So I quite accidentally got my hands on this book by someone called Robert Scheinfeld. I never heard of this gentleman before, nor of the book - which is surprising, because I thought I knew all the major authors even if I haven't read them all.

I bumped into this book via an answer that @Stingray gave a long time back. I usually check out anything he suggests, and in this case too I am glad I did.

Then I searched IQ to see who else has read this incredible book, and I found exactly one mention, in the comments section under this answer.

In spite of the apparently cheesy title and cheesy cover, the book is ultra-profound, and anyone who has read @Stingray's posts, uses focus blocks, practices appreciation or has taken part in the vortex challenge should feel right at home.

The core messages are:

  • Everything in my 'reality' is an illusion created by me - an infinite consciousness - to play the game of limitation.
  • There is no good or bad, there is only a game. Both the good and the bad realities are miraculous creations by me to enjoy the game.
  • We make these illusions real by judging them as 'good' and 'bad', and creating patterns that we call 'consequences'.

To break free of this game of limitation, you have to do the following:

  • Appreciate everything you have created in your 'reality' as much as possible for the sheer ingenuity and intelligence involved to create those illusions. (Very similar to Positive Aspects and Rampages of Appreciation)
  • When you feel discomfort or pain of any kind, feel it more intensely, then remind yourself that this is an illusion and reclaim power from it. (Very similar to Focus Blocks).
  • Do only what you are inspired to do. If your mind protests that "but my boss won't listen", then remind yourself that the office and the boss are both illusions.
  • Do not attempt to apply these processes to manifest what you desire. Only apply these to break free of the game of limitation. This is because the moment you want to manifest, you judge some aspects of your 'reality' as undesirable, and you add power to them and make the illusions more real for you. Judging an illusion as good or bad is still adding power to the illusion and making it real - something you want to avoid.
  • You can apply these processes to manifest, but only if you want the joy of creation and playing the game, not to judge the outcome as 'good'.
  • Even when you don't feel any discomfort about a topic, but it's still a limiting topic (e.g. your bank statement, which may be very healthy) - remind yourself that it's still an illusion.

This is a super-abridged version, and I haven't finished reading it - but I am liking it very much and it totally resonates with what I have learned so far from Abraham-Hicks and here on IQ.

Update (Dec 16, 2014)

I have now finished the book and found it extremely powerful. I now understand a lot of stuff @Stingray says about his own life, because @Stingray is effectively living a 'Phase 2' life - to use Scheinfeld's terminology.

While researching Scheinfeld, I have found out that he has also released a completely free version of his 2-day seminar. It can be found at You have to register here. This is a really great seminar and completely free!

If you are interested in his work, you should download the videos (several hours in total) because he says in one of the videos that he won't keep the site running for ever.

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I used to have this book. Unfortunately, I purged myself of anything that I couldn't take on the plane when I moved out to the west coast, which included my book collection. I don't recall who recommended it to me as this was long before I found IQ. I think maybe I was reading Bob Doyle's stuff at the time. Thanks for reminding me about this gem, @cod2

(12 Dec '14, 13:00) Concolitanos

@Cod2@ How to register? The link you mentioned does not accept my email.

(16 Dec '14, 23:38) Zee

Sorry Zee, you have to register in Scheinfeld's site first. Here is the link:

(17 Dec '14, 01:34) cod2

@Cod2-Thank you.

(17 Dec '14, 02:12) Zee

Thanks for the links. I got the book and will download the material. Hopefully I'll start looking into it in a month or two (I'm finishing other stuff first). Keep us posted on your progress/insights along the way!

(01 Jan '15, 12:35) Kriegerd

I've watched the downloads and found them useful. Thank you! I can't say I can quite agree with everything he has to say from a philosophical point of view and I see his 'process' really as another kind of clearing technique, but I did find using the process very useful over the recent holidays to get me through a few difficult times. I will continue practicing it and feedback any benefits.

(01 Jan '15, 19:40) Inner Beauty

Robert Scheinfeld has produced a series of youtube videos, I find them deeply insightful

(27 May '15, 11:11) jaz

"why is this brilliant book hardly ever mentioned here?" ... because most people here on inward quest are not yet ready to accept it's teachings

(06 Jun '15, 03:51) jaz
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"Why is this brilliant book hardly ever mentioned here?" ... because it goes further than many IQ members wish and in so doing many of the accepted teachings become extinct.

The phenomenon of extinct; extinction is a necessary and natural occurance that occurs to establish an advanced order, through evolution new closely related organisms come through the process of speciation.


answered 25 May '15, 09:48

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I finished the book today and I don't know... it seems a bit too extreme, or maybe I'm too deep in the Phase 1 lol

It even claims the Law of Attraction is a Phase 1 illusion.

I feel reeeally confused right now. It messed my head up really nicely


answered 05 Aug '15, 05:10

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:-) yep.... but probably that's the point....

(05 Aug '15, 05:51) Inner Beauty

Can you elaborate what he said about Law of Attraction is a Phase 1 illusion? Why is it phase 1?

(05 Aug '15, 05:52) freedomdude

Phase 1 of Earth experience: phase of life in which you are completely under the illusion of life, you accept it as solid, you don't question reality, you accept is as true. Ultimately, you are limited. Phase 2: you realize that reality is illusory, that nothing is solid, nothing is etched in stone, that you are the creator of the illusions, you reclaim your power back and become unlimited and that is your true nature. That's in short. You can look it up, there's a free PDF of the entire book

(05 Aug '15, 06:10) Marin

"The whole idea of visualization, affirmations, manifestation techniques, the Law of Attraction, and other popular self-help techniques are brilliant Phase 1 creations. Why? Because we create them, we convince ourselves they're real, we apply them, but they don't work consistently, and that creates confusion, frustration, and limitations that perfectly support the goals of Phase 1." Here you go. But please, I dont mean to confuse anybody as I was. That's just one man's set of beliefs, I'd say

(05 Aug '15, 06:28) Marin
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