In some other question that I posted here I was questioning as to how to "let go" of manifesting my perfect weight. I had gained 22 pounds in a course of a year and today, I weighed myself and I was 5 kg heavier!!! That is the exact amount of weight I wanted to LOSE, not gain!! WHAT IS GOING ON??

I have tried visualizing, affirmations, gratitude. At this point, I don't even know. I felt like I was going somewhere with this, now I just don't know. I had been practicing being confident and loving myself as I am for the last few days...just to see that I've gained weight instead.

I have my moments of desperation but I let go of them easily and the since last month, I have been working on loving my body, feeling confident and just approving myself. Can someone please help me out with this? Its getting too much now. I don't think I've ever been this heavy before. Its not what I want.

Why is this happening? What should I do now? WHAT do I do? I'm sorry if I sound frustrated but why am I moving further away from my perfect body? Am I trying too hard? What is it? I actually convinced myself a few days back that weight loss is no longer my main desire in order to remove resistance to it and I convinced myself that I am perfect as I am. I don't even know.

Can anyone please explain what really is going on? The 22 pounds gain in an year was because of desperation to lose weight, which I understand, the 3 kg weight gain may also be out of some resistance or desperation but why, when I just started loving myself and feeling confident that things got worse?

I'm going to leave this question like this this and not stress about it anymore since I already have an exam.

But, why am I messing it all up? Anyway, thank you so much in advance to all the people who answer because this seems like a hopeless case for me now. Yes, i tried letting go too but failed, maybe because this desire means a lot to me.

Again, thankyou thankyou thankyou if you respond because I really need some help with this.

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Hello Happyunicorn17,

I've struggled with the same issue in the past so I can relate. I have now attained my ideal weight and am maintaining it effortlessly. When my attitude started to shift, I noticed that the more attention I gave to "weight", the more I actually weighed. The focus itself seemed to enlarge the issue (and myself). Perhaps this quest for perfection is in the way of attaining a happy shape and size... You could switch this around and ask yourself what it is that you wish to attain, really? Perhaps happiness with the way you look - and looking the way you feel inside. Your inner self may be suggesting that you give yourself unconditional love and acceptance first. As well, yoga might be helpful as it balances body and mind. Trust the process of self-improval as being a global one - I believe your outer appearance will start to reflect your perfect inner self along the way in a very easy, effortless manner. Many of us who have struggled with weight and appearance-related issues have underlying issues of self-worth, so perhaps you should address this first by simply loving yourself and giving your body and mind love and nurturing. You can also practise removing blocks in meditation by asking yourself what it is that you need in order to feel better about letting go of weight. Trust the answers and be kind to yourself. Sending love.


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@amaries your answer is very helpful but could you please elaborate as to what you did to change your circumstances and reaching your perfect weight?

(01 Oct '15, 10:27) Happyunicorn17

@Happyunicorn17, thanks. When I started practising yoga and meditating daily a few years ago, I naturally became happy with myself after a short while. I started thanking my body for all of its hard work - walking me around, for being strong, light and resilient. It became light. I did not diet - the shift of my mindset shifted everything else. I think it depends on the underlying issue and the type of self-talk. Be kind to yourself. All my best.

(01 Oct '15, 11:30) Amaries

Bonjour @Amaries yes I enjoy the way you put things in a nut shell and pinpoint the relevant questions to be asked. In my experience most women who wish to loose weight do so because they don't like what they see in the mirror, and that mirror can also be the eyes of others, meaning they can often feel judged :)

(02 Oct '15, 01:47) jaz

Bonjour @jaz, c'est gentil.:) I believe that judging oneself can also reflect the internalised voice of a judgmental parent and also, of a critical portion of the society. Weight can also be a sort of a protection. Fortunately, we all can free ourselves by gentle self-talk and kindness. By becoming ourselves, we no longer need protection, nor perfection, and I believe that everything else falls into place along the way.

(02 Oct '15, 07:42) Amaries

weight can also be a sort of protection @Amaries? intriguing :)

(04 Oct '15, 01:30) jaz

When the energy body becomes light as we change, we may be attempting to ground our bodies and minds by eating more in quantity. Then perhaps the solution would consist in eating more grounding foods, qualitatively speaking. Warm foods, lentils, potatoes, root veggies ground us. Ayurveda can be helpful in knowing more about this. We can also ground ourselves by walking in nature, meditating, pacing ourselves, being mindful.

(04 Oct '15, 03:39) Amaries

Hello again @Happyunicorn17 - Do you think the weight could be a side effect of trying to keep calm and happy about something else you may be wishing to manifest and working on? Perhaps if you figure out what else comes into the equation and for what else you might be 'needing' the weight, it will just come off. The body often carries the mind's burdens. Once we make light on those, the body heals and snaps back into normal. Hope you are finding peace with this.

(04 Oct '15, 04:12) Amaries

@amaries Hey! My life is going well in all other areas , but when the weight gain started, I had just shifted to a new school and had a LOT and LOT of stress from there in work, friends, everything. So that contributed. But that time is now completely over because I'm all good now. I think the idea is to drop the agenda. As in, if I love my body or accept myself, I do that to really DO that and not love and accept it to manifest change. I guess that is what I was lacking all along.

(04 Oct '15, 15:11) Happyunicorn17

"when the energy body becomes light as we change" ... no comprendo @Amaries surely the energy body by definition is light energy, if it's anything less then it's been tainted by heavier vibes

(05 Oct '15, 02:18) jaz

Hi everyone, @jaz, yes, it is always one source. Perhaps we progress through layers when working with ourselves and the layers are not equal in density. I sometimes feel that I feel my body become very light and feels like it is being dragged upwards during the process and need to ground myself before I reach the goal I'm working on. It's another story.

Hi @Happyunicorn17, I'm glad that things are well now. Only love and kindness really matter.

(06 Oct '15, 04:31) Amaries

thanks for clarifying @Amaries, in other words what some name "resistances" or "clouds" you name "layers not equal in density"

(06 Oct '15, 09:55) jaz
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I've gone down about 30 lbs in the past year by going low carb (I do eat white jasmine rice and root vegs), gluten free, quitting coffee and alcohol, and sticking to a version of the Warrior Diet, wherein the main meal is at night. No refined sugar or processed foods. I rarely eat out (but when I do, I enjoy it).

Belly fat is more about inflammation than anything else, so anti-inflammatory supplements like vitamin C and MSM are very helpful. I take a lot of them. I mix ascorbic acid and MSM together in water and down it several times a day. Of course, this is also helping my general health. (You may be aware that C/MSM is one of Bashar's recommendations for detoxing and health.)

I don't feel deprived. I eat well and have low sugar treats that I make myself. Banana bread, apple crisp etc.


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You need to get on the ground. Just thinking and feeling fit wont get you fit. You must act in order to achieve that vison of a perfect body you have in your head. Of course it is the feeling that creates the body, but its 50/50. 50% Feeling, 50% doing things that will make you fit. Go run, lift weights, eat properly, drink only water etc. It must be chalenging, and you must put some effort in it, because if you dont, you will not be very thankful for it and so you will most likely go back to old, to fat version of you. One more thing is that you will gain some beautiful values besides just getting fit. Like discipline, patience, focus and many others. Get on the ground, you still live in a world bound by physics.

My advice on getting fit is: Eat more often but not too big meals because it will fasten your metabolism. Complex carbs(potato,rice,oats,rye bread...), healthy fats from plants, fish, nuts. And of course some quality protein like eggs, chicken, steak, fish. Give up on sodas, and drink only water. Add fruits and vegetables. Go walk every day. Educate yourself about nutrition and training and apply what you learned. If you really want it, you will do whatever it takes. Its fun, at least it is for me. You will basically get to know your body. I wish you enjoy your "get fit" path, and of course this is just advice, do whatever you feel like doing but please keep your eyes wide open. I personally believe in magic but we do not live in a fantasy book where things come just like that. Of course this is just my opinion. I may be, and may not be right for you. Peace :D


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Yeah, that was pretty much the purpose of my post also. We do need to take action to achieve our goals, whether for weight loss or anything else. Good point about the more intangible benefits like discipline, patience etc. I believe discipline and spiritual development go hand in hand.

I do think walking is a great exercise in itself if we do enough of it; running isn't for everyone. I'm lucky to live in an area where there are a lot of hilly streets...

(12 Dec '15, 19:17) Delphine
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