Your initial response to this question might be to dismiss it as a ridicules idea, something that could never happen. I must admit, I am tempted to agree. If I did that, however, I would be guilty of injecting negativity into a scenario that is contingent upon an attitude that must remain entirely positive. In order for a World Positivity Project to succeed, all negative suggestions would have to be summarily dismissed. The one positive person will have to be immune to all negativity in whatever form it may appear. That will not be easy ...oops' my bad. Please disregard that. He or she will, without a doubt, be impervious to negativity!:)

Most of us who desire to change the world in a positive way have learned that to bring about change, we have to change individually. Each person has to make the choice to become a positive thinking, feeling, and behaving person and do this of their own free will. That does not mean we cannot try to influence others in positive ways. Hundreds of books have been written throughout history with that goal in mind, affecting the lives of millions by inspiring them to choose positivity as a key factor in fulfilling their goals and creating better life for themselves. Many of you, myself included can appreciate what these "teachers" have done to inspire change in our own lives. So, what can one positive person do?

The answer is really quite simple, and with determination can be accomplished in a single day! All he or she need do is to convince two others, individually, that they are The One Positive Person (OPP) who can change the world. That is all that is necessary. They in turn will each have to convince two people as well. This is to create a pyramid of positivity , a snowball effect. Here is the math:

On day 1, one positive person influences two others-------Day 2. 2 OPP's each find two more--------Day 3. There are now 4 OPP's--------Day 4. 8 OPP's--------Day 5. (16)
Day 6 (32)-------Day 7 (64)-------Day 8 (128)-------Day 9 (256)-------Day 10 (512) Day 11 (1024)-------Day 12 (2048)-------Day 13 (4096)------Day 14 (8192) Day 15 (16,384)-------Day 16 (32,768)------Day 17 (65,536) -------Day 18 (131,072)--- Day 19 (262,144)------Day 20 (524,288)-------Day 21 (1,048,576).

By the end of day 21 there will be over one million people who believe they are the one positive person who can change the world-----

Day 22 (2,097,152)----Day 23 (4,194,304)----Day 24 (8,388,608)------------------------Day 25 (16,777,216)-------Day 26 (33,554,432)-----Day 27 (67,108,864)----------------Day 28 (134,217,728)-------Day 29 (268,435,456)-----Day 30 (536,870912)------------ Day 31 (1,073,741,824) One Month over One Billion OPP's-------------------- ---------- Day 32 (2,147,483,648)----- Day 33 (4.3 Billion)-----Day 34 (The entire world population)

So there you have it. How One Positive Person from any nation can change the world.:) Imagine what a hundred could do, or a thousand. I am certain there are at least a million positive people in the world today! Are you one of them?

asked 13 Dec '14, 11:22

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One person can make a huge difference without even knowing he did!

I have a friend in India that has done amazing things for many people through charity. I believe he started it, I know he is involved in a big way. When I did tell him how amazing he was and the huge difference he was making, he reminded me that in 2009 I told him I believed he could make a bit of difference. Wow a bit of difference? He has helped probably hundreds to date! Amazing, my words inspired him and this is the result! It's a wonderful life, as George Baily found out in the movie by the same name. Wow we never know the impact we have on humanity, it is amazing.


answered 13 Dec '14, 23:20

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Wade Casaldi

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@ Wade Casaldi, So true. Altering beliefs alters ones personal reality, for better or worse. As @ Harsha has noted, teachers, preachers, prophets, world leaders and mass manipulators have used this knowledge (often in a selfish and irresponsible manner) to shape history as we understand it. Now, as this knowledge is becoming available to everyone, it will be interesting to see if "we the people" will endeavor to use it responsibly so that all may benefit. I believe we will! :)

(15 Dec '14, 22:47) i4cim2b

We've seen several examples of this whether positive or negative: Churchill, H@i@t@l@e@r, Napoleon, Caesar, Alexander, Gandhi, Jesus (: if you believe in the historicity of if :), Muhammad, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, the guy who came up with the World Wide Web, Edison etc. Isn't it pretty obvious. Further, what seems to be this vast world is but a tiny speck of Infinite Consciousness however it seems and that Infinite Consciousness is you. Yes, one person enough HOWEVER this is only happening if that person changes him Self. There is only one "person" anyway.


answered 14 Dec '14, 09:53

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My daughter is doing a report for school, it has to do with revolution and her group is doing it about India. When I found out about this I said that she needs to watch the film "Gandhi". This is a great film about the life of Gandhi. This was one person that made a impression on millions of people. I would recommend highly an evening with the family or friends. !


answered 15 Dec '14, 12:12

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@ ursixx - I agree, that is a great movie!

(15 Dec '14, 21:37) i4cim2b

@ursixx- A great movie about a great man. Don't you get the feeling from watching the movie that he was even greater than he was portrayed? Almost Godly. Thanks for your answer! ♥

(17 Dec '14, 17:36) Jaianniah

If we consider the reverse of this question- as, How could one negative person change the world...Well, then...We only have to look at Hitler for an answer to this. And if Hitler could talk people into slaughtering millions of Jews- in effect, he was trying to annihilate an entire race of people- then why is it so hard to imagine the reverse of this???

Mother Teresa had a simple idea: She wanted to alleviate the suffering of the destitute and dying in India. She went forth with this idea, and very little else, and dug in and did it. In doing this, she indeed changed the world. She ended up affecting the whole world whether she meant to or not.

alt text

Gandhi did the same, as our @ursixx just pointed out. Something was wrong, and Gandhi simply went forth and fixed it.

We all have this potential to change everything, whether on a large scale or small. We do have a great effect on the people around us. (Just ask me how even-tempered I am after Wade has not eaten right for a whole day (and is oblivious to how testy he gets!!!)) Wade pointed out that the movie, It's A Wonderful Life, shows us that even "plain" folks like George Bailey make a difference in the world. "The men on that transport died, because Harry was not there to save them...That's because you were not there to save Harry!" What we do ripples out into the world in immeasurable ways.

The trick to it is believing absolutely and without question that you can succeed. This is exactly the same mindset that you need to manifest, or to accomplish whatever you want.

It is funny that we have an easier time seeing this power in the negative than in the positive. Well, perhaps.

Now, excuse me.... I am trying to write The Great American Science Fiction Novel, and it is back to work..Or perhaps, back to getting to work. I believe I can. The trick is to never stop believing! ♥

alt text


Merry Christmas (Early) 2014

From Your Jai

alt text


answered 17 Dec '14, 20:00

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This is how one person can make a huge difference to the world.

Watch this movie, this is about Ben Carson, a master neurosurgeon. This is an amazing story staring Cuba Goody Jr. The one person that made a difference that has saved many lives to this day we could say is Ben but pay attention to the movie and you see it was Ben's mother Sonya Carson.

Ben may have never got out of the ghetto if it wasn't for his mother.

(18 Dec '14, 00:01) Wade Casaldi
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Very simple, actually: when One Positive Person harmonizes in their stream (because even Very Positive Person will be alive, right? meaning, their streams will be constantly expanding, meaning, they will sometimes go out the Vortex, so they will need to go to the Vortex in order to be Positive), they switch to the reality where it all matches their harmony. So from their point of view it will look like, the world changed, indeed.

It uses Bashar's concept of it all being just static frames, and everyone building their reality with their vibration.


answered 22 Dec '14, 05:49

Olga%20Farber's gravatar image

Olga Farber


Yes, this is exactly what it is. Great post. Yes, everything is a static frame with each frame containing infinite potential of its own (: we could never exhaust this potential :) and what creates the illusion of expression is which frame we occupy. It's really one big dream and dreams within dreams within dreams etc.

(22 Dec '14, 06:31) harsha

if you want to change the world take a look at your self and make that change. since everything start from the inside and go to the outside and come back to you. wash the inside of the cup and the outside will be clean also. if you wash only the outside as soon as the inside drop something it is dirty again so a waste of time. so if you make the right choice for your self and other it will be all good. even if sometime your outside will get splash by other people dirty water you just -

(30 Dec '14, 08:33) white tiger

need to let drop some clean water and you will be clean again. the world and outside things might not ever always be all clean. but as long as you have clean water to wash the dirt you can make it good again. so wash the inside of the cup. you see the only place one needs to go it is to their true self that is eternal the spirit. but as long as they are divided and in iniquity to them self they cannot. so they must be born again from water(heart and mind) and the spirit. so that both becomes one

(30 Dec '14, 08:36) white tiger

was it not said that the truth will set you free? as long as one is in error and judge on outside factor only and does not see how it relate with the inside for him self and for other he is missing some part of the truth. Do not judge and you will not be judge. be merciful to other as you would like them to be merciful to you. every one in this world is still growing and are still making some error. he that comes from above is above all.The wind blows wherever it pleases.-

(30 Dec '14, 09:54) white tiger

You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit."Very truly I tell you, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony.I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?

(30 Dec '14, 09:55) white tiger
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The butterfly effect, it has been proven time and time again. If there is enough passion and love behind it, the world can change. Take what Jesus did for us, he has changed the world and it is continuing to change.


answered 19 Dec '14, 08:20

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to answer your question:How would it be possible for One Positive Person to change the world?

You already are changing the world by your choice. I will add the world is what it is and only the outside of the cup. better question yet would be how do I change the inside of the cup to have a better outside of the cup world?

to this question it would be to have a pure heart be a peace maker with a pure heart just merciful in truth.

since the world only reflect our choice of every each of us. and we control only our share of choice each individually. yet many in this world want to control other people choice to get power, money and material they make iniquity for them self and other. You see it is very simple things yet it become very complicated because of each one choice and how those choice interact between people in this world. take time to meditate and get a perfect picture of the whole before making a choice. if not you are in darkness about many part of the whole and do not know what your choice is going to do on short term and even more on long term. Good example would be Ponce Pilates saying to is wife it is not a problem to kill Jesus no one will remember him. or another example peter saying I will follow you every where I would even die for you. and after he said 3 time that he did not know him just like Jesus said he would.

if a man does not know himself enough and fool him self about is own choice only in a day imagine on how many things he might be wrong about himself and other and how all those choice interact together. even more on long term.

Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Do you not understand that he who made the inside is also he who made the outside?

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence

to answer your question:

verily verily I say to you, you need to be born again from water(soul=mind and heart) and spirit. the flesh is flesh and the spirit is spirit.

the simple fact is that you can only do the best you can and even if you want to do good sometime you can make error so be merciful with your self and other let the children grow experience and enjoy until the last day.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be , experience and enjoy.


answered 17 Dec '14, 06:36

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white tiger

edited 22 Dec '14, 10:20

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