every detail correct, at the exact time, at the exact place, with the specific people, etc. The universe can bring things to you in whole lot better way than your physical mind can even begin to fathom.

Visualize, feel good, and then let it go. Rinse and repeat:)


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really good, thank you :)

(03 Aug '14, 08:05) Olga Farber

@cory: thanks, very helpful.

(03 Aug '14, 16:14) _T_P_

Glad my answer was helpful to you both

(05 Aug '14, 00:10) Cory
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Yes, it is okay to visualize yourself looking completely different than you do- but what are your motivations?

If you are heavy, for example, and you would like to be slimmer, then visualization would be a major key to getting to your goal. Seeing yourself as already thin is part of this change. Playing it to the hilt- i.e., saying to yourself, "Would a thin person act this way? Would a thin person make this choice about eating like this?"- these are thoughts that come from such a visualization. You can actually create a new reality for yourself in this manner.

But what if you are tall and thin, and would rather be short? You can visualize all you want, but you cannot possibly achieve this in reality. What then?

I had a boyfriend who was a total geek. I encouraged him to "be what he wanted to be". He took off with the idea. He lifted weights. He boxed. I cut his hair in a better style. Guess what? He dumped be as soon as he became a girl magnet...LOL!

I think that what you are doing in your meditation is great- the good feelings you engender from it will help you. But I would prefer if you said that you were trying for acceptance of yourself. This is a hard one. Most everyone in America (at least) is trying to be beautiful, svelte, gorgeous, and tanned. Star material. I think that this is an obsession in our culture. We have very little tolerance for those who are "different".

But trying to develop better feelings about yourself by visualizing yourself as different- it could play two ways. It could help you to get to the best of yourself. Or, it could ultimately make you very unhappy with yourself.

The key, as you mentioned, is vibration. It does not matter what you look like. What matters is your vibration. If you vibrate at a happy level, no matter what, you will look to others much better than if you vibrate at a lower level.

We all go through times where we hate how we look. But happiness shines through. Our souls shine through any exterior at all. I heard once that the best cosmetic a woman can wear is a smile. That goes for men, too.

Make it a good one!

Jai ♥


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excellent, Jai ♥ :)

(03 Aug '14, 08:04) Olga Farber

@jaianniah: thank you, good points.

(03 Aug '14, 16:17) _T_P_

You got two excellent answers. I want to only add that you can ask this your Inner Being directly:

36. Letters for resolving (so many uses!)

Listen to your Inner GPS - when you feel good, it means you're thinking a thought that is serving you well, that is leading you to more feeling good experiences. :)

I'd say, you may stop being afraid that you may not "cover it all" at this very moment - meaning, feeling good about something, but at the same time not offering "the best" point of view. Maybe you could afford having it piece by piece? Meaning, you could feel good now about what you're thinking now, and if you're still leaving a part of it out, it will - I won't say "hunt you" or "become bigger" or anything of that sense - come to your attention later, when you will get a lifting from thinking these good feeling thoughts earlier.

As an intuitive, I could tell you maybe that what you're dealing in now, is duality. You could "rise" to the feeling that it doesn't matter, how you look, at all - not to the good, nor to the bad side. But maybe the current current :) is to first balance out the "bad judgement" of it. Feel good and take your time, anyway it's all endless and we're limitless and eternal. :)


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Olga Farber

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@olga farber: nice, thanks.

(03 Aug '14, 16:22) _T_P_

Yes, it is. The body is actually contained in the imagination. By creating a certain mindset with regard to the body you immediately alter the circumstances reflected externally. The degree to which change can be made is contingent on how comfortable you are in that mindset regardless of the temporary and ever changing "current" circumstance. I know of people who've achieved spotless skin, become skinny (: by using only belief change :), and many other things. The most obvious case of altering the physical body (: which is held in your imagination :) is when we recover or heal from an "illness" we select.


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@harsha: thank you.

(03 Aug '14, 16:23) _T_P_

Just keep in mind that all of this (: money, body, sex, religion, family, society etc. :) is just to make us feel good and bask in well-being, so that should be the focus. Developing a habitual state of feeling good and all the rest will follow ultra-easily.

(03 Aug '14, 17:52) harsha
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