I've been an average performer everywhere but recently something weird happened.

Last week on a normal night I was studying for an exam and for no reason (that I know of) everything started to feel good. Nothing felt impossible. I was enjoying every second. This thing continued to the next day and in the exam, I even answered things that I had little idea about.

Even for the rest of the day, some minor things seemed like they were already 'set-up' for me. It was like I am on a winning spree.

But next night I was again preparing for an exam and I started to feel little doubtful about myself in that particular subject. I still completed syllabus but I felt like I'm losing that feel. I was afraid of losing the spree which indeed, was the reason I lost the spree. And exam didn't go so well which happened to completely stop the 'flow of good vibes' I was receiving.

Now I have two sub-questions :

1) I haven't yet figured out - what triggered that feeling?

2) Once I realize that I'm in that feeling, how do I maintain it? I get too excited and then nervous about not losing it.

Right now, first question is more important for me, as only after I achieve that state of mind I can think about the second part.

Thank you!

asked 10 Apr '15, 06:56

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How to stay on the winning spree ... or using the vocabulary of Inward Quest, how to stay in the vortex ... ;)

(11 Apr '15, 02:25) jaz
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This reminds me of something I learned from dreams years ago. I learned that expectation brings results that match those expectations. So if I felt fear, there is always something to fear that is found; if I felt adventure, there was always an adventure to be experienced.

I found if I ran, things chased after me. I have noticed that if I suddenly come across a dog in my path, and I decided to run from it, the dog would chase me. They say animals smell fear, but could it just be something so much more along the lines of fear of the dog makes it a dog to fear, running away has an expectation of being chased?

Gamblers have winning streaks, inevitably, these are only streaks, not constant. So I have thought of a gambling scenario. A guy wins and wonders if he can do it again, he wins again and then starts thinking he has a winning streak going. So he keeps playing and wining each time believing more strongly that he can't lose! But as time goes on he starts wondering if this wining streak will last. He starts slipping and then starts worrying! He loses more and more hoping that streak will return. At the same time that he is hoping for another win he is fearing it is over for him as he keeps playing. he wins here and there but mostly loses until he gives up broke and wondering why he lost it!

If you look at the expectancy you see his feeling and thought preceded the action experienced each time. So if this is correct, and thought directs experience, then we are creating by our beliefs and fears before we experience what we experience.


answered 11 Apr '15, 04:44

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Wade Casaldi

everything started to feel good. Nothing felt impossible. I was enjoying every second

As @jaz commented to you, it's what we on Inward Quest call a "Vortex aligned" state...the terminology was stolen from Abraham :)

You can manage your alignment with this state deliberately and, assuming you are a generally good-feeling person, pull it up almost on demand. But, in any case, with enough practice you can take yourself from the most miserable-feeling attitude you can possibly have in your life to a Vortex-aligned one in less than 30 minutes.

There's lots of different ways to achieve Vortex alignment. I prefer systematic 100-percent-repeatable idiot-proof methods so I use a method called Advanced Focus Blocks for this - well, I had to call it something :) For me, this is implemented daily through a specially-customized Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

For other approaches to Vortex alignment, you can probably search this site for the term "Vortex" or start with questions tagged vortex

In truth, the term "Vortex" is used to avoid using the word "God" because that word has been so twisted, misused and abused by so many that it's virtually useless as a communication concept.


answered 12 Apr '15, 04:59

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With no intention to offend, I am not the 'systematic' guy. I am not a meditation guy either. I do not want to chant matras. I do not wish to write anything. I do not wish to do EFT (It's logic doesn't seem to impress my conscience and hence - lack of faith and hence - lack of result). I do not want to day dream. By "I do not" I mean that I've tried but they didn't work. Is there any more intuitive method? I wish I had better word or an example to tell what I mean by "intuitive". Music?

(12 Apr '15, 15:43) JohnnyDoe

@JohnnyDoe - A question for you. I just noticed you used the tag "Vortex" in your question above and yet your question "pretends" that you don't know about the idea. Why would you do that?

(13 Apr '15, 02:02) Stingray

Well spotted. Sharp as a tack, our @Stingray. ;)

(13 Apr '15, 22:52) Grace

I love the expression 'winning spree', it implies fun, freedom and is easily understood by the general public

(14 Apr '15, 03:14) jaz

as in 'cold fusion' it's the irregularities, the imperfections that create turbulences, whirlpools ... vortexes, 'waste' to energy

(14 Apr '15, 05:05) jaz

yes, how do we use our creative life energy, subject or agent, is our potential known, is it outside a man made method

(14 Apr '15, 19:59) fred
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@JohnyDoe-music is a great way to rise your frequency. If you pactice visualizing, it will get easier. Try it when you're alre in a great mood.


answered 13 Apr '15, 22:19

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Drops of Jupiter

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