Hello IQ. I have been working with LOA, spirituality, meditation, some Psi-tek, physical exercise, etc... On and Off for many years.

One thing I have noticed, the further up the emotional guidance scale and closer to the "Vortex", the less sexual energy, drive or desire is within. If I feel socially integrated, joyful, happy, healthy from exercise/healthy eating, respected, internally whole, playful or just high on life in general, the more a-sexual I become (no sexual desire or need). In addition, the threshold for being attracted to a female moves up, they have to be exceptionally "attractive" (vibration and physical) to feel the desire.

On the other hand, I have lived further down the scale in many different ways at other times; socially, physical health, social, career, personal issues, etc and notice the compulsion for sex, carnal craving, desire and sexual release much much stronger.

So is it the pressure, problems and resistance of the lower levels that run sex energy? Is this a common experience? Does this also mean when I am higher up the scale, I have transcended the power of sex?

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I think it depends. The one thing I'd like to point out in your question is that "the power of sex" doesn't need to be transcended. It's not some evil or low-vibration force that tempts us. I think that's one of the most common misconceptions in spiritual circles.

For me, it's actually been the opposite, but in a healthy way. I always had trouble expressing myself sexually, but the more I've worked through my resistance (in general, not particularly on this subject), the easier it's become.

Follow your desires wherever they lead, but check to be sure you're not telling a story about the need to transcend sex. It's a natural part of life. If your own desires take you away from that a bit, it is all up to you. But I think it is different for everyone.


answered 23 Nov '15, 08:39

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Well, I can relate to your question. It has occurred to me that our energies become more focused on higher chakras than the root chakra that has more to do with sexual energy. On the other hand, I feel more sensual, more in touch with my body in general, and more responsive to art, music, beauty in all forms.

I'm also very aware of the demands of intimate relationships and of how they can often derail us from our path, partly because there just aren't many who are on my wavelength. I don't want to be constantly explaining myself and where I am at.

So for me, it is more about being sensual than sexual. I am far less prone to "falling in love" than previously. Friendship and just connecting, with either gender, with the animals, with nature, is more important than romance.


answered 09 Dec '15, 05:54

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