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Hi guys,

Now, I know this has been asked before, but the answers weren't satisfactory enough for me.

Plainly stated: I keep seeing this number 11:11 on a regular basis. I'd check my phone and the time, and it would be 11:11 am or 11:11 pm. Now, It's not like I'm trying to deliberately find this number, I'm in my own business, working, thinking, planning stuff, reading while on the bus heading to college or work and would randomly check my phone, look around at a sign with a phone number, number in my workhub, a receipt number and there you go 11:11, though mostly occurs when checking the clock.

Again, it's not like I'm looking for it, it just happens that I randomly stumble upon to that particular number in the precise moment. I wouldn't say it's exactly starting to creeping me out, but it certainly does feel strange to the point I feel compelled to ask.

Last time it occurred was ridiculous, I had stuff to get done in some office, I'd check my phone to see if I'm on time to reach the person and there you go, 11:11 am; that was "normal". I found the person, asked for the info I wanted, and then on a PC screen, -strangely depicted with masking tape pasted on the screen- a big freaking 11:11 posted on the screen. I freaked out a little.

Could you guys kindly give me some insight on this? What should I do or think when I find these numbers? I find a lot of info, but they all say very different stuff, though I know in this field that's the way of things.



asked 23 Nov '14, 21:11

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Duplicate of: What does 11:11 mean?
Do the numbers 11,22,33 have any special meaning?
What's the meaning of seeing 33 and 333 everywhere. Can someone explain it?

@Tarkus, we do not allow duplicate questions on this site. If someone has a new answer, they can add it to the previous questions.

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Asked: 23 Nov '14, 21:11

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