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First of all a bit of info to get the ball rolling, get the neurones nicely warmed and set the scene;

Definition of physical in The Free Dictionary; of or relating to the body, as distinguished from the mind or spirit.

Definition of experience in The Free Dictionary; The apprehension of an object, thought or emotion through the senses or mind.

Definition of physical in the Urban Dictionary; 1 - to beat someone up (verb) 2 - A procedure in which a doctor examines your whole body including your **

Definition of experience in the Urban Dictionary; if you have it, you don't need it. If you need it, you don't have it. If you have it, you need more of it. Bottom line,

If you've never had any of it...ever. People just seem to know.

My definition of my physical; that which concerns my physical form

My definition of my experience; that which I can feel and sense within my physical form

My definition of physical forms ; all that I can see with my human eyes and that other humans can see too

My definition of physical experience; something that I've actually physically experienced in my own reality.

Now here's the lead up to my question it's an overview of why many people in their quest for happiness and prosperity fail to get what they want.

  • They don't "do" anything, sure they may listen to a video, go to seminars, read a book ... and afterwards think "yes ok I understand". But does it change anything for them, no way.
  • They do something half way or change it. There are ten steps in the method and stop after doing the first four or, they modify the technique half way through thinking they know better; there are many variations to this.
  • They're impatient and don't take the time for the method to work, get discouraged and flip to a different technique hoping that will bring better results.
  • Now here's the really interesting bit, they trust what the mind is telling them; most of the methods start by asking you to be precise on what you want, to have a precise goal. But the mind already contains stories. A story is something that happens in physical reality it can be defined as "an account or recital of an event or a series of events, either true or fictive" ref; The Free Dictionary.

The result is that the goal itself contains built in stories, and those stories can be true or false or a mix. So if you trust and use your own mind as a base and your own mind contains erroneous material then your goal will always be off target.

Now I'm sure you've familiar with this saying "We are spiritual beings having a physical experience". At this point you may be thinking that for a spiritual being a physical experience is an event or story that takes place in the physical world, the world that can be perceived through any or all the five human senses.

Just to illustrate what I'm saying here's a colourful story based on the definition of the word "experience" in the Urban Dictionary;

"During his first time at the strip club, Matt was promptly thrown out and savagely beaten in the parking lot for licking Bunny's balloon knot. Needless to say, he did not make the same mistake twice after that experience."

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jaz, perhaps consciousness of perceptions in third dimensional space

(02 Jul '15, 07:58) fred

third dimensional space ... hmm, may I ask you @fred what are these three dimensions of which you speak?

(02 Jul '15, 13:26) jaz

third dimensional life is what we currently see and live in

(02 Jul '15, 16:53) fred

so @fred for me three dimensional space is length width and height like a cube, you speak of three dimensions what then are the other dimensions two and one?

(03 Jul '15, 00:18) jaz

there are seven and broaden your search on space

(03 Jul '15, 04:44) fred

What is physical experience?....To feel god in a heartbeat...

(03 Jul '15, 22:39) Roy

"there are seven and broaden your search on space" ... ok @fred I get the point ... would you like to expand on the bit about the seven?

(03 Jul '15, 22:41) jaz

jaz, seven different dimensions of space (though some would say twelve), what is the fear of your own search. from the ancients up to today much is written, leave no stone unturned unless you do not value your own mind

(10 Jul '15, 16:27) fred

@fred my way of seeing it is that there're 10 objective worlds and 22 subjective pathways linking those 10 worlds thus 32 major energies in all which fits nicely with the chinese bagua 64 polarized lines, 32 energies

(11 Jul '15, 01:40) jaz
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there is different people some trust the mind some trust the heart and some are trouble in their heart and in their mind. they still need to know thyself so that the heart and mind are in truth and not trouble and this is meditation of 40 day+ in the deep, deep truth about one self and one experience in this world. some have what it takes to do it and some do not yet have it. when everything will be in truth they will not be trouble any more and they will not have any question to ask any more at that point the two will become one. but for the moment it is desire that lead want want want you said it. some even want thing that they know nothing about and they did not even consider what would happen if they got it. as for book seminar etc.. it does not make one a expert. it is like the bible it is not because some one read the bible that he is a saint. some read it and can tell it to you from memory but they might not have any idea what it is about or referring to. that book was made from many people life experience and reporting things that surpasses the common understanding. and those that understood it where killed because of people fear and ego that want power. they could not accept that someone was better then them. or add or would have more power or importance then them.

do not be surprise at my saying that when you will try to help some people and talk about thing you know. they shall tell you that you know nothing. the simple fact is that they do not know and do not want it to show. so they prefer to put it on you. you will experience many things in this world. you will come to know their heart and minds and why they do such things that are not logical in though or emotion. do not worry they are just trouble.


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white tiger

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I had a bit of difficulty reading your text @white tiger so I copied every word you said onto a sheet of paper to enter into it ... by the time I'd finished I had tears in my eyes ... I'd love to see your text written in an easy to read fashion so that more people would read it, so I've written it myself, here goes ...

"People are different, some trust the mind, some trust the heart, some are troubled in their heart and in their mind. They need to know themselves to bring their hearts and minds into truth and experience real freedom. Through deep meditation (40 days) they can find the truth about themselves and be as one with the world.

Some have what it takes to do it and some do not yet have it. When they know the truth they will be freed and the two, heart and mind will be one. But for the moment it is desire want want want. Some even desire things they know nothing about and haven't even considered what would happen if they got it.

Books, seminars ... etc etc etc do not produce experts. As for the Bible, just because you've read it doesn't make you a saint. Some quote the Bible from memory without really understanding the profound meaning.

The Bible is a collection of many peoples life experiences that go well beyond common understanding. Those that understood it were "killed" by people's fear and greed for power. They could not accept that someone was "better" than them, more "powerful", more "important". (please note that the words marked "***" are just labels)

Don't be surprised that when you offer to help and talk of things you know, some people will say you know nothing. The simple fact is that they do not know and do not want it to show. So they prefer to put you down.

You'll experience many things in this world, you'll come to know their hearts and minds and why they do such things that are not rational in thought or emotion. Do not worry they are just troubled."

Thanks @white tiger

Now to the question in hand "what is physical experience" ... physical experience or should I say experiences are all the signals that my physical senses send to my inner being, phew that makes a **** of a lot of signals!


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@jaz in this we have talk only about water. and do not try to be one with the world this will deceive you. just try to be one in you mind and heart. because in this world there is some people that cannot accept them self and even less other even if you could accept them and understand them they can't and it will always cause friction. be wise enough to know the difference and let them grow. What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?

(06 Jul '15, 03:15) white tiger

Why thy self want to be one with the world? in this world there is many that judge do war hurt them self and other and many of those are also seeking to be one with the world? how much of them self will they loose for that want? until you die to thy self you cannot move from what trouble you and push you to be one with the world. first make your heart and mind be in truth from one accord and find the light in you and let it guide you in to all truth.

(06 Jul '15, 03:57) white tiger

@white tiger yes I exist in Inner Space the medium of water

(09 Jul '15, 01:30) jaz
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