Are the current oil price drop somehow related to the expected change in world consiousness?

I know that, at the physical level, there are many things that can explain what is hapenning in relation to this; the oil production by the United States, the OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) decisions, the diminished demand by China and others. But, is there an explanation at the metaphysical level? May be the so called change in the world order? For some time, at least, the majority of the people seem to have a benefit while those who have had the power to control the oil prices and all things related to it, seem to be at disadvantaje.

Although there are complains related to some companies not passing the savings of oil prices to their clients, I have seen a significant drop in gasoline price in my country which, for those of us that buy gasoline is a good relief.

Temporary or not, it seems like it has been as an unexpected phenomenon as the abdication of the prior pope Benedict XVI.

asked 13 Dec '14, 19:28

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Everything experienced stems from consciousness. Consciousness is the creator of that which we label "reality" which is merely a specific type of consciousness that is actually a dream.


answered 14 Dec '14, 09:50

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Asked: 13 Dec '14, 19:28

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